Sleeper Cars Are AWESOME!!! Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover (Tuner Cars On Offerup)

Check out Noliftshifts chennel to see the miata:
Rice or nice part 19:
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Music: Chris Hallinan on Spotify
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  1. Chris Otto

    Chris OttoDay ago

    7:25 🤣😂😅Oh man you’re killing me with these comments on the side........ 😂🤣😅🍾🥂💯👌🏻👍🏻 @Drew Peacock

  2. Brady Cochrane

    Brady Cochrane2 days ago

    I love firebirds but I was expecting better

  3. wheeliedub

    wheeliedub5 days ago

    When the car that screams "Look at me!!" says to stay humble....

  4. Brian Adams

    Brian Adams6 days ago

    I hate being mean. But this guy comes off like a douche bag. Thinks his stuff is the best and everyone else is beneath him.

  5. CRAPO2011

    CRAPO20117 days ago

    He didnt say the civic looks like dog **** lol

  6. The1AndOnlyMcDonaldsWifi

    The1AndOnlyMcDonaldsWifi8 days ago

    did anyone else notice that on the last car he said "1234, idk what he's asking" like he didn't just read the price.

  7. Zona

    Zona11 days ago

    This man 2jz swapped a mustang ?😮‍💨Hell nah

  8. A7PHY

    A7PHY11 days ago

    @Zona he did that to make it a drift mustang

  9. Zona

    Zona11 days ago

    @A7PHY That’s just messed up 💀Don’t 2jz swap a American car hes a clown for that

  10. A7PHY

    A7PHY11 days ago

    He 2jz swapped a 02 mustang an his other mustang has 800hp an he has a mk4 supra an mclaren

  11. Patrick Kennedy

    Patrick Kennedy14 days ago

    "Sleeper cars are awesome!" *First car has a parachute*

  12. Maître Yoda

    Maître Yoda17 days ago

    A 2JZ Mustang oh boii you’re gonna piss off a lot butthurts .

  13. Steelo G And Natalia

    Steelo G And Natalia18 days ago

    Anyone who owns a gay honda tucks there junk between there legs and dances to brittany spears.

  14. Ken Bober

    Ken Bober18 days ago

    Don't ever underestimate the 4g63t

  15. Jayson G

    Jayson G19 days ago

    Really sux you all are now federal criminals


    FELIX CLYDE A. CAVAN24 days ago

    what car website drew uses guys?

  17. reece canon

    reece canon24 days ago

    the evo from puyallup wa 😂😂 used to live there

  18. SoaR Term

    SoaR Term25 days ago

    Bro imagine that throng in a police chase😂

  19. Matt isenberger

    Matt isenberger25 days ago

    Do those ricer idiots not understand that spoilers do absolutely nothing for a front wheel drive car, and they look stupid.

  20. Matt isenberger

    Matt isenberger25 days ago

    The turbo is why it has that kind of power. Without it the car would be nothing but 120hp. Boost is the only way for these cars.

  21. Deviousounds

    Deviousounds25 days ago

    That Evo is fucking nuts

  22. Kgomotso Tlhabatlhaba

    Kgomotso Tlhabatlhaba25 days ago

    Why the fuck does drew clickbait and say his friends are ricers or cocky supercar drivers

  23. TheLowHybrid

    TheLowHybrid26 days ago

    Drew is there any way you can make a video on the proposed EPA guidelines that threaten the tuner scene? The more awareness the better

  24. Shalon Harris

    Shalon Harris26 days ago

    The starlet is a tuner car bro

  25. Jake Hammer

    Jake Hammer27 days ago

    Balls. And also balls. And last but not least balls.

  26. smurf account

    smurf account27 days ago

    Do you even know what a sleeper is??????

  27. Kyle Reavie

    Kyle Reavie27 days ago

    You need to start making videos in your style about motorcycles. I dig the commentary so I personally think a motorcycle aspect would be a smooth addition to your brand.

  28. KingCherry

    KingCherry28 days ago

    You should buy that first Toyota

  29. Euphorio

    Euphorio28 days ago

    again my car with a giant wing like c'mon. That wing wouldn't even do anything if it was going over 100mph. Just keep the stock wing. Dude doesnt deserve to drive that legendary si.

  30. Matthew Williams

    Matthew Williams28 days ago

    Toyota starlet is a great tuner.....

  31. PAND3M1K Media

    PAND3M1K Media28 days ago

    If you are in the Evos please follow my Instagram page @4g63_nation

  32. ktsd 4

    ktsd 428 days ago

    you i used to watch you at like 15/20k i had no idea you blew up

  33. Pikachumikeraptor

    Pikachumikeraptor28 days ago

    Drew i've really been curious , what is your facorite type of cars? like classic clean , jdm , ricers (impossible) , etc

  34. Dwayno Willi

    Dwayno Willi28 days ago

    Different sets of wheels on either side of the evo?

  35. Evl Evo X

    Evl Evo X28 days ago

    They are called tubular headers.

  36. CatfishSilo

    CatfishSilo28 days ago

    3:42 I miss the integra

  37. FreezeTime YT

    FreezeTime YT28 days ago

    Drew please build and 9 evo 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  38. Lb_15k

    Lb_15k28 days ago

    Drew please talk the epa and the disgusting things they plan to do

  39. Noah Meredith

    Noah Meredith28 days ago

    Get a focus rs

  40. Manuel

    Manuel28 days ago

    Is Drew going to Tx2k 21

  41. Modestas Mikulenas

    Modestas Mikulenas28 days ago


  42. MartyMcMeme

    MartyMcMeme28 days ago

    *next year * 2JZ SWAP MY TOYOTA SCARLET

  43. Slasheerr

    Slasheerr29 days ago

    That Toyota Starlet taillights look like new Genesis GV80 taillights or Genesis’s taillight looks like the Starlet!

  44. M H

    M H29 days ago

    The stats on the evo blew my fckn pants off

  45. Manoah

    Manoah29 days ago

    "You can have some fun with low horsepower cars, trust me" *Smiles in Citroën Saxo VTS and Peugeot 106 GTI*

  46. Maître Yoda

    Maître Yoda17 days ago

    Renault Clio 182 now that’s a low power beast on track .

  47. Edgardo Mejia

    Edgardo Mejia29 days ago

    B20 non vtec on the civic I think

  48. christian roman

    christian roman29 days ago

    “This car screams stimulus check”😭

  49. Roman Rada

    Roman Rada29 days ago

    Get a 350z for a Daily

  50. Michael Wooldridge

    Michael Wooldridge29 days ago

    Real good builds..💯

  51. Joseph Knudsen

    Joseph Knudsen29 days ago

    get a sti or wrx they make 350 whp just with cobb mods fun daily there ya go

  52. Rage Racer

    Rage Racer29 days ago

    I'm mortified that someone that has so much to say about other peoples cars and people apparently like the content, took sooo damn long to spot the nitrous solenoids on the firebird. I'm going back to Cleatus and Evan.

  53. William Smith

    William Smith29 days ago

    The Honda at 10:35 is for sale on Facebook lol do t remember how much and I just looked for it and can’t find it

  54. Gagik Babayan

    Gagik Babayan29 days ago

    Drew trynna stay safe from cancel culture “i support women i love em”

  55. Gingeneering

    Gingeneering29 days ago

    Thank you for sharing my Evo! To clarify, the car does have a dogbox with longer gear ratios & does have twin side mounted radiators which do great on the street & track!

  56. Gustavo B.Cervantes

    Gustavo B.Cervantes14 hours ago

    Damn bro ! Your Evo is a total beauty !

  57. Garboi

    Garboi20 days ago

    Car’s fucking awesome bro. Keep it up!

  58. Matthew Williams

    Matthew Williams28 days ago

    Car's pretty dope, man.

  59. Khris Makaruk

    Khris Makaruk29 days ago

    Mr Drew has a strange idea of what a sleeper car is. Not a single one in this video

  60. GrimmerThanMost

    GrimmerThanMost29 days ago

    Did he really just say he needed a new car while listing why the 4 he owns aren’t sufficient?


    JOSH’S EDITZZXx29 days ago

    5:44 Hector in 2021 : “Yeah i want one of everything”.

  62. Connor Brown

    Connor Brown29 days ago

    That civic has positive camber

  63. Ash adams

    Ash adams29 days ago

    Maybe the comment section can come in handy here, I'm torn between buying either a 4.6 mustang gt or a 2007 charger daytona , both around the same price and both Imported (I'm in the uk) wondering if there's a clear winner or if there's stuff I should look out for with the motors etc

  64. COBBA

    COBBA29 days ago


  65. Daniel Lynch

    Daniel Lynch29 days ago

    "I love women, trust me, I love them, I support them" 😂😂😂

  66. MaxDoesThings

    MaxDoesThings29 days ago

    What’s the email for drew to view our cars

  67. barry dingle

    barry dingle29 days ago

    i had a meth head friend who had a meth head crx and got in to a meth head accident on the freeway snarling bay area traffic for hours.

  68. barry dingle

    barry dingle29 days ago

    screams stimulus check.. for mercedes owners, the check engine light going off screams stimulus checks

  69. Liam Haines

    Liam Haines29 days ago

    The evo is NOT a sleeper if anything it’s overhyped

  70. Its_Me_Romano _

    Its_Me_Romano _Month ago

    judging a book by its cover is literally your job hello?

  71. Achillless

    AchilllessMonth ago

    Buy a Tesla as a daily then make racing videos vs Supra and mustang

  72. Howie Ewalt

    Howie EwaltMonth ago

    Bought a new exhaust, and some decent wheels with my stimmy. How about y'all?

  73. maliek rahman

    maliek rahmanMonth ago

    I picked up my Toyota glanza V yesterday. Just a newer version if the starlet in the video. Thing is smiles per gallons on another lvl. Plus i live in the uk so back roads are 10x more fun

  74. Axe Corona

    Axe CoronaMonth ago

    If u want a daily then why would u buy the McLaren? Wasting your money and u live w a roommate smh lol

  75. Trace F.

    Trace F.Month ago

    That starlet is so fucking sick

  76. Kyle Berndt

    Kyle BerndtMonth ago

    I’ve seen that starlet on fb marketplace near me a week ago! Fun to see you look at it

  77. grone coronado

    grone coronadoMonth ago

    I saw that blue civic on the i5 freeway and yeah is blue ..................

  78. yote

    yoteMonth ago

    7:02 anyone else notice that swastika to the left of the plate?

  79. Guess You

    Guess YouMonth ago

    Your buddy

  80. Jose Medina

    Jose MedinaMonth ago

    Those or my favorite Trans AM 1998 to 2002 There's a company here in Florida that Converts Camaro in to Pontiac Trans AM The last time they had a Trans AM with 1000hp

  81. Edward Bautista

    Edward BautistaMonth ago

    I don’t watch other USlikesrs buddy’s channels sorry

  82. CoronetFan

    CoronetFanMonth ago

    I’ve seen that Evo on 1320Video

  83. JazzNazz

    JazzNazzMonth ago

    when you need a daily driver for your daily driver for your other daily driver and for your other other daily driver i feel you man, just buy a gti, and don't ever mod it

  84. Alexis Perez

    Alexis PerezMonth ago

    Corolla Hatch

  85. Life of Luis

    Life of LuisMonth ago

    That Civic Si though (stimmy injected)

  86. Benjamin M

    Benjamin MMonth ago

    how it is going guys droopy cock here

  87. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻Month ago

    "Don't judge a book by it cover" The person who spent 1 day creating the cover: Bruh

  88. Austin Ashby

    Austin AshbyMonth ago

    You fooled me with the video

  89. Jae P.

    Jae P.Month ago

    The Pontiac had so much potential.

  90. Zayn Khan

    Zayn KhanMonth ago

    Lol .The honda si trying to be an NFS Heat Canadite

  91. Shaun Embrett

    Shaun EmbrettMonth ago

    Stop with the 2jz

  92. keaNE

    keaNEMonth ago

    the 1993 civic, I actually live near him hahahahahaha

  93. Richnick9

    Richnick9Month ago

    What everyone hears: drew peacock What I hear: droopy cock

  94. Your_TypicalCivic

    Your_TypicalCivicMonth ago

    Congrats on 400k drew Its been a pleasure to watch you grow from 5k to 400k I love your channel so much and my favorites are the build battles and interstate pulls :D!

  95. stank

    stankMonth ago

    0:30 someone tell me what wheels are on that rx7? Ive been trying to find them forever

  96. Ruben Tishkun

    Ruben TishkunMonth ago

    Get a na Miata for a daily

  97. Richard Adan

    Richard AdanMonth ago

    Drew when you get the 3v back can you please make an update on the build

  98. Levin

    LevinMonth ago

    its STARLET not scarlet not trying to be a winy lil bitch just correcting you

  99. Zach Campbell

    Zach CampbellMonth ago

    Perfect daily- gr Corolla hatchback. Awd, 5 door practicality, turbo, 200+ hp, Toyota reliability. Trading in my scion xD and my right arm for one at the end of this year.

  100. Balki Bartokomous

    Balki BartokomousMonth ago

    Wouldn't it make more sense to remind the driver in front of of you to use their turn signal

  101. unstablebobgable

    unstablebobgableMonth ago

    I like to roll up the Number and get all schmoked up while laughing at the Drew Peacocks videos.

  102. Scorpion King

    Scorpion KingMonth ago

    Should do a video judging Kyles cars from boostedboz Like the rowdyssey the k swapped MR2 and the prelude and also emilios K swapped Subaru

  103. Jordan Thomson

    Jordan ThomsonMonth ago

    leave the engine alone ~no problems No!, you gotta change the air filter :) hahaha

  104. ding dong

    ding dongMonth ago

    Drew is the Gordon Ramsay of cars

  105. Mr Wrx

    Mr WrxMonth ago

    Can’t believe I’ve been subscribed since 22 thousand subscribers like dammm you’ve come a long way time has flown next stop 500k!! I’m late bc I’m Always late to your vids cause they drop when I’m sleeping :(

  106. ZeroGHome24

    ZeroGHome24Month ago

    That Evo tho 😍

  107. spiritcellv00

    spiritcellv00Month ago

    You’re hella wack bro fr lmao