Mk4 Supra Gets New Taillights! #shorts

Tossing on a pair of later model mk4 Supra taillights to update the look of the rear end #shorts


  1. Nismo X

    Nismo XDay ago

    New lights awesome

  2. Julian Lechuga G

    Julian Lechuga G2 days ago

    Old one look better

  3. Savage Foxx

    Savage Foxx3 days ago

    Right tail light.

  4. Cam Alkire

    Cam Alkire4 days ago

    Cool thanks dude.

  5. Tony Mazzola

    Tony Mazzola4 days ago

    Montana plate? I live in montana.

  6. Akg Flow

    Akg Flow4 days ago

    How stupid is this honestly??

  7. Mac Smitty

    Mac Smitty4 days ago

    Background of the light is grey

  8. Globe Stolky

    Globe Stolky4 days ago

    Can I still win them?

  9. Skelter

    Skelter5 days ago

    you really should keep all your stock parts man. I like the new ones you got more and I'm not a car guy but I have a feeling you really should keep you stock parts

  10. Mr. V

    Mr. V5 days ago

    Is that your Supra ? Is it rhd?

  11. ViiBe x LOCO

    ViiBe x LOCO5 days ago

    Wassup with that dodge caplier bro Ik u ant making that girl drive that lunk of shit and you got a mclaren wtf

  12. Drew Peacock

    Drew Peacock5 days ago

    Dodge what ?

  13. Bin Jalan

    Bin Jalan6 days ago

    Ofcourse the newer ones. LED in general looks glorious for old JDM

  14. Jeremiah Norris

    Jeremiah Norris6 days ago

    I have a little time to get my car to the new car I’ll go there and I’ll the car and I can go back to my house if I can get it back in a little bit I’ll get your house everything done I’ll be there really early I can come get it and I’ll get back in a little later if I realize that was the new one that was a little bit of your car I just wanted you there and get you to a car in the house I was in the house for a whe yie tere refuses exercise enforcement even when you get back in a little bit and I have a a little more than a a new one Really I Rueteieteuert and the new one is the new one in a little bit rof retention and I’ll a little little more than

  15. Jeremiah Norris

    Jeremiah Norris6 days ago

    I have to go get my new one in my car and I’ll get a car in a little more than a I’ll go back and pick up the new stuff I’ll go get my car back and get a new car I’ll be back to the house I’ll get you some car and get my truck out

  16. selvine simadu

    selvine simadu6 days ago

    Can i have the tail lights please Im a big fan of the supra but will never be able to have one I live in mauritius and im poor Since you are giving them away i thought that i could at leats own a peace of supra 😃

  17. foxy fox

    foxy fox6 days ago

    I like the new taillights they look more better

  18. KG

    KG8 days ago

    ThAtS +20bHp DuUuDe

  19. The random TV

    The random TV8 days ago

    Are they led?

  20. Lee Hinton

    Lee Hinton9 days ago

    This seems so simple- why can’t all cars be like this

  21. Ibb

    Ibb9 days ago

    I like the new taillights

  22. Benjamin Tan

    Benjamin Tan10 days ago

    Better to keep those old lights, can try to polish the lens.

  23. Great content

    Great content11 days ago

    The only important thing here is. IS THAT A SUPRA?

  24. Dmitry Savonin

    Dmitry Savonin12 days ago

    The different colors of the inside lights would drive me crazy 😐

  25. Eduardo Vazquez

    Eduardo Vazquez13 days ago

    Update the Caravan!

  26. Josiah Miller

    Josiah Miller14 days ago

    As 13y year old boy I think supra are cool but now there overrated "omg 2jz the crowd goes crazy how about you put 1000hp what do you know the thing is priced out this I why I choose a frs as a future car Cuz it's cool and once you put on the widebody it's a wrap

  27. Elberg Ga'Enorme

    Elberg Ga'Enorme15 days ago

    I like the old ones

  28. Asus Mushroom

    Asus Mushroom15 days ago

    6.9 k likes nice

  29. Zenticc V2

    Zenticc V216 days ago

    The lights looks like its the front of the car

  30. dtr. jaden

    dtr. jaden17 days ago

    Tbh my favorite ones are the aventador style taillights

  31. Amanda Tinsley

    Amanda Tinsley17 days ago

    I'm so jealous of your car

  32. Nicolas San Juan

    Nicolas San Juan17 days ago

    I personally like the older style ones , I like the more vibrant look of em , but that’s what I think . Either way still a good looking car

  33. Non /Applicable 69

    Non /Applicable 6917 days ago

    Monster energy blu

  34. Kalyan K

    Kalyan K17 days ago

    Drew those old tail light makes your car distinguish from others honestly, it looks period correct for the car...

  35. Isaac Mendoza

    Isaac Mendoza18 days ago

    Get ride of the blue

  36. Jose Zamora

    Jose Zamora18 days ago

    The original ones look way better, you should of just restored them

  37. Spencer11 _

    Spencer11 _18 days ago

    So what do we do to get the tail lights? I’m subbed

  38. Franklin Clinton

    Franklin Clinton18 days ago

    Got yo lisence plate new whip who dis

  39. Marc Ebel

    Marc Ebel18 days ago

    I liked the old ones...

  40. Patryk Żmuda

    Patryk Żmuda18 days ago

    Im more in to old ones

  41. 9bluewolf

    9bluewolf19 days ago

    Drew Peacock get pro spec import sniper ring tail lights

  42. bigprocar

    bigprocar19 days ago

    Mk3 look better ngl

  43. Somerandomperson304

    Somerandomperson30419 days ago

    Give the taillights to someone who will put them on a civic 😆

  44. pickel master

    pickel master19 days ago

    I want those TALE lights (it's funny because i spelled it wrong⸮)

  45. Mad Man

    Mad Man19 days ago

    Yo gimme 1000 bucks and those tail lights I'll prank my uncle by putting them on his *BABY* hellcat. I'll find a way.

  46. Mad Man

    Mad Man19 days ago

    Like keeping mine oem ik that's what you did. What I did was just sand mine up and put led lights in big difference

  47. Supimraid

    Supimraid19 days ago

    imagine if i win supra tail-lights, lol ill hang them in my room like a trophy

  48. Pradhan D.Prabhu

    Pradhan D.Prabhu20 days ago

    Is it just me or does he sound exactly like Nolan from donut media

  49. Benson Hedges

    Benson Hedges20 days ago

    Isn’t there actual nice ones that are red like a normal car ?

  50. LiL RUNTI3

    LiL RUNTI320 days ago

    Get some smoked taillights for the mk4

  51. Thomas Butner

    Thomas Butner20 days ago

    I like both, but I think I prefer the old ones. I like not seeing the bulb. Plus, more era correct

  52. justin harrington

    justin harrington20 days ago

    That license plate number is from the county I live in Montana Lol.

  53. Alex Whitton

    Alex Whitton20 days ago

    Should put LEDs in them

  54. Randy Gonzalez

    Randy Gonzalez20 days ago

    So simple

  55. Lightning

    Lightning20 days ago

    I prefer the old ones

  56. Aaron Jimenez

    Aaron Jimenez20 days ago

    The old taillights looked cartooney

  57. 1969MAN

    1969MAN20 days ago

    Just put the turn wheel on the left side

  58. Aaron De bruin

    Aaron De bruin20 days ago

    Noooo just keep the old ones they are a supra feature you cant just delete them they are iconic

  59. Nicholson Miller

    Nicholson Miller20 days ago

    I like them both, but good upgrade!

  60. Jude Kraft

    Jude Kraft20 days ago

    What a waste plus he ruining the value

  61. Cameron Christian

    Cameron Christian21 day ago

    5000th like right here!!

  62. Cukoon690

    Cukoon69021 day ago

    That supra is so clean its in right hands 🥺💖💖

  63. [CODENAME] Mist

    [CODENAME] Mist21 day ago

    More of these drew

  64. harun Kuljuh

    harun Kuljuh21 day ago

    Wait u havent done that yet, bro thats supra 101

  65. Moe

    Moe21 day ago

    Drew send me the Supra taillights and I’ll put them on my eclipse

  66. Miguel Flores

    Miguel Flores21 day ago

    I actually like more the original one's

  67. Evan Bueno

    Evan Bueno21 day ago

    Rice or nice boys?

  68. deputy Nico

    deputy Nico21 day ago

    Give Taillight plez

  69. MrRazorPL

    MrRazorPL21 day ago

    In My oponion the lights on the left side Look better if i have a car like this i want to stock look

  70. LAm Dra

    LAm Dra21 day ago

    Giving us a tutorial like everyone has a Supra😂😐

  71. Its_Me_Romano _

    Its_Me_Romano _21 day ago

    I was afraid you were gonna put in those stupid led lights.

  72. Levi Hughes

    Levi Hughes21 day ago

    Can I win one tail light I want to put it on my wall I love the supra and would give anything to own one and I'm gonna save money for that car one day

  73. Smells Like Piss

    Smells Like Piss21 day ago

    now that's how you do a giveaway. no jumping through hoops and shit.

  74. railgunawesome

    railgunawesome21 day ago


  75. Shayden Mousseau

    Shayden Mousseau21 day ago

    I like the original ones

  76. G Freshman

    G Freshman21 day ago


  77. Nathan Yu

    Nathan Yu21 day ago

    Hold up you don’t sound like Drew Peacock because he normally doesn’t do these videos

  78. Zenvo F1

    Zenvo F121 day ago


  79. Abu Khair

    Abu Khair21 day ago

    Can you get LEDs for these cars

  80. Epidemix

    Epidemix21 day ago

    Looks good either way.

  81. they call me bababooey

    they call me bababooey21 day ago

    i prefer stock

  82. short kutt

    short kutt21 day ago


  83. Dalton c

    Dalton c21 day ago

    Removing it is supra simple

  84. Destroyerkael

    Destroyerkael21 day ago

    100k+ supra *Dodge caravan In the background*

  85. Eric S

    Eric S21 day ago

    Turn your phone Drew. You know this!

  86. Jack Crandell

    Jack Crandell21 day ago

    “Done I am already subbed”

  87. Rover141

    Rover14121 day ago

    Def interested in getting those taillights those are sick.

  88. Chris S

    Chris S21 day ago

    Aaah please don't tell me ur still in montana. All that salt getting kicked up under that beautiful car lol

  89. Jamie Robertson

    Jamie Robertson21 day ago

    Don have the car want one at some point tho light would be cool

  90. Mbm TJ

    Mbm TJ21 day ago

    Sign the old ones before giving them away it’ll mean more to us🤩😌💯

  91. Timm Luccey303

    Timm Luccey30321 day ago

    Those bitches look crisp 🥶 the white lights on the new ones are so much better

  92. BHCamaro

    BHCamaro21 day ago

    If you wanted them tinted I would bring them to a painter and have them lightly tinted with clear like I did on my ss

  93. Señor Wainscott

    Señor Wainscott21 day ago

    Sooo can i have the old ones?? I want to glue them to the back of my gaming chair.

  94. Owen Smith

    Owen Smith21 day ago

    I want those tail lights please

  95. Hachiroku

    Hachiroku21 day ago

    Wow that a nice ass blue on that Supra drew 👌👌👍

  96. Risumies Player

    Risumies Player22 days ago

    Did i saw a minivan!?

  97. DDGX 28

    DDGX 2822 days ago

    I'm glad that this guys channel is dying out. 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  98. MK4 Zach

    MK4 Zach22 days ago

    I made this clown buy these. Your welcome chief

  99. The Real SyXx Team Syxx Productions

    The Real SyXx Team Syxx Productions22 days ago

    The new 1s.

  100. Michael Auker

    Michael Auker22 days ago

    Love your supra man!!!

  101. Feral Fangs

    Feral Fangs22 days ago

    Straight rice leave it OG...