The WORST Part About Driving A RHD Car! #shorts

Still love the car, drive it almost everyday. Just An inside look of what it’s like daily driving a rhd car in America. #shorts


  1. Odd One Out

    Odd One Out27 minutes ago

    What about tolls?

  2. tesco brand sandwich

    tesco brand sandwichHour ago

    The same thing happens over here in Britain exept with left side wheels

  3. Travis Semple

    Travis SempleHour ago

    I’m in Australia

  4. Charles Lee Ray

    Charles Lee RayHour ago

    I learned to drive a stick shift in these European style cars at work try putting on on a car wash track that’s a skyline and stick shift or 911 or the bad ass Ford maverick aka the Ford Escape they come in super charged V8 In Saudi Arabia and other Arabic countries they love the Mercury grand marquis’s and Lincoln’s and jeep unused to work in Belgium for Volvo and Mercedes Benz and drove an S450 rental for work it was much easier driving them in Europe vs the states even though I was on private property in the states most times

  5. Toko King

    Toko KingHour ago

    Similar thing can be said in a LHD if you’re turning left it’s the exact same thing.

  6. Lazy guy watching YT

    Lazy guy watching YT2 hours ago

    Wait, I have to deal with this too! The difference is........ I'm English

  7. Kimi

    Kimi2 hours ago

    Oh wow you can drive on any sides? I thought there are regulations or something

  8. libyan loyal

    libyan loyal2 hours ago

    Driver set on the I tried to accept it but heel fkn no

  9. Andrew Rose

    Andrew Rose3 hours ago

    If it was on the left hand side you wouldn’t be able to see anything turning left surely?

  10. Gewoon Nathan

    Gewoon Nathan3 hours ago

    What do you do when you go to a drive thru??

  11. Anonymous FL

    Anonymous FL3 hours ago

    Actually u can change the side of ur steering wheel and pedal just go to a better mechanic shop

  12. Dijon

    Dijon3 hours ago

    How are they legal in the US

  13. Cliksy

    Cliksy4 hours ago

    I thought he was in the Uk

  14. Sowdy3JS

    Sowdy3JS4 hours ago

    Same story if it’s left handed and you turn left

  15. John-117

    John-1174 hours ago

    Move to Australia problem solved

  16. Mike Angelo Bon Valencia

    Mike Angelo Bon Valencia4 hours ago

    Everyone complaining about the car. Imagine not having a car in the first place

  17. RegulineMovie80 _

    RegulineMovie80 _4 hours ago

    Imagine driving on the right side of the road. - Britain Gang

  18. Mani Bharathi.R

    Mani Bharathi.R4 hours ago

    I am driving a right side one it’s not actually what you think

  19. TheGamerWithNoVideos

    TheGamerWithNoVideos4 hours ago

    Me everyday driving the LLV

  20. Unicorn on steroids

    Unicorn on steroids4 hours ago

    I remember being a passenger in a left hand drive Cadillac (I live in New Zealand) and the guy driving accidentally cut someone off and the driver of the other car pulled up beside us at a set of lights and flipped me off!

  21. Bondan Nugraha

    Bondan Nugraha4 hours ago

    Use RHD on the wrong place.

  22. Srinivas Gannamani

    Srinivas Gannamani4 hours ago

    But in India we use right hand side

  23. King K

    King K5 hours ago

    Bruh that’s getting of the 605 😂

  24. lovedeep kataria

    lovedeep kataria5 hours ago

    Wow . In India you will find only RH cars.

  25. Whatever YT

    Whatever YT5 hours ago

    Why did you buy it?

  26. Yousuf i027

    Yousuf i0275 hours ago

    I thought it would be fast food lines

  27. AlongShahriz channel

    AlongShahriz channel5 hours ago

    Malaysian drive like this

  28. AviateNorth

    AviateNorth5 hours ago

    People think right hand drive is cool, and it is. Just not in a country designed for left hand drive!

  29. Afryzal alias

    Afryzal alias5 hours ago

    Malaysia said it was ez😂

  30. ಶರತ್

    ಶರತ್6 hours ago

    India: never knew it was a problem.

  31. Eben A.

    Eben A.6 hours ago

    First world problems

  32. Kris M

    Kris M6 hours ago

    My guess would be toll booths.

  33. YotaHoon

    YotaHoon6 hours ago

    Imagine turning left in a LH drive car. The horror

  34. Rich Bum

    Rich Bum6 hours ago

    That's why I got a car with the driver seat on the left. People say I have a high IQ for that but I'm just me.

  35. MrFookayu

    MrFookayu6 hours ago

    The UK: wouldn't be a problem if you drive on the correct side of the road

  36. CDM

    CDM6 hours ago

    How bout the worst part being you complaining over having a car at all

  37. Nikhil Raj S

    Nikhil Raj S6 hours ago

    Isn't overtaking hard too?

  38. Owen Bout

    Owen Bout7 hours ago

    What about drive thru!!

  39. MoBoatz

    MoBoatz7 hours ago

    Bro just move the driver seat to the left it's not that hard

  40. Rena Ryuugu

    Rena Ryuugu7 hours ago

    Did you not check what side the steering wheel was before you bought it lol

  41. Michael Varela JR.

    Michael Varela JR.7 hours ago

    I think that’s just a mustang problem cuz mustangs suck!!!

  42. Syahmijohn Syahmijohn

    Syahmijohn Syahmijohn7 hours ago

    Sad. No skill to drive RHD

  43. Big Sexy

    Big Sexy7 hours ago

    australians loving this

  44. LC's vr gaming

    LC's vr gaming7 hours ago

    How Godoy you think Australians fill our car is on the right side to

  45. Blackbeard

    Blackbeard8 hours ago

    Wrong. The worst part about driving an RHD car is when you pull up to a toll booth.

  46. tyler hannon

    tyler hannon8 hours ago

    I would guess the worst thing is pulling up to toll booths lol

  47. Bilaal Ahmed

    Bilaal Ahmed8 hours ago

    Maybe it’s just the car but I’m from the Uk and the blinker stalk is on the left for us in most cars ?

  48. Craig Kaschan

    Craig Kaschan8 hours ago

    That’s what you get for driving on the wrong side of the road. 👍🇦🇺

  49. Spartan

    Spartan8 hours ago

    Studip it's same problem when you drive hand drive car, you can't see the shit when you turn left

  50. Andy Wong

    Andy Wong8 hours ago

    Thought the worst thing is making a left turn😅

  51. Jesus Afanador Garcia

    Jesus Afanador Garcia8 hours ago

    I I is that a supraaaaaa

  52. Chooch

    Chooch8 hours ago

    Get a convertible crybaby

  53. codeine King995

    codeine King9958 hours ago

    Weak we drive lhd all the time no complaints just do it like nike

  54. SealmZ

    SealmZ8 hours ago

    Japan and England have right hand drive I’m from England so I’m cool if I go to japn

  55. Jerome Charles

    Jerome Charles9 hours ago

    Int country we drive on the left side of the road so we prefer RHD

  56. Billy B Watson

    Billy B Watson9 hours ago

    Easy fix... get a different car

  57. johnathan drake

    johnathan drake9 hours ago

    I found the perfect solution for your problem. Get a car with the steering on the left or..........STFU you cupcake.

  58. Piano Guy

    Piano Guy9 hours ago

    What about drive thurs

  59. Fart Simpson

    Fart Simpson9 hours ago

    Why did they put the steering wheel on the wrong side?

  60. James Downes

    James Downes10 hours ago

    Worst things about living in Australia: • americans but everything else is beautiful

  61. mike moss

    mike moss4 hours ago

    Giant fucking spiders

  62. Krishna Modak

    Krishna Modak10 hours ago

    I think single worst thing is choosing to drive a right hand car in a country where traffic is made for left hand cars

  63. Hunterthebakes

    Hunterthebakes10 hours ago

    Solution: move

  64. Matthew Lamar

    Matthew Lamar10 hours ago

    We drive right hand daily in Australia and you so dumb to complain bout it just get over it noob

  65. someleverpuller

    someleverpuller10 hours ago

    Driving a GMK5275 or GMK5150L,..... (driving left side looking to turn left with diagonal cross traffic, keep left and hook right, to view before the stop line. Keeping right and hooking left inside your lane before turning, would help since you can actually see across the car, unlike in a massive ass crane. Hope that helps


    BOSANČERO10 hours ago

    Get a bigger car

  67. douglas smith

    douglas smith10 hours ago

    Lmfao maybe dont pull so far up like a jackass? The worst part I feel like would be trying to see around people to pass

  68. Alex Evans

    Alex Evans10 hours ago

    The pulling up to the traffic thing, surely it’s the exact same problem with LHD cars turning left?

  69. Tay L

    Tay L10 hours ago

    Drive thrus?

  70. oscarq180sx

    oscarq180sx11 hours ago

    Oh boohoo

  71. 自己嫌悪カークラブ

    自己嫌悪カークラブ11 hours ago

    The worst part is that you're too poor to afford to colour your door sills

  72. Jonathan Alejo

    Jonathan Alejo11 hours ago

    Put a camera on goofi 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  73. Conor Grebel

    Conor Grebel11 hours ago

    Thats cus you drive a tiny car with bs windows. My RHD van has amazing visibility

  74. That's Me

    That's Me11 hours ago

    Is that a supra

  75. Laxson Mathobela

    Laxson Mathobela11 hours ago

    Pretty easy in SA🇿🇦😂😂❤😇

  76. Prod. Stella

    Prod. Stella11 hours ago

    U could always get another mirror

  77. JrP

    JrP11 hours ago

    Another thing is when you try to overtake in two way road, you can’t really see the oncoming Vehicles so it’s hard to overtake someone

  78. Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin

    Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin11 hours ago

    Where are the askers.

  79. the x phoenix

    the x phoenix11 hours ago

    Mate i am from uk thats very normal

  80. Malik G

    Malik G11 hours ago

    Naa imagine goin throu a drive throu

  81. LandoNorris No.4

    LandoNorris No.412 hours ago

    imagine not driving a right hand drive car

  82. Noodle_Boi ,

    Noodle_Boi ,12 hours ago

    Here in the UK every car has this feature

  83. SPAM O's

    SPAM O's12 hours ago

    That is literally one of the hazards why u can’t import anymore

  84. George Willcox

    George Willcox12 hours ago

    Most RHD cars have the indicator stick on the left of the wheel

  85. Sat Singh

    Sat Singh12 hours ago

    Try turning left at a intersection with a car in front blocking opposite traffic

  86. jafni faizal

    jafni faizal12 hours ago

    Sometimes your stupidity surprised me

  87. Nicholas Zuzunaga

    Nicholas Zuzunaga12 hours ago

    The drive thru window 🙂

  88. Nick Drozd

    Nick Drozd12 hours ago

    I mean you could if you weren’t driving this car lol.

  89. ericc0_0

    ericc0_013 hours ago

    the worst thing is that you can't go to drive-in😂

  90. Electric Current

    Electric Current3 hours ago

    just reverse 😂

  91. Sam Unwin

    Sam Unwin13 hours ago

    Person from the UK here, not sure about everyone else's car but my indicators are on the left stick and my wipers on the right. I drive a 2014 Vauxhall Corsa (hopefully not for much longer).

  92. bravopl

    bravopl13 hours ago

    If I had oportunity to own supra I wouldn't even care having steering wheel be located in the truck

  93. bravopl

    bravopl13 hours ago

    Suck it up for god sake-you drive the supra

  94. Kamo'i808 Mm

    Kamo'i808 Mm13 hours ago

    I’d think that the worst part was driver thrus

  95. Kevin Cangiano

    Kevin Cangiano13 hours ago

    I would say it's going through the drive through lol

  96. Jay Adams

    Jay Adams13 hours ago

    The worst thing is you choosing to drive this kind of car it’s like you wanna get in a car accident

  97. Kyle Campbell

    Kyle Campbell14 hours ago

    Really not that hard bud

  98. Savage Boi

    Savage Boi14 hours ago

    Drive thru too

  99. Justin Soriano

    Justin Soriano14 hours ago

    What about a drive Throughs

  100. Alb Prodigy

    Alb Prodigy14 hours ago

    Umm what going through a drive thru?.... didn't think of that huh 🤔.... your gotta get out of the car just to get your food lmao...

  101. sammyelectric1974

    sammyelectric197414 hours ago

    That happens when you drive like an idiot

  102. Lee Sowden

    Lee Sowden15 hours ago

    Turning right can't see anything so doesn't it go the same if your turning left on a lhd