IMPORT Vs. SUPERCAR Racing!!! - Fast Or Furious!

Clips provided by JDM Overnight, follow him down below!
Rice or nice part 15:
insta: @___drewpeacock
Music: @Hallabanz on instagram
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  1. Anon Canon

    Anon Canon2 hours ago

    Camaro is ass i dust that pos in a cayman and a honda oddyssey

  2. Anon Canon

    Anon Canon2 hours ago

    Toyota gang sucks. Bmw gaaaaaang

  3. Anthony Donate

    Anthony Donate4 days ago

    Ive actually been asking for corolla races. Thinking about getting one, either a 04' - 06'. The fwd on them is pretty fun.

  4. Jay Fujiwara

    Jay Fujiwara7 days ago

    Wow I mean at least the xrs has a 2zzge.

  5. Mr.bossman

    Mr.bossman8 days ago

    Evo getting clapped non stop

  6. Progamer 10191

    Progamer 101919 days ago

    The cars at 8:41 moving slower then my goddam grandma holy.

  7. Lit Battles

    Lit Battles9 days ago

    The stock cars didn't have no type of performance at all

  8. Oranga Stang

    Oranga Stang10 days ago

    lambo wasnt even on launch control before he flashed if you listen i wanted to see that race rip

  9. Dio Kav

    Dio Kav11 days ago

    Evo vs the world 😭😭

  10. chris beck

    chris beck11 days ago

    Corolla xrs is 6spd 2zz engine

  11. Elite Scooby

    Elite Scooby11 days ago

    Evo’s aren’t made for straight lines, they are made for taking corners and accelerate out of the corners quickly

  12. little timmy

    little timmy12 days ago

    WeLl iF tHe lAmBo jUmPeD tOo iT wOuLd hAvE WoN

  13. Cayden Zhang

    Cayden Zhang12 days ago

    That also wasn't a M5. It was a M4. Bad mark on jdmovernight

  14. Cayden Zhang

    Cayden Zhang12 days ago

    It wasn't an evo 2 but whatever people make mistakes.

  15. Sean Price

    Sean Price12 days ago

    6:52 see the moron in the motorcycle helmet completely distracting the lambo driver from the race. probably dudes friend asking him some stupid question for his gram. cost him a race.

  16. kiknos

    kiknos13 days ago

    7:46 it was a slowes fucking race i've ever seen xdd

  17. _ XtremeBMXGuy _

    _ XtremeBMXGuy _13 days ago

    2j swap Corolla drew

  18. Luc Thorn

    Luc Thorn13 days ago

    thats my boy randy in that evo he let off after 4th because he thought the race was over built by DB trans and tuned by KT

  19. SFterps

    SFterps13 days ago

    One time I thought I gapped an evo 9 and we pulled up into a gas station after and he told me I wasn’t worth racing. Well he was right because he showed me the build and every part of the car was built. My guy pushed 800whp. I was not worthy lol. 4g63 are ridiculous

  20. Tyler Malm

    Tyler Malm13 days ago

    Are the civic sports actually that slow?! 😂 someone told me they thought they could beat my gti with one of those.

  21. Prince Jeuf Camuta

    Prince Jeuf Camuta14 days ago

    Sorry but im not in the Toyota gang 7:44

  22. FPY-_-RDD

    FPY-_-RDD14 days ago

    Evo have short grass because they are cars designed for rally and sometimes rally has steep hills and mountains

  23. Courtney Mayher

    Courtney Mayher14 days ago

    @10:19 aero.....

  24. Courtney Mayher

    Courtney Mayher14 days ago

    short gears, power-band yes. built for the short run, but HP still rules at the end. this time

  25. Courtney Mayher

    Courtney Mayher14 days ago

    @4:00 best mustang driver EVER. (no curb shot :) )

  26. Jordan Thomson

    Jordan Thomson14 days ago

    more of this Drew! :)

  27. Xavier916

    Xavier91614 days ago

    Yessss drew love these vids

  28. AlexK

    AlexK14 days ago

    dont sleep on the b58s and especially the s58s that are coming out now

  29. Victor G Opio

    Victor G Opio14 days ago

    Evo power

  30. Idfk

    Idfk14 days ago

    I like how for the mustang he was like, “unless you’ve spent the same amount of money on the mustang and the Acura then you can’t talk shit about the mustang” and for the camaro with a tune and an exhaust vs a 750hp mustang he was like, “I would take that shit to the junkyard on the way home”

  31. Euphorio

    Euphorio14 days ago

    Kraftwerks for the win!

  32. Tesla Performance Racing

    Tesla Performance Racing15 days ago

    Ayyyyyy thats my Tesla 🤙🏼

  33. Dj Patatochip

    Dj Patatochip15 days ago

    Lol 0:17 isn't ZEROSIXTY raffling off that BMW A.K.A (laser beamer) 🤔🤔 yet here they are driving the raffle car 🚨 real sus if you ask me.

  34. Dylan Dominic

    Dylan Dominic15 days ago

    Drew: the new supras are really quick with not many parts. Also drew: I've never seen a fast newer BMW Like bruh it is a BMW wym

  35. Justin kyle Magaling

    Justin kyle Magaling15 days ago

    Im waiting for the video: My new mk5 supra

  36. Vince Haylem

    Vince Haylem15 days ago

    wym? evo is a rally car not a straight line car lol. Take it to turns.

  37. Complex0key

    Complex0key15 days ago

    5 ads nice

  38. David Era

    David Era15 days ago

    K24 got that extra torque, I was gonna build a k20 until I wanted the extra 4/10 of a liter for torque. Turbo k24 comin soon fully built with 25-30lbs of boost

  39. Apollo Spalletta

    Apollo Spalletta15 days ago

    Lambos are not what they used to be, they used to be fast stock but now they are slow stock

  40. Maja Hristovska

    Maja Hristovska16 days ago

    It's a race 😢😭

  41. Jayden

    Jayden16 days ago

    the blue rsx had the k24a and the grey one had just the k20

  42. KenRS

    KenRS16 days ago

    Race a 335 drew

  43. A7PHY

    A7PHY16 days ago

    Yo no cap i think if i ran i could beat the corolla an civic in acceleration

  44. Ben Pryor

    Ben Pryor16 days ago

    Drew rally cars are the best and the gears are so short so that the spooly boi can stay up in the power band. That's why some of the group b rally cars where na before turbo's came and they destroyed but they where unpredictable meaning that you needed a good driver to keep it on the trail. Love the vid. Exscuse my English and that it was a whole paragraph. I'm a 14 year old who loves rally cars!

  45. dr3nch_g0d

    dr3nch_g0d16 days ago

    I thought the zl1 was supercharged

  46. TheLitNation

    TheLitNation16 days ago

    The blue civic had a better chance of winning cause the k24 is a 2.4l and the k20 is a 2.0l


    ĄRŮMĄ ZAPATA16 days ago

    This might sound stupid but, what does Full Bolt On mean? Sorry but I don’t know 🤷‍♂️

  48. blakeyboychar

    blakeyboychar16 days ago

    thats why grocery getters shouldnt race..that was dull as shit

  49. Boss Kermit

    Boss Kermit16 days ago

    What if drew is bladed angel and he just has a. Different channel and won’t admit that he is bladed???????

  50. Anshaw Kemp

    Anshaw Kemp16 days ago

    Is it just me or is the civic and Corolla take off just the saddest slowest shit ever 😂😂😂

  51. Azuwur Games

    Azuwur Games16 days ago

    I think the aventador was waiting for the Toyota to hit 50 then launched.

  52. R Y Z 3 N

    R Y Z 3 N16 days ago

    Man didnt upload tonight. My night is ruined

  53. Damalagood

    Damalagood16 days ago

    Drew Vs The 12 yr Olds😂😂💀

  54. Adam Pandit

    Adam Pandit16 days ago

    The fact that the guy with the MK5 Supra has a gopro facing backwards shows he knows his car is fast

  55. Adam Pandit

    Adam Pandit16 days ago

    Drew: can you tell me why rally cars have short gears? They're rally cars. They do a lot of cornering and need to bang through gears. Acceleration is much more important than top speed in rally

  56. Vampire Dutch

    Vampire Dutch16 days ago

    Drew the one Forza Camaro you did a review on offer up other USlikesr Grove it his USlikes name is HelloooimJensen

  57. Jericho Yagin

    Jericho Yagin16 days ago

    I thought all Supra’s come with 1000hp

  58. Chris A

    Chris A16 days ago

    That carolla v Civic race looked like slow motion 🤣🤣

  59. Grims

    Grims16 days ago

    The mk5 because the engines used don’t really need much mods.. bmw bois know what’s up

  60. PRO GAMERS 3.3

    PRO GAMERS 3.316 days ago

    Drew I’m 11 and don’t think I’m a dummy dum dum like at that part where u said twelve year olds think that ooh a evo kept up with a 2007 Superleggra ima buy an evo like your saying that a supra has a 1000hp then twelve year old thinks it comes with a 1000hp even tho I think Supra comes with 200 something

  61. Boostid Bruce

    Boostid Bruce16 days ago

    Money into the build is a factor but I feel like you still have to factor in the cost of the car as well.

  62. Killua Zoldyck

    Killua Zoldyck16 days ago

    So NAS makes that much of a difference on 300hp car with a turbo

  63. Killua Zoldyck

    Killua Zoldyck16 days ago

    Maybe it's boosted to 500hp maybe and just added Nas

  64. adopted

    adopted16 days ago

    short gears=better accelaration but less top speed make sure drew sees this

  65. Jorge 503

    Jorge 50316 days ago

    Which paint weight most 😂💀

  66. Christine Alvarez

    Christine Alvarez16 days ago

    The 2 Rsx v mustang race, 1 was k20 and the other was k24

  67. H3arM3

    H3arM316 days ago

    Import vs stock

  68. GAP

    GAP16 days ago

    The aventador owner didn't even know how to use launch control

  69. Skaro Beats

    Skaro Beats16 days ago


  70. Tmoney

    Tmoney17 days ago

    12:42 Oh they're going in the wrong direction, but not in the way you'd think.

  71. Nathan Grigson

    Nathan Grigson17 days ago

    I love it how the new supra will have a 3jz engine 🥵🥵

  72. anima oblitus

    anima oblitus17 days ago

    Yup power band, when in the dirt, you don't want to bog in the corners.

  73. Jon almighty

    Jon almighty17 days ago

    7:46 that was such a slow ass race 😩

  74. Himadri Saha

    Himadri Saha17 days ago

    Evo are made for rally tho needs short gearing to stay at power band at any cirtain situation. those who race in straight line in evo are fools.

  75. THE-KING-2K 12

    THE-KING-2K 1217 days ago

    The tune toyota look like it was going 60mph

  76. Christian Poblete Angus

    Christian Poblete Angus17 days ago

    The Aventador's driver doesn't know how to use Launch Control huh?

  77. Brown Saint

    Brown Saint17 days ago

    You went to a meet in Santa Ana?? 😳

  78. Liem VO

    Liem VO17 days ago

    im 11 and i know that lambo vs evo is a holusination

  79. MNTY_ Z

    MNTY_ Z17 days ago

    the stock civic vs the corolla was like half the video from how slow the race was 🤣

  80. Brandon Stokes

    Brandon Stokes17 days ago

    He said look at this nigga look at this guy lmao am I the only one that caught it when he was talking abt the mustang

  81. Donnie Baynard

    Donnie Baynard17 days ago

    Any one that says gang gang should hang

  82. Cruzredeye

    Cruzredeye17 days ago

    Underground racing

  83. Donnie Baynard

    Donnie Baynard17 days ago

    Those Mk5 bimmers aren't impressive. Had they added a bunch of fake vents, then it would be dipity, dope lit, fuckery, fuck boy shitty fire!

  84. Thanos Mentertzis

    Thanos Mentertzis17 days ago

    Short gears = fast acceleration=fast times thats what counts in rally racing not the top speed cause the turns and shit doesn't let rally cars hit some big speeds and the fast acceleration helps to the recovery after the turn

  85. Seby Floristean

    Seby Floristean17 days ago

    11:27 *M3*

  86. Dophamineded

    Dophamineded17 days ago

    Drew probably tastes the gas before putting it in his cars

  87. Jed Beach

    Jed Beach17 days ago

    Hahaha my corolla made it!!!

  88. Jed Beach

    Jed Beach17 days ago

    @jdmovernight dude I gotta do a after race when the supercharger is on it😂

  89. jdmovernight

    jdmovernight17 days ago


  90. FreezingDragon6

    FreezingDragon617 days ago

    Oh hey it’s @BabaYagaRacing

  91. Zachary England

    Zachary England17 days ago

    I really want to start learning more about cars. Ik some stuff but when it comes to performance mods, i have no idea what Drew is talking about. Just wonderin what some good places are to start ?

  92. Saiyan_xJDM

    Saiyan_xJDM17 days ago

    Donut Media is a real good channel to learn about different things and other car youtubers in general a lot of the time will explain in their vids whenever they get a new part on their car(s) will say what it is so you could always look up on Google what that part does.

  93. Joseph Salazar

    Joseph Salazar17 days ago

    Mustang said bye bye 👋

  94. Leo G

    Leo G17 days ago

    The Acura would still dust the 5.0 w 10k on both lol

  95. Neuronaut

    Neuronaut17 days ago

    Lol I love on the BMW he says "ipfp" instead of "LPFP" as in "low pressure fuel pump". BMW is a world of confusing acronyms and "initialisms" the likes of which I had never seen before making the mistake of buying a BMW. It do be the N54 tho....but it's automatic sadly

  96. jdmovernight

    jdmovernight17 days ago

    @Neuronaut oh okay I see what you meant now np

  97. Neuronaut

    Neuronaut17 days ago

    @jdmovernight for sure, but he says i pfp not L pfp in the video, which is understandable, bmw has way too many acronyms for parts.

  98. jdmovernight

    jdmovernight17 days ago

    It does say lpfp, the L is just lowercase

  99. Emmanuel Gonzalez

    Emmanuel Gonzalez17 days ago

    U need to race a b58 powered car!

  100. Eric Tseng

    Eric Tseng17 days ago

    Lol that's an f80 m3

  101. Andrew Abustan

    Andrew Abustan17 days ago

    the launch of the 5.0 is amazing

  102. Andrew Ramero

    Andrew Ramero17 days ago

    Any car with gears against a Tesla loose

  103. JeXter_XIII

    JeXter_XIII17 days ago

    I STAND by my M54 E46. New BMW’s aren’t as aggressive. Imo BMW fell off after 2013

  104. Body Dropping

    Body Dropping17 days ago

    Sounds like the N-word at 15:20

  105. Grayson Parker

    Grayson Parker17 days ago

    Evo's have short gears purely for acceleration purposes.

  106. Seth Null

    Seth Null17 days ago

    the blue rsx had a different engine

  107. Etienne Bergeron

    Etienne Bergeron17 days ago

    ´´That being said ‘’ lol he said it around 20 times