Car "MODS" Theat Can MAKE Or BREAK A Build! - Tuner Talk

My opinion on mods to steer clear on if your goal is to build the cleanest showcar possible.
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Rice or nice part 15:
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  1. Marqs

    Marqs14 days ago

    That "slim fit" watch tho.. ugh, thats a negative. Just no.

  2. Jim Cornette

    Jim Cornette16 days ago

    My mans holding his camera in his teeth 😬😬

  3. Betoeg2

    Betoeg218 days ago

    The worst is the exhaust. A lot of these so called builds all they do is cut out pieces of the exhaust. And the funniest thing is all the drivers of these said vehicles have that same, yeah I know it’s loud because I’m fast look.

  4. Conor Utterback

    Conor Utterback19 days ago

    Drew’s like an older brother that would always be brutally fuckin honest with you and you thought he was a complete asshole in middle school, but by the time you get to high school and your slangin p*ssy and gapping lamborghinis in your beautiful car, you realize he was just trynna help you not look like an absolute tool.

  5. Mr. Bobby

    Mr. Bobby20 days ago

    Lmao I’m sorry that was me I was in a rush 10:00

  6. B3N D0V3R

    B3N D0V3R20 days ago

    Another thing that can break a build is shitty ass interior builds I saw a Honda Civic with chairs that looked like they came out of the circus also the smell of that car was awful smelt like a Taco Bell bathroom it was just bad.

  7. yeet boi

    yeet boi20 days ago


  8. •Alcoholic Kangaroo•

    •Alcoholic Kangaroo•21 day ago

    In my opinion the ugliest wheels on a "nice car" is the base model wheels on 09-13 Challenger

  9. ZippY

    ZippY21 day ago

    I honestly don’t like stickers on cars in general, I don’t get the point. I’ve never seen a sticker that actually looks cool, I only see cringey stickers that make me say ew

  10. Avenciti

    Avenciti22 days ago


  11. Mickeyyy

    Mickeyyy22 days ago

    Ok but my k24 swap needs a 3 inch😔

  12. MalexPC's

    MalexPC's22 days ago

    alright I'm looking for opinions. I live in Canada and we have a 15 year Import rule. thinking of getting a toyota sera (I'm a 16y/o highschool student. need something cheap and reliable. it's a toyota economy box with scissor doors). is it rice if the car is stock? lmao. If I don't get one I'll be waiting to just get a 1jz chaser next year.

  13. Im_LuckyCharm

    Im_LuckyCharm22 days ago

    That McLaren is 🔥

  14. perro

    perro22 days ago

    Drew forgot all about big ass spoilers😂

  15. Tristo Williams

    Tristo Williams22 days ago

    That urus set up was sick tho

  16. Jose Medina

    Jose Medina22 days ago

    You see all those people here in Florida especially in Miami

  17. Aaron Benedetti

    Aaron Benedetti23 days ago

    Fuck fitment 19s make my ride quality dogshit at just 20mm drop if I slam it a pebble will break my back.

  18. Aqua_Pontiac

    Aqua_Pontiac23 days ago

    I hate when people put aftermarket part sticker's on their cars, and they don't even have those parts installed. And remember Andrew people hate other people's opinions nowadays. 🤣 I take pride into my 94 Pontiac Firebird, it's not super fast it's more of a crusing ride to me. I'm more focused on getting brakes, rotors, struts, starter, tires and more bc it is 27 year old car. Once all the OEM/factory parts are gone, yeah I'm gonna focus on performance. But that's just my opinion man. Hopefully you see this comment, oh btw pay $300 for a radar detector it really does work must be Cobra brand don't cheap out on them.

  19. cruddy driveway

    cruddy driveway23 days ago

    tacky colurful parts like nrg neo chrome hubs and steering wheels

  20. Thomas Todd

    Thomas Todd23 days ago

    Drew about to throw hands with that maxima driver

  21. Benny Gregory

    Benny Gregory23 days ago

    Stop watching for a month and Drew PenisCock has a Mclaren

  22. The Gaylorde

    The Gaylorde23 days ago

    Reading while driven in the mc laren Dude WTF?!?

  23. Jordan Thomson

    Jordan Thomson24 days ago

    11:51 hahaha true

  24. Colin Clarke

    Colin Clarke24 days ago

    hold up doesn’t your supra have enkei reps...

  25. TedFromStateFarm Tv

    TedFromStateFarm Tv24 days ago

    I need to know what car meets you go to out here in SoCal because I haven’t seen anything good out here , aside from a mini Honda car meet at k1 speed .

  26. Antonio Kristoffersen

    Antonio Kristoffersen24 days ago

    5:20 thanks for ketting mre know

  27. Antonio Kristoffersen

    Antonio Kristoffersen24 days ago

    te37 nice af

  28. Nephilim 447

    Nephilim 44724 days ago

    The mid vid balls adjustment, true man right here

  29. Gavin Remi

    Gavin Remi24 days ago

    Drew : *in his lain waiting his turn Some rando: “ aight , just going to fuck all that up. “

  30. Brayan Garcia

    Brayan Garcia24 days ago

    9:55 "what is this monkey doing!" chill buddy

  31. Mark R

    Mark R24 days ago

    Stradman sold your McLaren :/

  32. Not_GmLagoa

    Not_GmLagoa24 days ago

    He rlly represents me: *talking* that's a nice lookin' Lexus *back to talking*

  33. Delux Lux

    Delux Lux25 days ago

    Ball adjustment is key

  34. ej1 drew

    ej1 drew25 days ago

    drew! people have been cutting me off on the shoulder lately. they're getting impatient. it scares my poor gf in the passanger seat

  35. Ethan S

    Ethan S25 days ago

    Do a series with make or break cars

  36. ThatslowG

    ThatslowG25 days ago

    Hey drew So I recently bought a 2013 wrx with 115k miles on it and well I’ve been thinking about buying an access port for it but the car only has an intake and an exhaust and some of my friends said an access port won’t do anything. What do u think?? Keep up the awesome videos!

  37. Christian Salgado

    Christian Salgado25 days ago

    I feel like the 2g eclipse gets a pass on the underglow

  38. Von

    Von25 days ago

    I needa see my guy drew soon at a meet or sum

  39. Skiing Chickens

    Skiing Chickens25 days ago

    Dude in mp4-12c: wow that a nice Lexus rc

  40. Jesse Sanchez

    Jesse Sanchez25 days ago

    Only drew would be ripping in a exotic and say "oh nice mustang"

  41. NNB

    NNB25 days ago

    Nobody talking bout the title?

  42. Eric the Red

    Eric the Red25 days ago

    The flex game is strong with this one...

  43. Reggie Sterling

    Reggie Sterling25 days ago

    Bring on the hate but beauty is in the eye of the beholder or maybe it's their first build and they haven't realized that they have been going to a race or street machine type with a show car when it would stand out and they need to be at like a lowrider style show my first compact was a regular 4 door neon and looking back it WAS a pep boy car except for the wheels which were 17"konieg wildcards I've always loved them .but you would have had field day with I'm sure lol

  44. Reggie Sterling

    Reggie Sterling25 days ago

    I guess I've never noticed but the interior of your McLaren seems so minimal or basic for such a wild body style just seeing a McLaren makes me look because of the extreme exterior

  45. vishnoy v

    vishnoy v25 days ago


  46. Joseph Cruz

    Joseph Cruz25 days ago

    Bladed Angel this you?

  47. Evan McAuley

    Evan McAuley25 days ago


  48. Sebastian

    Sebastian25 days ago

    Driver mod will make or break a build all day

  49. COF The CFO

    COF The CFO25 days ago

    If you buy Chinese parts. You end up buying that same part again. Learn this in my early stages. Don’t cheap out.

  50. Mustang Boss

    Mustang Boss25 days ago

    You drive like a girl learning to drive... Sound like a feminine dude lol. Where is the base in your voice..

  51. tarun.タルン。

    tarun.タルン。25 days ago

    ah yes "theat"

  52. Monster Conrad

    Monster Conrad25 days ago


  53. Monster Conrad

    Monster Conrad25 days ago


  54. Monster Conrad

    Monster Conrad25 days ago


  55. Monster Conrad

    Monster Conrad25 days ago


  56. Monster Conrad

    Monster Conrad25 days ago


  57. Monster Conrad

    Monster Conrad25 days ago


  58. Felix Wankel

    Felix Wankel25 days ago

    Who else does this whenever they see a cool car while they are talking 2:40

  59. Jun Jin

    Jun Jin25 days ago


  60. Louis-H HR

    Louis-H HR25 days ago

    That w124 👀🔥🔥

  61. Louis-H HR

    Louis-H HR25 days ago

    Looks good even stock imo

  62. KOKO

    KOKO26 days ago

    Them facts

  63. Eryk 455

    Eryk 45526 days ago


  64. your a bum

    your a bum26 days ago

    who else wants to see drew build a spoon eg hatch

  65. TTV ClimbH1

    TTV ClimbH126 days ago

    these videos make me happy. nowadays i'm either sad or feel nothing.

  66. The Real SyXx Team Syxx Productions

    The Real SyXx Team Syxx Productions26 days ago

    Only reason I come here is for Drew's opinion. 💯

  67. Drew Gilman

    Drew Gilman26 days ago

    shitttt my car kinda trash fitment right cuz I am saving up... I feel attacked!

  68. Nate Bogard

    Nate Bogard26 days ago

    But drew, I like my civic with fake TE-37’s 👉🥺👈

  69. Andy Arteaga

    Andy Arteaga26 days ago

    Drew in a FCKING MCLAREN "That's a nice looking Lexus"

  70. D G

    D G26 days ago


  71. Andrew Espino

    Andrew Espino26 days ago

    When he hit the steering wheel😂

  72. A Blue Angel

    A Blue Angel26 days ago

    “Theat” .

  73. New World Order

    New World Order26 days ago

    7:28 is very cringe wtf

  74. Matthew G

    Matthew G26 days ago

    stupid driver holy

  75. Wes Ronczka

    Wes Ronczka26 days ago

    bruh that grocery list sticker idea is hilarious. i literally lol'd. thought you were gonna go and say it was the ebay fender sticker pack. i might honestly do a grocery list sticker set

  76. FUNKOfilms

    FUNKOfilms24 days ago

    Exactly it's a self aware joke. I wouldn't do it but it makes me chuckle when someone does.

  77. Platinum1Vortex

    Platinum1Vortex26 days ago

    Fr man only thing in this vid I disagree with

  78. Wes Ronczka

    Wes Ronczka26 days ago

    just to poke fun at the people that do those ebay sticker packs

  79. F3zzo

    F3zzo26 days ago

    Nice spelling in the title (THEAT)

  80. AA - 09ZZ 709511 Meadowvale SS

    AA - 09ZZ 709511 Meadowvale SS26 days ago

    Nice title typo

  81. Skaro Beats

    Skaro Beats26 days ago


  82. asmundur tumi

    asmundur tumi26 days ago

    Q&A while driving? Its been a while...

  83. Jonathan De La Cruz

    Jonathan De La Cruz26 days ago

    The guy with the purple evo watching this “ 👁👄👁 “

  84. Anthony Durand

    Anthony Durand26 days ago

    Bloke was intimidated by the Mclaren.. 😂 "The Brits are comin'!"

  85. josh victoria

    josh victoria26 days ago

    this helps thanks

  86. AG3NT Z3R0

    AG3NT Z3R026 days ago

    Fitment to me is kinda iffy. I do have nice rims on my car but it is a daily driver 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart and I live in New England where we get a ton of snow so I kept stock ride height. I know it looks kinda ghetto but because I daily drive it even in the winter I can't justify lowering it. If I ever get the money for a 2nd winter car the Fitment will be corrected, but right now it would just fuck up my car lol

  87. AG3NT Z3R0

    AG3NT Z3R026 days ago

    I still love the videos and know it's your opinion, but I'm pleading my case

  88. 7 Sins

    7 Sins26 days ago

    accurate title: Car "MODS" that can make or break a ricer build!🤣 no stickers no gay pride parade float tune your suspension to handle the roads get your brakes in order add power put it to the road.

  89. unstablebobgable

    unstablebobgable26 days ago

    I like to roll up the Number and get all schmoked up while laughing at the Drew Peacocks videos.

  90. One Sound

    One Sound26 days ago

    Drew should start a podcast utilizing his knowledge

  91. Nitsej

    Nitsej26 days ago

    Misspelling words "theat" can make or break a video title

  92. GingerHitman

    GingerHitman26 days ago

    Bro you forgot huge spoilers!!!

  93. Derwin Lopez

    Derwin Lopez26 days ago

    Real SoCal traffic

  94. If I had a YouTube

    If I had a YouTube26 days ago

    Left lane hog

  95. If I had a YouTube

    If I had a YouTube26 days ago

    Get your ass off that left lane

  96. Hasaku Kitsune

    Hasaku Kitsune26 days ago

    Theay do


    GARRY OAK26 days ago

    Not the same while driving mclaeren

  98. Jonathan Rivera

    Jonathan Rivera26 days ago

    I liked it cheap coilovers.

  99. tony davamp

    tony davamp26 days ago

    When you collect Marvel legends and diecast cars and Drew says he doesn’t like toys 😿😞

  100. Paweł Jasiński

    Paweł Jasiński26 days ago

    Don't know about the US, but in Poland, when you're at an intersection, and there is one lane, but it's wide enough to fit two cars, if you're going straight or left, you're actually supposed to stand near the left side, and let a car that's going right squeeze through (those intersections usually have a green arrow that means you can turn right if there's no oncoming traffic).

  101. Chris Do

    Chris Do2 days ago

    in Drew's situation he's in a dedicated right turn lane as indicated on the right arrow on the ground in front of him, so everyone in that lane is turning right so being side-by-side isn't allowed. What you said applies in the US too at most intersections just not this one

  102. DDRTuners

    DDRTuners26 days ago

    Owns a mclaren but can't spell that

  103. Russ

    Russ26 days ago

    fun little video.

  104. car guy newb

    car guy newb26 days ago

    The Rust mod is kinda hilarious

  105. HeyItzEnder

    HeyItzEnder26 days ago

    Me with my exposed led lights on my 240🥲

  106. Ronaldo 7

    Ronaldo 725 days ago

    @HeyItzEnder dude that's awesome, currently saving up for a s13 as my first car

  107. HeyItzEnder

    HeyItzEnder25 days ago

    Ronaldo 7 it’s a drift car, my Instagram is kyle.pish if you wanna check it out, you might actually recognize it

  108. Ronaldo 7

    Ronaldo 725 days ago

    Make it clean bro

  109. greg7284

    greg728426 days ago

    5:20. story of my life when mowing on a hot day lol

  110. Centurion Guy

    Centurion Guy26 days ago

    Me: doesn’t see many sports cars drew, oh look an aventador

  111. FUNKOfilms

    FUNKOfilms24 days ago


  112. Asianboi

    Asianboi26 days ago

    T H E A T is cool

  113. Aj Karrer

    Aj Karrer26 days ago

    u needa stop defending urself jus spit

  114. da1datgotaway

    da1datgotaway26 days ago

    Who told you to say camber? Who told you to say you had to adjust your balls??? 👁🤔

  115. Yusuf Cevizci

    Yusuf Cevizci26 days ago

    Typo in title