When Insta-Clowns Watch Tokyo Drift!!! (Instagram Car Fails)

today i look on Instagram at a few car videos where the owners fail miserably. theses car can be rice buckets or even performance machines.do not do any of these things shown below and i do not own any of these clips in my video. ricer car fails make me laugh all the time lol.
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  1. Betray愛

    Betray愛Day ago

    Gave my buddy my shitty bbs replicas with rubber so he could keep drifting his shit 330i with a welded diff and he crippled the sub frame on a curb 😂

  2. spldrong

    spldrongDay ago

    Horrible editing Lets watch every clip 10x times

  3. Hamm3r3d H0nda

    Hamm3r3d H0nda3 days ago

    Car in click bait clip is 100% an acura tsx not a Toyota

  4. T.I. Managi

    T.I. Managi3 days ago

    The Toyota was actually an Acura

  5. Nathan Resendez

    Nathan Resendez4 days ago

    I used to take corners around 30 in my Mazda 3 ☠️

  6. GLOCK 18 super charger

    GLOCK 18 super charger6 days ago

    5:16 Damn Cops Drama Just my ticket Thanks

  7. AutoMotivate

    AutoMotivate6 days ago

    The girl in the intro isn't wearing shoes.

  8. MStrange88

    MStrange887 days ago

    Cops overreacted a little bit

  9. Andy Barnes

    Andy Barnes9 days ago

    Golf is deffo staged, the rim is already kerbed all the way round 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. Galaxy Recordz

    Galaxy Recordz10 days ago

    Blah blah blah "nii-san" 😐

  11. Random Dude

    Random Dude10 days ago

    I hope that 458 incident was click bait, if it wasn’t that valet guy had his life ruined for a long time. That’s 100 grand worth repair right there.

  12. Mr. Smith

    Mr. Smith11 days ago

    Handi cap drifting

  13. Lawrence Gutierrez

    Lawrence Gutierrez11 days ago

    Lmaooooo 4:18 “under steer has entered the chat”

  14. LifeWitCo

    LifeWitCo11 days ago

    Did my nigga just call a Acura TSX a Toyota ?

  15. Joe Biden is on YT touching kids

    Joe Biden is on YT touching kids11 days ago

    6:50 is an Acura bro 😂

  16. David Holmes

    David Holmes11 days ago

    Carwash attendant might as well just get out and jump Right in front that traffic in the opposite lane. Plead INSANITY bro you Outta there.

  17. king 1234

    king 123411 days ago

    My brothers nissan xterra can drift better then the first one lol

  18. Samuel Westman

    Samuel Westman13 days ago

    It's not a neon it's a cobalt

  19. Jack Coursa

    Jack Coursa13 days ago

    The guys in the red hell cat actually went to jail for 22 years

  20. Ameen Marji

    Ameen Marji14 days ago

    That comfy daily is an Acura not a Toyota, kinda disappointing coming from a car guy like you drew :( also it being front wheel drive vs rwd would’ve made no difference coming around that corner like that :( come on drew, I still love you tho

  21. Mohamed Dahsri

    Mohamed Dahsri14 days ago

    6:53 isn't that an Acura?

  22. AlexL

    AlexL14 days ago

    Its not that he's hurting someone by doing donuts, it just costs the city a lot to put new pavement on and the police probably get yelled at by letting people go sometimes besides we all know cops love donuts

  23. gaming with Pavle

    gaming with Pavle14 days ago


  24. Luke Mramer

    Luke Mramer15 days ago

    666 comment

  25. David Sundberg

    David Sundberg15 days ago

    This is the first video I’ve seen from this guy and thought he said droopy cock 😂

  26. Jordan Winders

    Jordan Winders15 days ago

    Why do the police draw guns on a guy just doing donuts? Used to be solidly pro police, but these days I'm not so sure

  27. Sumisu

    Sumisu15 days ago

    Here to watch the guy who calls everything a ricer 😩

  28. Zeke Zei Kitsune

    Zeke Zei Kitsune15 days ago

    That’s not a Toyota.

  29. Overland Wannabe

    Overland Wannabe16 days ago

    Couldn't understand what happened. Luckily, 8 replays and an asshole explained it.

  30. Broken BMW

    Broken BMW16 days ago

    What rims are those on the Red Bimmer? 0:30

  31. Cristian Davis

    Cristian Davis16 days ago

    Wheel: I love to roll. Tiny Pathetic Looking Curb: so you have chosen death.

  32. That M Sport Guy

    That M Sport Guy16 days ago

    I got my wheels used because the guy curbed them a fuck ton, but I got some nice 19 inch JNC005 wheels for $350 with 4 new tires, sanded the lips and they were brand new

  33. Clayten Averhart

    Clayten Averhart17 days ago

    Did he say “n*gger” ? 8:52

  34. mikeissweet

    mikeissweet17 days ago

    6:35 that's a TSX, no?

  35. brian stout

    brian stout17 days ago

    😮 the 458 owner is likely in a holding cell

  36. brian stout

    brian stout17 days ago

    The Challenger probably got followed there

  37. Patrick Kennedy

    Patrick Kennedy17 days ago

    The guy taking out the 458, yeah... he totally lost his job... also, why tf you taking a Ferrari to a car wash

  38. Staypuff Duncanlemp

    Staypuff Duncanlemp17 days ago

    Less than an he to beat out old studs and replace with new

  39. EvilDrift

    EvilDrift18 days ago

    That’s not a Toyota is a Acura lmao

  40. Minty

    Minty18 days ago

    3:16 i think it was a tesla a honda crz and either a soarer car forgot the name or a s14

  41. A Parker Sr

    A Parker Sr18 days ago

    8:52 what was that phrase you used?? 😳

  42. Tyler Adams

    Tyler Adams18 days ago

    love how u replay the same clip 10 times . keep it up love how much I need to skip

  43. Carmel Crusader

    Carmel Crusader18 days ago

    Toyota TSX Type S hittin them parking stoppers oof....

  44. DexMeetsDexter

    DexMeetsDexter18 days ago

    I keep thinking he says droopy cock in the intro lmao

  45. Kunjan Patel

    Kunjan Patel19 days ago

    4:19 Best explaination for understeer.

  46. Thecornerstone 33

    Thecornerstone 3319 days ago

    That Toyota "Drift" into the parking blocks had me dying 🤣

  47. Kevin Foster

    Kevin Foster19 days ago

    That wasn't a Toyota, it was an Acura

  48. 100k Ghost

    100k Ghost19 days ago

    2:55 Yeah that meet was very depressing. It was supposed to be all JDM but of course the takuaches showed up with their fleet of trucks and literally a weirdo ass “rapper” performing on the back of a pickup truck. Worst/ most comedic meet in El Paso.

  49. 100k Ghost

    100k Ghost19 days ago

    “You have 0 drifting experience” and so do you Drew. Haven’t drifted that WAP once. Still waiting for at least a donut.

  50. Conor Utterback

    Conor Utterback19 days ago

    Cops: he’s doing donuts let’s shoot him!

  51. Denny Saric

    Denny Saric19 days ago

    drew im sorry to break it to you but i think that was an acura tlx, not a toyota.

  52. jaun Gonzalez

    jaun Gonzalez19 days ago

    Thx drew you saved my life by telling me I’m not in a Hollywood movie

  53. Dorian Kucio

    Dorian Kucio19 days ago

    7:03 perfect music for the time

  54. Dorian Kucio

    Dorian Kucio19 days ago

    They're not Drift King, they're Donkey Kong

  55. Cracksoldier

    Cracksoldier19 days ago

    was it really necessary for the cops to act like that dude in a challenger robbed a bank or something lmao

  56. Auqium PvP

    Auqium PvP20 days ago

    That first clip is at the Little Saigon in Fountain Valley from FF1

  57. Knotty

    Knotty20 days ago

    If the title for the last clip is correct that kid is done for life.

  58. W W

    W W20 days ago

    5:48. F*****g loser. Take his license off him

  59. W W

    W W20 days ago

    I'm a custom car builder and I get young guys coming into my shop all the time wanting me to build them a cheap street drift car. They often say just ct the springs and lower it etc etc. They have no drifting experience and the cars are generally unsafe when they bring them in. Also they have a budget of no more than $2k. I won't do it, unless you're already a drifter or won't be driving it on the street and have proof you intend to use it to start a drifting career and have the money for me to build it properly and with all the certification needed to take it to the track

  60. Eric Kyllonen

    Eric Kyllonen20 days ago

    Drew peakock if he had his ferrari wrecked: no, no! me if i had a ferrari wrecked: his last words were im sorry please dont hurt me if anyone wants to know

  61. jaded auto

    jaded auto20 days ago


  62. Dylan Van Lent

    Dylan Van Lent20 days ago

    It's true tho I thought I could drift a car bcs I can drift a bike and tho similar it's still not the same and it almost ended up really bad but luckly i got away with only damage to my rear bumper 😅😅

  63. Cristiano Ruiz

    Cristiano Ruiz20 days ago

    Drew thinks he knows how to drift

  64. Nick Saso

    Nick Saso20 days ago


  65. JunkyJuice gamer

    JunkyJuice gamer20 days ago

    Actually undertightened wheels are less likely to fall off than if u overtightened them...way more dangerous to over torque the lugs

  66. LION GAMING 2.0

    LION GAMING 2.020 days ago

    6:12 Lol lmao 🤣🤣🤣

  67. Nunya0621

    Nunya062120 days ago

    Too the gulf logo goes up for the back up cam wtf I didn’t know that

  68. Turkey

    Turkey20 days ago

    Bruh stfu and play the clips lmao we know this video is 10:04 for a reason lmfao

  69. Bálint Taskovics

    Bálint Taskovics21 day ago

    The first didnt hit the wall tho

  70. Will Hardy vickers

    Will Hardy vickers21 day ago

    What is it with American cops and going all commando because hnnmm i have a badge and a gun mmm smooth brained cops

  71. the Handy Man

    the Handy Man21 day ago

    the genius in the red vw before he hit the curb he popped the trunk. lol dont know what for but you can tell he's a nooob

  72. Tech BeamTV

    Tech BeamTV21 day ago

    Drew is like the Gordon Ramsay of cars

  73. TurboDieselDan

    TurboDieselDan21 day ago

    8:00 Not all curb rash is from parking, there are a lot of narrow drive throughs at restaurant/ coffee shops.

  74. junior reyes

    junior reyes21 day ago

    “Clothed corth”

  75. eli lopez

    eli lopez21 day ago

    Drew looks like bart simpson😄😄😄

  76. Mike Cochrane

    Mike Cochrane21 day ago

    When Tokyo drift becomes a Shanghai shit show.

  77. Darktemplar1305

    Darktemplar130521 day ago

    i swear to god the 458 at the end only crashed because the driver didn't know when using a lot of silicone to shine the tires - the tires get slippy as hell the way it just slid sideways looks like that

  78. King Kong

    King Kong21 day ago

    The red challenger is probably in California lol

  79. Tim Bramley

    Tim Bramley21 day ago

    That dude in the acura tsx is dumb as hell

  80. greebuh

    greebuh21 day ago

    That's an Acura

  81. Kevin N Sales

    Kevin N Sales21 day ago

    6:55 License plate name checks out perfectly.

  82. A Tsylor

    A Tsylor21 day ago

    Why were the cops screaming like lunatics, put your hands up

  83. Xblisit Josh

    Xblisit Josh22 days ago

    Oh man the sound of curbing wheels, makes me feel sick. 😐

  84. Xblisit Josh

    Xblisit Josh22 days ago

    Not hard to bash out the stripped studs and replace them, not very expensive either, what a waste of a civic 🤦‍♂️

  85. MoneyCorrupts

    MoneyCorrupts22 days ago

    1st vid i think hes steering wheel fell off

  86. Llama Tribe

    Llama Tribe22 days ago

    Drew you got to learn somehow I drift my fwd Honda to learn and test mainly handbrake to high acceleration to whip the tail end out and power through and yes I curb the car but buttt drew I feel like I’m getting better you see I really want to become somewhat of a amateur of pro driver one day I just don’t have the money to

  87. Jaybe P

    Jaybe P22 days ago

    The Cops acting like he's the main Antiprotagonist with the big guns 😂

  88. Koala The Cunt

    Koala The Cunt22 days ago

    Ahh it's a Honda Accord idiot

  89. MrRingo 75

    MrRingo 7522 days ago

    I unfortunately know where the one video where the wheel said bye to the car had taken place

  90. SokóŁ

    SokóŁ22 days ago

    You can throw some fwd cars into tighter corners faster, but they kid just can't drive. Honda Fits whip those corners like a champ

  91. - Andy -

    - Andy -22 days ago

    I don’t think the cop can just pull you out of your car like the hellcat guy

  92. LowClass Vagabond Co.

    LowClass Vagabond Co.22 days ago

    My abs doesnt work but honestly i can control my car pretty well under a slide, first video he should have release his brake and turned hard left he might have gotten away from that, easy to practice not panicking by slamming your brakes and slidding on purpose..

  93. David Luna

    David Luna22 days ago

    Stop talking lol

  94. seyelabrev

    seyelabrev22 days ago

    6:47 “tooken?” Talking about dummy dumb dumbs 🤣

  95. NotYoBoyJimmy

    NotYoBoyJimmy22 days ago

    Dude you sound like Rich Rebuilds

  96. Jacob Earhart

    Jacob Earhart22 days ago

    The 2nd to last on was the camera man fault telling him he's good just go straight back. Lol

  97. joshua torres

    joshua torres22 days ago

    fun fact the 4th one is in downtown miami on the side of i-95 and that shi is common there but thats definitely one of the stupider videos ive seen.

  98. joshua torres

    joshua torres22 days ago

    and the car was a Acura TLX

  99. Silver HvH Noob

    Silver HvH Noob22 days ago

    I've got assetto corsa experience I think I can drift

  100. Weapon1 ISF

    Weapon1 ISF22 days ago

    Play stupid games win stupid prizes Ass🤡🤡🤡's on loose.

  101. Yup- 206

    Yup- 20622 days ago

    3:09 acura tl and a colbolt with a tesla driving around a pole.