My SUBSCRIBER's Keep LYING About Their Cars?!? (Subscriber Rice Or Nice)

Today i look at the cars you guys sent me and say some thought on whether the car is rice or nice. the final decision is up to you guys tho so go to the comments and let me know asap. I did not tag owner In case they did not want to be tagged. these cars can be ugly or clean builds. it all depends what you guys, my subscribers, send me!
Rice or nice part 19:
insta: @___drewpeacock
Music: Chris Hallinan on Spotify
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  1. DJ Bighomiequan

    DJ Bighomiequan18 hours ago

    Rs ss???

  2. Alex Teufel

    Alex Teufel18 hours ago

    fix the apostrophe in the title btw

  3. Kenway Lam

    Kenway Lam3 days ago

    5:12 did this guy really just fucking slap the R badge on a golf tsi

  4. Kenway Lam

    Kenway Lam3 days ago

    5:12 did this guy really just fucking slap the R badge on a golf tsi


    BLOODY WOLF GANG YT4 days ago

    Imagine being a car person and all u can afford is a v6 muscle car


    BLOODY WOLF GANG YT4 days ago


  7. Mathias

    Mathias6 days ago

    i really like the new Panamera models but the old ones are ugly

  8. Mike Upton

    Mike Upton6 days ago

    That last comaro. Notice it looked liked it was twisted? On top of being a Z28 or SS cartoon it also looked like it needed some time on a frame straightener.

  9. mazda miata

    mazda miata7 days ago

    Are volkswagen golfs like a California thing or some shit?

  10. Randy Wilson

    Randy Wilson7 days ago

    Man you need to Tin Eye that GTR

  11. Koiffu

    Koiffu8 days ago

    you never see an Alpha at a car meet because they break down on the way.

  12. Abd Alrahman Al-sabbagh

    Abd Alrahman Al-sabbagh8 days ago

    Your being awfully mean! :( and to all Lacer dudes go get ur self a real Evo

  13. G4_0ST

    G4_0ST8 days ago


  14. Tsunami

    Tsunami9 days ago

    Your being really mean! You need to stop hurting these guys feelings!!!!!!!😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  15. Shaggy_E210

    Shaggy_E2109 days ago

    Talking shit about golfs.. that was a PoloπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

  16. Master Diecaster

    Master Diecaster9 days ago

    4:10 What about the VW Beetle you reviewed?

  17. Yousef Salaymeh

    Yousef Salaymeh9 days ago

    I dont like soft tops too.

  18. Andrew Mattson

    Andrew Mattson9 days ago

    Ok so how do I enter my car in

  19. Shashi dhar

    Shashi dhar10 days ago

    New to channel,but love it.

  20. lokisgodhi

    lokisgodhi11 days ago

    A common mod for the CRZ is to pull out the hybrid stuff and put in a K series engine and transmission.

  21. SF

    SF11 days ago

    All the GTR images are from google πŸ˜‚

  22. Riley-Servers

    Riley-Servers11 days ago

    The 4 door skylines are everywhere in New Zealand can get one for 400 bucks, skylines are not special or very cool, old grandmas drive them

  23. ZanqR

    ZanqR11 days ago

    Your being awfully mean :(

  24. Wendy Foreman

    Wendy Foreman11 days ago

    Your the idiot. Camaros do not come with a 4 cylinder. Don't knock the people who give you the views that you should be happy with!

  25. bruhmoment yt

    bruhmoment yt11 days ago

    I seen that red camaro today

  26. Berto Lol

    Berto Lol12 days ago

    The black and green mustang had a tax/accord mugen wing

  27. Bad Boose

    Bad Boose12 days ago

    I almost want to send pictures of my somewhat upgraded Lincoln Mark 8, but I jus don't know if it's a car he'd care to judge.

  28. Krussy

    Krussy12 days ago

    In my eyes Golfs are such tasteless cars, I mean yeah... There is Golf R... But there are so many other better, more fun, nicer looking cars in that price point... And besides they are like everywhere...

  29. Schae Booskie

    Schae Booskie12 days ago

    Where do I submit my car?

  30. Edgar Hernandez

    Edgar Hernandez13 days ago

    U forgot to include the s15 Silvia

  31. Mike Bridges

    Mike Bridges13 days ago

    I wanna see a Honda CRZ with the front end of an AP2 S2000. That would be interesting

  32. UltimatePlays

    UltimatePlays13 days ago

    Drew took that wrx to gapplebees.

  33. Zapdos

    Zapdos13 days ago

    It is a fake Camarillo ss

  34. Zapdos

    Zapdos13 days ago

    My family has three cars

  35. Zapdos

    Zapdos13 days ago

    This is my car look at my channel.

  36. Black Core Transport

    Black Core Transport13 days ago


  37. Mah G

    Mah G14 days ago

    You’re being AWFULLIY MEAAANπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  38. Hacheyville

    Hacheyville14 days ago

    Bruh the hidden tailpipes on the camaro😩

  39. The coop 48

    The coop 4815 days ago

    With that Camaro it is 100% fake. My stepdad and I like to talk about his camera all the time. It’s a SLP 2014 if I’m not wrong. I need to re look because I’m just dumb. But anyway yea it’s fake and I might have to post it here because it’s one amazing car. Not my car again but if you want to see it I have a video on my channel.

  40. Kermit thi Frogger

    Kermit thi Frogger15 days ago

    yOu'Re bEiNg oFfLy mEaN

  41. Dont Care

    Dont Care15 days ago

    I drive a C7 Corvette Z06. So MANY posers out their who want to race me. I have nothing to prove to these losers and their cars are a joke! I have dudes in BIG trucks who have asked to race me! Really? I don't street race anyway but now just ignore them and laugh!


    YEET CHANNEL15 days ago

    If its not SS then its trash but if it is SS then its still trash: ah yes the wisdom for ricers

  43. rivr

    rivr15 days ago

    Anyone know the giulias IG?

  44. Jim Cornette

    Jim Cornette15 days ago

    0:49 lets just jump right into it

  45. V Twin Power

    V Twin Power15 days ago


  46. Mosa Al-mosawi

    Mosa Al-mosawi16 days ago

    It’s a rs not a ss

  47. tomogati

    tomogati16 days ago

    hot corvette at the start

  48. Li Dolf

    Li Dolf16 days ago

    I need to get a new car. Mine is getting too expensive to make it look anywhere close to nice enough to be featured on the channel.

  49. Flying Walrus42

    Flying Walrus4216 days ago

    This dude is brutally honest and I like it.

  50. Jose Medina

    Jose Medina16 days ago

    The Camaro is a V6 Camaro It's not A SS He just added the SS emblems And the SS Camaro And the exhaust tips or dual Trust me I have seen Dodge challengers V6 with hellcat emblems

  51. Jose Medina

    Jose Medina16 days ago

    There's a guy that has a Nissan GTR With a LS engine

  52. tangie man

    tangie man16 days ago


  53. Charlie Oldenkamp

    Charlie Oldenkamp16 days ago

    Is drew gonna get a crv

  54. Nik arlovski

    Nik arlovski16 days ago

    It's a screw not a nail

  55. Yung Prodigy

    Yung Prodigy16 days ago

    U didnt have to do the non-ss 4-cylinder camero guy like datπŸ˜‚πŸ˜­

  56. RickyLafluer

    RickyLafluer16 days ago

    To be fair, for the price of a golf r you get some amazing performance, sure they might not be great in top end but come on.. imagine being in a Benz or regular corvette stingray and a golf shows up and dusts you off the line from stock πŸ€·πŸ˜‚ I like them because to me they’re a modern sleeper car. They don’t look like they have some pep but once you actually feel them launch youd be pleasantly surprised πŸ‘πŸ»

  57. 2021 P5A 21 LEE YIN YAU

    2021 P5A 21 LEE YIN YAU16 days ago

    Drew Peacock basically everytime he does a review, Drew: Shit, Shit, Shit

  58. MStrange88

    MStrange8816 days ago

    Get my GT350R delivered tomorrow. I’ll have to send some photos. It’s stock but so damn pretty

  59. dannyhyped 124

    dannyhyped 12416 days ago

    Ill throw in the clip gets a fuckin ad

  60. Carson Schmid

    Carson Schmid16 days ago

    That Porsche Panamera wasn’t his, it was just one he detailed. I know the guy lol.

  61. Tony Gudino

    Tony Gudino16 days ago

    Add me to the 90% of vw subscribers πŸ˜‚

  62. check2

    check216 days ago

    Fake it till you make it gone wrong

  63. stevvie 999

    stevvie 99916 days ago

    The car community hates people who's car is not a good engine,people's think supra are garbage if there not 1000hp

  64. Blackbird

    Blackbird16 days ago

    Yooo the Corvette at the start was πŸ”₯

  65. Ryan Kluke

    Ryan Kluke16 days ago

    That wasn’t just a golf drew geez it was a stock golf r32 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  66. Boost N Boost

    Boost N Boost16 days ago

    Where can I submit pictures of my car?

  67. Qlcked

    Qlcked16 days ago

    how do i enter a car? i wanna see what you think ab my car

  68. SfishtaTuning

    SfishtaTuning17 days ago

    Whre should i send you my golf mk1 cabrio

  69. Bryant Matthews

    Bryant Matthews17 days ago

    popular because of prices

  70. Lockon stratos

    Lockon stratos17 days ago

    Drew go to Facebook marketplace look up skylines and u will see loads of 4 door skylines

  71. Aaron Pederson

    Aaron Pederson17 days ago

    As a 335i guy I'm like DONT YOU DO IT DREW!! DONT YOU SAY NOTHING!! lol

  72. Kaden Lowe

    Kaden Lowe17 days ago

    How do you send him your car

  73. konstantin veselinovic

    konstantin veselinovic17 days ago

    If you gonna review Giulia, review Giulia QV

  74. Rax TheMemeGod

    Rax TheMemeGod17 days ago

    2:55 Those brakes lmaooo

  75. Luca Diasdefaria

    Luca Diasdefaria17 days ago

    Its a fake camaro ss

  76. Jackson Teller

    Jackson Teller17 days ago

    "I never plan on having kids" His gf watching like πŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘

  77. mazda miata

    mazda miata7 days ago


  78. Christian Ruiz

    Christian Ruiz17 days ago


  79. Jordan Luciano

    Jordan Luciano17 days ago

    not trying to be a timmy but 00:43 Ricer.

  80. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover17 days ago

    10:10 I think R34’s and lower r ugly, but I actually like this one. It’s too clean πŸ”₯

  81. Riot Squad

    Riot Squad17 days ago

    the a stock engine bay those intakes are stock

  82. NortheR2301

    NortheR230117 days ago

    maybe that dude didn't have the extra 15k to buy an evo?

  83. Brian Guardado

    Brian Guardado17 days ago

    Never watched a single video by the guys. I stopped at 24 seconds into to the video to subscribe.

  84. Angel Pineda

    Angel Pineda17 days ago

    that is one fake ass camaro ss

  85. SmokedOutSigma

    SmokedOutSigma17 days ago

    Drew, I have been sent with a message from my people. It reads... β€œWe be broke”

  86. Timothy White

    Timothy White17 days ago

    It's a fake SS drew smh got to take it till you make it I guess πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

  87. vennie_

    vennie_17 days ago

    Ima be honest that Honda CRV looking like a mean catfish

  88. RdxzzWrld

    RdxzzWrld17 days ago

    That thumbnail was a bit clickbaity πŸ˜‚

  89. Baka Mop

    Baka Mop17 days ago

    That close-up pic of the shifter is from a MY17+. They gave the center console a facelift, took out the CD changer, and moved the R switches down.

  90. Sho7z

    Sho7z17 days ago

    you’re being awfully mean!!!!

  91. JungKookie

    JungKookie17 days ago

    Little Timmy has entered the comments lol

  92. Supa Fance

    Supa Fance17 days ago

    You can’t diss a golf

  93. Bartosz Filipek

    Bartosz Filipek17 days ago

    I love how easy it is for You to hate on those ricer when time after time You prove that You Yourself don't know jack shit about cars or car culture. Amazing

  94. Justin Haltom

    Justin Haltom17 days ago

    I love love love Alfa Gulias

  95. r s

    r s18 days ago

    β€œI don’t even think you can pick up dudes in this” πŸ˜‚

  96. Pumper Tone

    Pumper Tone18 days ago

    I thought he said droopiecock

  97. Schwarznigga

    Schwarznigga18 days ago

    Don't talk shit about alfa pls πŸ’€

  98. Political Discord

    Political Discord18 days ago

    1 like to review Alfa Romeo QV

  99. Bombadore Garage

    Bombadore Garage18 days ago

    With the 34 skyline sedan you'd be better putting an RB30T bottom end and RB25DET top end they flow better than a slightly modified RB26DETT Average power for an RB30-25 single turbo is between 350rwhp and 600rwhp Us Aussies might not have mustangs or camaros or corvettes but we sure do know how to build an Inline 6 with a nice big turbo and just rwd

  100. Ein

    Ein18 days ago

    The Alfa Ramero said __ __ V

  101. Jur Douglas

    Jur Douglas18 days ago

    0:35 we keep it real on the drew peacock channel and that's why I like the drew peacock channel, we're keeping it real here πŸ’―