California Car Scene Summed Up... #shorts

Go to a car meet in California and this is what you will see 90% of the time.


  1. Anthony Donate

    Anthony Donate8 hours ago

    Thats your local car scene.

  2. Honda Boy

    Honda BoyDay ago

    0:10 Poor integra was ruined (that ugly body and the wrap and friggen bozuzoku stlye exhaust

  3. Qweze SoNY

    Qweze SoNY3 days ago

    Wow 🤣

  4. A_A_ron Autry

    A_A_ron Autry3 days ago

    Where's Drew Peacock when you need him? 🤣

  5. A_A_ron Autry

    A_A_ron Autry3 days ago

    So I guess the front fenders came from a junkyard off another car.🤔

  6. FoxGaming570

    FoxGaming5703 days ago

    That poor integra

  7. thecompactor ͔

    thecompactor ͔4 days ago

    as a californian i can confirm

  8. Deathling Kill

    Deathling Kill5 days ago

    Ruined that damn integra

  9. Ezra Cyrus

    Ezra Cyrus6 days ago

    There no way

  10. wird kid

    wird kid6 days ago


  11. Jeremy Smith

    Jeremy Smith7 days ago

    Oh so rriiice , I'd rather walk that drive that acura

  12. TAKOツ

    TAKOツ8 days ago

    The only people who are going ro respect the car is the love live fans

  13. Matthew Gatewood

    Matthew Gatewood8 days ago

    Crap ruining cars one by one

  14. Endgame Spoiler

    Endgame Spoiler9 days ago

    Dude took the benny's custom car upgrade

  15. NX-XNE

    NX-XNE9 days ago

    Ngl the idea itself isn't bad looks like he went for a mix of bosozoku and itacha with a few changes it would be a nice show car

  16. Jon Jon

    Jon Jon9 days ago

    That teggy probably is pushing 450 to 800hp

  17. Ray Finnell

    Ray Finnell10 days ago

    I just want to 😁😁😁

  18. Bluehoodie

    Bluehoodie10 days ago

    muse respecter

  19. Erick Ferrini

    Erick Ferrini10 days ago

    A bunch of flaming garbage

  20. Robert Martinez

    Robert Martinez11 days ago

    On behalf of all integra owners everywhere Get that thing out of there! 😂

  21. shyan ngayodan

    shyan ngayodan11 days ago

    All of the car style mix in to one

  22. oirasan

    oirasan11 days ago

    Damn bro we ain’t lookin to good😰

  23. JMVZ11

    JMVZ1111 days ago

    Mmm yes this is beautiful

  24. HackerZ GSC

    HackerZ GSC11 days ago

    took Years of inbreeding to get to the point that people actually like cars that look this retarded

  25. ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

    ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ12 days ago

    really gonna hard park that piece of shit..

  26. Austin Bachman

    Austin Bachman12 days ago

    If somebody put that crazy stupid exhaust on a drift car I might love it..but not and an integra 😅

  27. Timmy725

    Timmy72512 days ago


  28. on-uma skeels channel

    on-uma skeels channel13 days ago

    Man's really said if I'm going to meet so are my waifus

  29. Samuel Fartinson

    Samuel Fartinson13 days ago


  30. NeedTau

    NeedTau13 days ago

    Love me an integgy

  31. Ethan L

    Ethan L13 days ago

    Cali car scene is a joke

  32. The Bass Boosted Channel

    The Bass Boosted Channel13 days ago

    It’s bozuzoku, not ricer for those in the comments. Its meant to be flamboyant and slow.

  33. Butthole TheBarbarian

    Butthole TheBarbarian14 days ago

    What the fuck is that

  34. natedog796

    natedog79614 days ago

    Gta head asses

  35. carson 310

    carson 31014 days ago

    Its a integra bosozoku style car from japan its really big in the car scene in japan right now. It may look stupid but thats new normal in japan. But that fiesta is kinda lame.

  36. Cayden Corning

    Cayden Corning15 days ago

    That exhaust clearly put performance first, everyone knows that bends speed up the exhaust.

  37. speedyspeed boys

    speedyspeed boys15 days ago

    Please get this off his car

  38. Armin4Real

    Armin4Real15 days ago

    You think this is bad? You should see car scene in Ireland

  39. Jon

    Jon15 days ago

    This is why the epa is taking everything away

  40. This Toxic Guy

    This Toxic Guy15 days ago

    I like to consider myself a weeb, but yeah no amount of kawaii anime girls are gonna be on my G37 coupe.

  41. Your_TypicalCivic

    Your_TypicalCivic15 days ago

    The define toon of a shitbox

  42. Joe Leonardo

    Joe Leonardo15 days ago


  43. Lazy Yan

    Lazy Yan16 days ago

    This is 100% Acurate, I have seen vtech stickers on mustang's

  44. Snudge

    Snudge16 days ago

    Wtf is that lol

  45. Cristian Davis

    Cristian Davis16 days ago

    Anime was a mistake.... NYAAAAAA!!!!!

  46. coilover cat

    coilover cat16 days ago

    I don't know whether I love or hate it

  47. lex

    lex16 days ago

    the love live integra go hard 😤

  48. akio

    akio16 days ago

    bruh love live drip gives like 500+ hp

  49. LordRC 96

    LordRC 9616 days ago

    dude sick cars

  50. 화난 땅땅이 angry ddang ddang

    화난 땅땅이 angry ddang ddang16 days ago

    Im trowing up

  51. カイKai

    カイKai17 days ago

    that integra is pretty neat, definitely not something you see where I'm from

  52. Hezekiah Carlisle

    Hezekiah Carlisle17 days ago

    I think my eyes melt in pain after seeing this😂😂😂

  53. demarius conley

    demarius conley17 days ago

    If this isn't a troll car it is the ugliest car too look at

  54. iLikeCelicazAndSupraz

    iLikeCelicazAndSupraz17 days ago

    I tell you that Crunchyroll thing is too adictive...

  55. jesse barrera

    jesse barrera18 days ago

    Not the fucking teggy 😭😭

  56. FUNKOfilms

    FUNKOfilms18 days ago

    ...For some reason, I don't hate it.

  57. majcyl

    majcyl18 days ago


  58. Arian Ardesh

    Arian Ardesh18 days ago

    I smell a pot of rice boiling up

  59. Phillip Paik

    Phillip Paik18 days ago

    God that poor integra... I want to rescue it

  60. Hondapanda

    Hondapanda18 days ago

    sooo sik actually hollly shit wjere do they find this shit 🤣

  61. The Sinister Spoon

    The Sinister Spoon18 days ago

    My opinion is that they can be cool in their own way, so long as they're not trying to fake performance. I wouldn't be caught dead driving the anime car, but I do kinda like it lol

  62. Me-Me Lord

    Me-Me Lord18 days ago

    That is an abomination

  63. Ashton Smith

    Ashton Smith18 days ago

    Rice rockets

  64. RPG Hero

    RPG Hero18 days ago

    No wonder u can’t appreciate a good build ur to busy looking at trash

  65. TheBayShadow

    TheBayShadow18 days ago

    Bozu inspired

  66. Trev0or

    Trev0or18 days ago

    That integra is art

  67. manny Fv

    manny Fv18 days ago

    Clown show

  68. Eunos Ch. EN -- 憎しみは決して勝てない

    Eunos Ch. EN -- 憎しみは決して勝てない18 days ago

    Yes and yes only.

  69. TheCarKid

    TheCarKid19 days ago


  70. Glen Joseph biby

    Glen Joseph biby19 days ago

    Rice or Nice? comment

  71. raT Exterminator

    raT Exterminator19 days ago

    All fun and games till the oppressor shows up

  72. Capt Spaulding

    Capt Spaulding19 days ago

    California has some horrible cars huh? I’ve never seen garbage like this

  73. Leandro Montoya

    Leandro Montoya19 days ago

    That shit Almost fell apart when it braked in the beginning

  74. 100k Ghost

    100k Ghost19 days ago

    That Integra is fucking fantastic as a bosozoku weeb type shit

  75. xXFLYSPEED89Xx Music

    xXFLYSPEED89Xx Music15 days ago

    its mix of everything basically

  76. not maddox just kidding

    not maddox just kidding19 days ago

    thats integra was nice besides the exhaust and livery and bs broken heart shit

  77. david loya

    david loya19 days ago

    These people are ricer man

  78. Car. Exe

    Car. Exe19 days ago

    That first car was epic

  79. Tyler Doepker

    Tyler Doepker19 days ago

    It's called bosozoku.

  80. Masta Hyper Snyper

    Masta Hyper Snyper19 days ago

    When the wifu wagon rolls up you know you fucked up

  81. TyBrezzy11

    TyBrezzy1119 days ago

    Does anything good come outta LA?

  82. TyBrezzy11

    TyBrezzy1119 days ago

    Garbage 😂

  83. Justin H

    Justin H20 days ago


  84. baygon

    baygon20 days ago

    poor integra


    CLUCK NORRIS20 days ago

    Definitely a tik tok car

  86. inhale wolf

    inhale wolf20 days ago

    Shits fucken hideous 😂

  87. Arti R

    Arti R20 days ago

    Its better than ga where literally everyone has stock challengers and chargers

  88. The Doodle 777

    The Doodle 77720 days ago

    We now have a mobile keyblade from kingdom hearts ☠️☠️🤦🏿‍♂️

  89. J35 Accord Bee*R Got Em

    J35 Accord Bee*R Got Em20 days ago

    Wtf is that first car

  90. Douche

    Douche20 days ago

    12 year olds on ricer cars / Shitty car mods : I sEe NoThiNG wRoNG . It’S a iTaSha

  91. Digeridoo Boi

    Digeridoo Boi20 days ago

    Right when I just got done watching the anime


    GENESIS BEAST20 days ago

    That teggy tho lmaooooooooooo

  93. Redacted No Name

    Redacted No Name20 days ago

    Things are not looking good for the Toretto gang. SMH

  94. ap

    ap20 days ago

    When all you play is Mario kart but the homies love rainbow road!

  95. Pale Rider

    Pale Rider20 days ago

    Gotta love the virginity mobile

  96. In N Out

    In N Out20 days ago

    Seems about right

  97. Barns bustillos

    Barns bustillos20 days ago

    Wish app exclusive car parts 😂

  98. Ivan Lopez

    Ivan Lopez20 days ago

    Wtf .... that guy must be stupid nf his so called friends too 4 shity advice

  99. PRIZIXZ ́

    PRIZIXZ ́20 days ago

    Tbh i like this

  100. Reyes K1ng

    Reyes K1ng20 days ago

    That poor teggy

  101. Nathan Yu

    Nathan Yu20 days ago

    Damn Dude this is another level of ricer