Drew Peacock
Drew Peacock
Drew Peacock

What looks better, a car with simple tasteful modifications? Or a car with a giant wing and a brightly painted trim? I am not the Gordon Ramsey of Cars, but you don't need to be a great chef to know if food stinks. Just like i don't need to be a master technician to know if a car is an ugly fail or if its a slow ricer. Ricers are cars that appear to be fast through the addition of sporty wings and non functional vents, but don't have the engine power to back it up. The word ricer actually stands for Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements and/or Really Immature Car Enthusiast, both of which usually come in a package deal. Tuners on the other hand are on the other side of the spectrum. Tuners Modify their cars with performance parts in order to try to achieve their cars maximum potential either for drifting, drag racing, or even track use. Tuner cars are usually tastefully modified on the exterior as well.

I also own a built supercharged Mustang GT, 93 Mk4 Supra and more.

  1. Rich Bum

    Rich Bum7 hours ago

    That's why I got a car with the driver seat on the left. People say I have a high IQ for that but I'm just me.

  2. MrFookayu

    MrFookayu7 hours ago

    The UK: wouldn't be a problem if you drive on the correct side of the road

  3. CDM

    CDM7 hours ago

    How bout the worst part being you complaining over having a car at all

  4. Nikhil Raj S

    Nikhil Raj S7 hours ago

    Isn't overtaking hard too?

  5. Zingodog13

    Zingodog137 hours ago

    I could see where he’s coming from, but in my opinion the rx8 actually looks pretty good 🤷‍♂️

  6. GHOSTLY Ghoul

    GHOSTLY Ghoul7 hours ago

    Not trying to be that guy but just in case you’d never heard of it look up the Toyota MR2 SW20 it’s a mid-engine rwd 90’s Toyota and it’s pretty sick

  7. Power The Sun

    Power The Sun7 hours ago

    Why are your teeth too big for your mouth

  8. Dank Memer

    Dank Memer7 hours ago

    I like how he reverses the color of the letter grade compared to traditional letter grade colors

  9. Owen Bout

    Owen Bout7 hours ago

    What about drive thru!!

  10. christopher lee

    christopher lee7 hours ago

    Are centric rotors and pads good quality? I need a set for my acura tl

  11. MoBoatz

    MoBoatz7 hours ago

    Bro just move the driver seat to the left it's not that hard

  12. Mikey Dudek

    Mikey Dudek7 hours ago

    You cant do brake burnouts with abs brakes, referring to the black Benz. I know because I almost ruined my F150 trying to do the same when I was younger.

  13. Mohammed Alyasiri

    Mohammed Alyasiri7 hours ago

    Way-foo hunters

  14. zach rider

    zach rider7 hours ago

    Dustin's going to be upset about that evo not being S tier

  15. Rena Ryuugu

    Rena Ryuugu7 hours ago

    Did you not check what side the steering wheel was before you bought it lol

  16. Michael Varela JR.

    Michael Varela JR.7 hours ago

    I think that’s just a mustang problem cuz mustangs suck!!!

  17. Shameem Lottering

    Shameem Lottering7 hours ago

    The Vw is trash man

  18. Jon G

    Jon G8 hours ago

    Where you located at bro?

  19. Honda White Guy

    Honda White Guy8 hours ago

    He’s got some Axis model Se7ens on that eclipse, they only made like 500 sets of them and I want a set so bad!!!!!

  20. Charlie Oldenkamp

    Charlie Oldenkamp8 hours ago

    "I'm daddy" drew peacock 2021

  21. Johnathan Simonson

    Johnathan Simonson8 hours ago

    Is anyone’s else just getting a black screen till 3:30

  22. Syahmijohn Syahmijohn

    Syahmijohn Syahmijohn8 hours ago

    Sad. No skill to drive RHD

  23. Big Sexy

    Big Sexy8 hours ago

    australians loving this

  24. Ghosthoon

    Ghosthoon8 hours ago

    Why you got to do the hulk mechanic like that man😞

  25. Piko Island

    Piko Island8 hours ago

    Anime girls have been big in Japan for decades. I would definitely do that to a gtr supra silvia etc.

  26. Jose Medina

    Jose Medina8 hours ago

    I think it's one of DK henchman's And that car only comes out in that seen And you never see it again Mostly all the cars that you see in the The parking lot Or mostly cars from 2 fast 2 furious and fast and the furious They just repainted them To look different

  27. coinsagE46m3

    coinsagE46m38 hours ago

    Maybe change your brake pads at the same time too. Kind of a big missed step.

  28. Jackamoo

    Jackamoo8 hours ago

    Of course he’s going to give a high rank to the JDM swapped mustang

  29. LC's vr gaming

    LC's vr gaming8 hours ago

    How Godoy you think Australians fill our car is on the right side to

  30. IIGame VictoriousII

    IIGame VictoriousII8 hours ago

    u forgot that ugly z one of dk's goon's had

  31. Jose Medina

    Jose Medina8 hours ago

    I think is body kits when for $2000 or $3000

  32. IIGame VictoriousII

    IIGame VictoriousII8 hours ago

    The veilside rx7 seems overrated its just a kit...

  33. IIGame VictoriousII

    IIGame VictoriousII8 hours ago

    2 fav cars were mona lisa and the silvia at the end. I believe the mona lisa was fully built all round. The end scene silvia cud of been it restored ?

  34. Blackbeard

    Blackbeard8 hours ago

    Wrong. The worst part about driving an RHD car is when you pull up to a toll booth.

  35. tyler hannon

    tyler hannon8 hours ago

    I would guess the worst thing is pulling up to toll booths lol

  36. Bilaal Ahmed

    Bilaal Ahmed8 hours ago

    Maybe it’s just the car but I’m from the Uk and the blinker stalk is on the left for us in most cars ?

  37. Craig Kaschan

    Craig Kaschan8 hours ago

    That’s what you get for driving on the wrong side of the road. 👍🇦🇺

  38. ECHO -1-1

    ECHO -1-18 hours ago

    I'm a mopar fan boy but I agree the viper is meh it's cool but theres nothing special

  39. Spartan

    Spartan8 hours ago

    Studip it's same problem when you drive hand drive car, you can't see the shit when you turn left

  40. Austin Dennis

    Austin Dennis8 hours ago

    Glad you explained to me that breaks weren’t universal

  41. Andy Wong

    Andy Wong8 hours ago

    Thought the worst thing is making a left turn😅

  42. Mikey Dudek

    Mikey Dudek8 hours ago

    It was the red RX7 that stopped before the bridge jump. The gross looking Supra slide into a sign and some bushes, if I’m remembering correctly.

  43. _ XtremeBMXGuy _

    _ XtremeBMXGuy _8 hours ago

    My grandad has a 71 Monte Carlo ss 454 hiding I the garage waiting for restoration I put it in the discord a while back

  44. Jesus Afanador Garcia

    Jesus Afanador Garcia8 hours ago

    I I is that a supraaaaaa

  45. Simon Bodjanac

    Simon Bodjanac8 hours ago

    Yo drew today I saw a v6 mustang with a Lamborghini wing on the back and it had a racing number on the side. Everything else was stock and I couldn’t even hear the car cause it was so quiet. 😂

  46. Jovanni Reyes Chavez

    Jovanni Reyes Chavez8 hours ago

    Drew even though the Plymouth roadrunner didn't get a lot of screen time would you move it if you knew it made 2000 horsepower.

  47. Chooch

    Chooch9 hours ago

    Get a convertible crybaby

  48. Ratsnrop Live

    Ratsnrop Live9 hours ago

    My metro geo would smoke all ur cars

  49. jonathan wasser

    jonathan wasser9 hours ago

    Dude paused the 1st video a 100 times

  50. Kane Nyman

    Kane Nyman9 hours ago

    mans says a yenko camaro is basic

  51. BlueKj

    BlueKj9 hours ago

    At first I thought he was gonna actually do it in under a minute, then I thought he was gonna say to just buy a new a car, then I was hit with disappointment

  52. Anthony Donate

    Anthony Donate9 hours ago

    Thats your local car scene.

  53. JJMAZZ209

    JJMAZZ2099 hours ago

    8:00 watch furious 7

  54. codeine King995

    codeine King9959 hours ago

    Weak we drive lhd all the time no complaints just do it like nike

  55. SealmZ

    SealmZ9 hours ago

    Japan and England have right hand drive I’m from England so I’m cool if I go to japn

  56. Rudy Bosmans

    Rudy Bosmans9 hours ago

    9:40 dmx ?

  57. FITRIplayer YT

    FITRIplayer YT9 hours ago

    You forgot another 350z

  58. Vq Gio

    Vq Gio9 hours ago

    You forgot the G35 just sayin

  59. Jerome Charles

    Jerome Charles9 hours ago

    Int country we drive on the left side of the road so we prefer RHD

  60. Billy B Watson

    Billy B Watson9 hours ago

    Easy fix... get a different car

  61. Matt B

    Matt B9 hours ago

    That “damnnnnn” video wasn’t even cringe that shits so fucking funny I’m rolling😂💀

  62. Matthew Rasmussen

    Matthew Rasmussen9 hours ago

    drew omg drew how could you say that drew drew you know that list if fd up drew!!! lol in drews little whinny voice

  63. Luc Gerasimatos

    Luc Gerasimatos9 hours ago

    what model civic is the first one

  64. Jsjsjajansb Dudhusja

    Jsjsjajansb Dudhusja9 hours ago

    My e46 still standin

  65. Ian Knows

    Ian Knows9 hours ago

    You should do initial D

  66. Custom Muscle

    Custom Muscle9 hours ago

    I hate Jeeps


    TRAPADAFRAPA9 hours ago

    Rank mighty car mods cars

  68. Midnight Club Still Cancelled Soz

    Midnight Club Still Cancelled Soz9 hours ago

    6:55 MPVs were really popular in Japan, circa 2006, like, really popular.

  69. Justin Elston

    Justin Elston9 hours ago

    Why do you hate weather guards so much, they are a practical mod, I want some so I can smoke in the rain 🌧

  70. ZephyrFluous

    ZephyrFluous9 hours ago

    Idk maybe these dudes obsessed with making their cars look like they're spreading for the curb to fuck them are just a few steps away from stickin rotors on instead and making flying cars

  71. mechwarrior13

    mechwarrior1310 hours ago

    Is this why Cali is so smogged up?

  72. johnathan drake

    johnathan drake10 hours ago

    I found the perfect solution for your problem. Get a car with the steering on the left or..........STFU you cupcake.

  73. TheRamsa

    TheRamsa10 hours ago

    im agree with you.

  74. o reilly’s auto parts

    o reilly’s auto parts10 hours ago

    Haven't watched this guy in like 3 months and within that time he bought a McLaren...

  75. Music Charts Now!

    Music Charts Now!10 hours ago

    Tokyo Drift is my favorite of the series as well....I hope Sean has more than a cameo in 9.

  76. Piano Guy

    Piano Guy10 hours ago

    What about drive thurs

  77. Fart Simpson

    Fart Simpson10 hours ago

    Why did they put the steering wheel on the wrong side?

  78. Jonathan Bravo

    Jonathan Bravo10 hours ago

    You’re not really missing out on not watching the other movies

  79. James Downes

    James Downes10 hours ago

    Worst things about living in Australia: • americans but everything else is beautiful

  80. Krishna Modak

    Krishna Modak10 hours ago

    I think single worst thing is choosing to drive a right hand car in a country where traffic is made for left hand cars