I JUDGE My Subscriber's Builds!!! - One Of A Kind Builds

Today i look at the cars you guys sent me and say some thought on whether the car is rice or nice. the final decision is up to you guys tho so go to the comments and let me know asap. I did not tag owner In case they did not want to be tagged. these cars can be ugly or clean builds. it all depends what you guys, my subscribers, send me!
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Rice or nice part 19: uslikes.info/house/ZGyf3sxqu5GjnMg/video.html
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Discord: discord.gg/peacockfamily
Music: Chris Hallinan on Spotify
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  1. 0S1RUS Notorious

    0S1RUS NotoriousDay ago

    10:01 it's doesn't fit but it's badass. This is one of those things that only works for certain cars. This one barely works

  2. Jaiven M

    Jaiven M3 days ago

    I was at the most recent cars and coffee it was a great turnout

  3. The Real SyXx Team Syxx Productions

    The Real SyXx Team Syxx Productions3 days ago

    I am not doing burn outs in my Lexus. Gotta wait till I get a HellCat. 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Andrew Cipriano

    Andrew Cipriano6 days ago

    The 6g75 was wasted in the eclipse, and should have been in the TJ Magna, dont bother changing my mind

  5. YodaHub

    YodaHub6 days ago

    I disagree with the hate on some of these cars. I love seeing unique build, it's actually creative. Modding is about fun not about following some rules lmao.

  6. Kaloyan Ivanov

    Kaloyan Ivanov8 days ago

    I might be 13 and i am disappointed of these ricers Damm I mean if u want ur car to perform good just buy a 350z or something and not buy a v6 mustang

  7. Rush1169

    Rush11699 days ago

    Oh there’s at least one dislike from one of the dudes that got absolutely ROASTED

  8. Krussy

    Krussy10 days ago

    The owner of the Eclipse definitely found that motor on the internet and here is why: 1. The Mitsubishi logo is silver at the engine pic and red on every other picture 2. The lighting at the engine pic is too perfect, looks like something you would see in a show room with lights all around or in a movie 3. The low quality of an engine picture makes me think that it was probably screenshoted or saved in a small format, in both scenarios it looks really bad on a bigger screen (like the one in the vid) 4. I found the owner of the car, don't know if I can say his name but he has a few dozen pics of the car on his Pinterest, but nowhere does he have pic of that engine bay, but lets be honest, if you have an engine like that, that's what you would definitely be showing of, but he isn't which is odd since he has pictures of the car from every angle except the engine...

  9. kshawn auguste

    kshawn auguste10 days ago

    I'd love an iroc z not many in indy that are worth turning into a project

  10. StinkyColas

    StinkyColas11 days ago

    Ohh god that civic is bad


    MISTIC UNICORN12 days ago

    2 fast 2 serious 😆👌

  12. CRakHeAdD

    CRakHeAdD12 days ago

    Where do you find such rice cars?! Like what is the website you go to?

  13. Declan Robinson

    Declan Robinson13 days ago

    I’m shook you were nice abt like almost every car in the vid

  14. Stupido Burrito

    Stupido Burrito13 days ago

    9:10 that VT vining

  15. Xeon!

    Xeon!13 days ago

    11:10 wtf

  16. Masonsellers _7

    Masonsellers _713 days ago

    Drew the mustang Shelby had paddle shifters I believe

  17. Jdaprod

    Jdaprod13 days ago

    12:50 we gunna ignore tha scorpion in the back???

  18. 21 gang

    21 gang13 days ago

    2:24 any viet homies?🇻🇳

  19. Nikita Muntean

    Nikita Muntean15 days ago

    He really called that green z clean 💀

  20. Scott Cobb

    Scott Cobb15 days ago

    They fucked that hellcat up. Unless it’s a high school girl with daddy’s money.

  21. Parelogy

    Parelogy16 days ago

    10:39 BRUUUUHHHHHH ITS A Z311111111 AND SHE LOOKS JUST LIKE MINESSSS GODDAMNIT I WAS GONNA BE DA 1ST TO SUBMIT MY Z31😤😂 And whats fucked up is his z31 looks just like mines and its a 86 Just his is wayyy better condition than mines🤣

  22. Tannz_Games

    Tannz_Games16 days ago

    The hellpussy come straight outta Compton

  23. Tannz_Games

    Tannz_Games16 days ago

    Skip it

  24. floSa

    floSa16 days ago

    If you check the emblem at the front at 13:01 Thats a different emblem (silver instead of red) It's not the same car

  25. Shaun H.

    Shaun H.16 days ago

    That Hellcat doesnt look aggressive. It looks glitterly soft

  26. Logan Wurtz

    Logan Wurtz16 days ago

    “one of my subs is fortunate enough to own a gt500” like bruh homie jus sittin here like wow my favourite youtuber jus discredited all my hard work😂 also the twist shifter is in all the newer gt500’s i believe if you get the track pack but correct me if i’m wrong

  27. Robert Rary

    Robert Rary17 days ago

    That RX-7 at 0:40 is a work of art

  28. Dominic Nero

    Dominic Nero18 days ago

    That eclipse engine isnt the same car bro, different badge and grill rofl


    ÒwÓ-CERBERUS20 days ago

    fishing lure red eye

  30. GucciAK47s RBLX

    GucciAK47s RBLX20 days ago

    10:21 HE IS GOING OFF

  31. Davin Adams

    Davin Adams20 days ago

    THat hellcat is fyre

  32. jason tilley

    jason tilley21 day ago

    I can’t unsee that glittery back pack lol

  33. TWLML420

    TWLML42022 days ago

    3rd gens are my shit!

  34. Yunboi Broken

    Yunboi Broken22 days ago

    How the hell arent you at 1 million subscribers yet? the rest of the population is missing out

  35. Gerardo Rodriguez

    Gerardo Rodriguez23 days ago

    Im sorry but the Engine on the eclipse is fake idk if you all saw but the Mitsubishi badge is red on the real car and on the Under hood pick its chrome

  36. lokisgodhi

    lokisgodhi23 days ago

    The graphics are childish, as are the red spiked lug nuts. The white wheels are garish. I'd have gone with black or argent silver. Less is more. But the STI wing works on the Avenger. I'm actually surprised about that.

  37. KAY D

    KAY D24 days ago

    He got the peacock 🦚 wrap on his Hellcat as an expression of his love for you and you brutally roasted this man.

  38. Fifthcell

    Fifthcell24 days ago

    Why do Mopar boys keep that stupid yellow protector on? It looks tacky af

  39. coolman72891

    coolman7289122 days ago

    Because some of them think it looks good Idk why ,even though all it does is traps dirt and rocks to scratch the lip

  40. jefry pineda

    jefry pineda24 days ago


  41. Shane House

    Shane House24 days ago

    Drew it's not yellow it's green

  42. TheEvilBanana

    TheEvilBanana25 days ago

    I was going to get one of these but sadly it was not the turbo version so that didn't happen (old 300z)

  43. Frazix

    Frazix25 days ago

    So glad I got a add at 5:54

  44. Lul Vamp

    Lul Vamp25 days ago

    To hellcat owner• take off the yellow strip it’s not a new car off the lot thanks.

  45. Lul Vamp

    Lul Vamp25 days ago

    Couldn’t just buy the real supreme license plate 🤣

  46. Squeaks

    Squeaks25 days ago

    Honestly, I’m surprised I’m going to say this. But if that eclipse is a manual, that car would be so nice to daily in the summer. Top down with a supercharger at the ready if I wanted it. I just wish the front fenders were white

  47. Squeaks

    Squeaks25 days ago

    My daily makes a biiiitttt too much power to be a COMFORTABLE daily

  48. Silent WolvesNLD

    Silent WolvesNLD26 days ago

    Better sell your cars mate or pray you never find any sleeper golf mk7’s because they go fast and i mean really fucking fast

  49. Zuri H.

    Zuri H.26 days ago

    So we’re not gonna talk about the scorpion on the engine of the eclipse?

  50. CPR R6

    CPR R626 days ago

    That eclipse spent all his money on that engine lmao

  51. Aby iozu

    Aby iozu27 days ago

    The dodge avenger is shit but DAMN look at the G37 next to it, sheeesh, that thing looking so nice i want more info on it

  52. aphil066

    aphil06627 days ago

    9:30 ..... BRUH. TAKE OFF THE LIP GUARD... factory protection. Looks super dumb.

  53. Ziyah Massiaz

    Ziyah Massiaz27 days ago

    I saw that exact Hellcat up here in Oregon lol

  54. Dániel Kerekes

    Dániel Kerekes27 days ago

    Fuck this sadboy broken heart shit. Not gonna lie I tought it was cool back then, but now it’s just boring and overdone

  55. Kaleb B

    Kaleb B28 days ago

    3rd gen Camaros are the only ones I like 😂😂

  56. Its_Me_Romano _

    Its_Me_Romano _28 days ago

    4:16 i love when he says this cuz every wanna be gangster in my country drives these shit boxes

  57. Darian the Scorpion

    Darian the Scorpion28 days ago

    The Dodge Stealth is literally just an American 3000GT Bootleg. Change my mind.

  58. Jason Ruiz

    Jason Ruiz28 days ago

    Tell me why his Mitsubishi logo was red and when he showed under his hood it was silver

  59. DeeJay The Kidd

    DeeJay The Kidd28 days ago

    5:20 Drew was like lets take a look a BOSS but there’s nothing BOSS about a single cam 😂😂😂😂

  60. carlos

    carlos28 days ago

    Why do you hate fake carbon fibre

  61. Morten A

    Morten A28 days ago

    i honestly thought u had around 1 mill subs cuz everywhere that is car related your name popp up. i have been a sub for 2 years soon 3 years and its been nice u make awesome vids.

  62. vandal Carnage

    vandal Carnage28 days ago

    I don't know why I saw the hellcat and thought takashi 69

  63. Daniel Schmidt

    Daniel Schmidt28 days ago

    5:06 it's a celica gt4 they make 240 horsepower from the factory, yikes some people are dumb not doing any research.

  64. Purple Purple

    Purple Purple29 days ago

    Lmfao 😂 this is what they should of had in 2 fast 2 furious not that purple peace of shit 💀 facts but drew that purple shit boosted

  65. staaarz

    staaarz29 days ago

    do people sometimes call you drew peadick? sorry if its offending

  66. Bryce Konge

    Bryce Konge29 days ago

    8:00 he does not have a supreme plate, ha has that sticker in editing covering it so you dont know is licence plate.

  67. karlo Navarro

    karlo Navarro29 days ago

    Did anyone notice the sides skirt on the boss civic was on backwards 😭🙄 🙏⚰RIP

  68. Lucifer -

    Lucifer -29 days ago

    I think I saw that highlighter 350z at El Centro California Maybbeeee

  69. Dylan O'brien

    Dylan O'brien29 days ago

    The red eye should be white with red

  70. Jeremiah Joseph

    Jeremiah Joseph29 days ago

    that demon slick

  71. Benny Franks Jr

    Benny Franks Jr29 days ago

    I can't deal with the nismo rear bumper it just dont follow the body lines

  72. Electro740

    Electro74029 days ago

    the hellcat being called a jdm color lol thats cause dodge owners are the new ricers

  73. kevin lkxc

    kevin lkxc29 days ago

    12:28 he got a driveshaft at that point

  74. Shane alpine

    Shane alpineMonth ago

    Yall j afraid to say it's a cool wrap. It honestly pretty dope, I'd laugh my ass off if I got rolled by that redeye

  75. Abdul Ramzi

    Abdul RamziMonth ago

    You still ain’t show my 900hp redeye😔

  76. Dwizard0628 Andino

    Dwizard0628 AndinoMonth ago

    What’s your guys dream car mine is a 2011 bmw z4

  77. Mr Wrx

    Mr WrxMonth ago

    I think if you take off the rainbow glitter it’ll look dope in that wine ish red burgundy colour

  78. Jim Cornette

    Jim CornetteMonth ago

    Day 3412 of telling Drew he’s not a real car guy until he admits the dope ness of the legendary Eagle Talon 4G63

  79. Mxracer 1102

    Mxracer 1102Month ago

    btw the yellow, i think sometimes pink or red strip on the bumper says its supposed to be taken off but if i had one, id definetly leave it on

  80. Car_lover_madra ;-;

    Car_lover_madra ;-;Month ago

    Bruh jdm hellcat😂😂😂

  81. Justin Roeuth

    Justin RoeuthMonth ago

    The hellcat looks like Powerbait lol

  82. josiah Camacho

    josiah CamachoMonth ago

    Been waiting for him to judge a 4 g eclipse I wanna go turbo with mine but his set up looks clean

  83. Thicok45

    Thicok45Month ago

    5:39 that d series pumping out a while 73 horse -power

  84. Agma

    AgmaMonth ago

    That Hellcat straight up looked like a rainbow trout from the side

  85. Riley D

    Riley DMonth ago

    I don't mind the hell cat

  86. Wayne Mangan

    Wayne ManganMonth ago

    Back in the 90's there were a shitload of any and all chrysler products in that emerald turquoise color. Lots of Rams, Caravans, and LaBaron convertibles in particular.

  87. JazzNazz

    JazzNazzMonth ago

    11:17 dodge avenger with evo wing and there’s a fucking evo righ behind it, what are the chances

  88. kingrana

    kingranaMonth ago

    The red eye is going into the lgbtq scene

  89. Declan Quinn

    Declan QuinnMonth ago

    Anthony fantano of the car scene



    the srt looked like straight dog shit

  91. AndreXKatakana

    AndreXKatakanaMonth ago

    I'm sorry but that heathen nation Honda wasn't even stanced out

  92. adam2255

    adam2255Month ago

    I love the fact you pretty much say the color of the cars all the time i love your videos but im partially color blind so it helps a lot

  93. Sply the creator

    Sply the creatorMonth ago

    Has anyone ever thought this was fearless

  94. KJ Mitchell

    KJ MitchellMonth ago

    pretty sure Mecole Hardman isn’t one of your subscribers that “rice” hellcat is his. shitty video btw 🤣

  95. PantiesGoneWild

    PantiesGoneWildMonth ago

    that is one happy & sadistic beetle in the intro

  96. JS04

    JS04Month ago

    That highlighter green AMUSE 350z is 🔥

  97. One Off

    One OffMonth ago


  98. David Jones

    David JonesMonth ago

    Drew dude your looking round that POS beetle and jessy's VW is next to it. What's wrong with you man haha

  99. pope pourri

    pope pourriMonth ago

    San Clemente cars and coffee intro again? yikes

  100. Tom Zohar

    Tom ZoharMonth ago

    Eclipse is fake..

  101. Damien Kaz

    Damien KazMonth ago

    12:25 definitely had me laughing a bit harder than I should’ve

  102. Calvin Crews

    Calvin CrewsMonth ago

    I would like to add vintage wheels either the V6 or V8 engine and add some side stripes just like back in the 70’s

  103. Calvin Crews

    Calvin CrewsMonth ago

    That Dodge Challenger is shining in the car shows and around town but I wouldn’t do that to any Challenger even a Hellcat