Trying To Compliment RICED Out SH*TBOXES!!! (Ricer Cars On Reddit)

I tried out Reddit today for the first time looking at sh*tty car mods. these are ricer mods and just over all bad mods that you should not do to your car. Lemme know what you guys think in the comments if you like this series.
Rice or nice part 15:
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  1. B. Son - RS Motorsports

    B. Son - RS Motorsports2 days ago

    @8:35 honda accord..

  2. William Lim

    William Lim12 days ago

    Am i the only one who thinks that the Eclipse looks quite good in that tail lights? i mean it's not too bad.

  3. J C

    J C14 days ago

    that was indeed a hyundai elantra lol

  4. Jordan2s1k24

    Jordan2s1k2417 days ago

    I think that "mustang" is a fusion

  5. SoaR Dylan

    SoaR Dylan18 days ago

    6:11 that Gta

  6. Norbert Lisiakiewicz Norbert Lisiakiewicz

    Norbert Lisiakiewicz Norbert Lisiakiewicz29 days ago

    Worst sounding car - fiat 126p in version "polski fiat" best sounding is polonez 1.5 OHV

  7. Doof Warrior

    Doof WarriorMonth ago

    "Whatever country this is"-India sonic sticker in the bottom right of the picture.PS:Not a celica,just a sh....y hyundai :)))

  8. Chris Jag

    Chris JagMonth ago

    @6:19 the hood looks like a giant jock strap. That's what I want in my driveway everyday.

  9. Jesse Sturtevant

    Jesse SturtevantMonth ago

    Believe it or not but the PT cruiser had a flame paint job package from factory

  10. Goran Leveski

    Goran LeveskiMonth ago

    it is a fico

  11. END

    ENDMonth ago


  12. DoomBoyRojas

    DoomBoyRojasMonth ago

    Ecoboost mustang is the worst sounding car cuz it sounds like a whole ass pig

  13. Timmah ST

    Timmah STMonth ago

    3:50 pretty sure that's the new gt500 front bumper, but what car is it on? that I still can't figure out lol I'm almost thinking it's a fusion with those headlights

  14. Star AJ

    Star AJMonth ago


  15. Lorenzo Lemos

    Lorenzo LemosMonth ago

    Drew really out here in the grind!

  16. Stanley Vleminckx

    Stanley VleminckxMonth ago

    The rolls was for a Belgian commercial 😂

  17. DJ 12

    DJ 12Month ago

    3:50 That guy tried to fake the Ford Mustang Rocket.

  18. Sheldon

    SheldonMonth ago

    The "Mustang" looks like a Dodge Dart with how small it is and the headlights. I said looks like, as in I could be wrong

  19. Ryan Cooper

    Ryan CooperMonth ago

    Honestly Ricers are that bad...its just dumbass kids ruining cars with zero taste. Say what you will about 90s and 2000s at least we showed loved our cars.

  20. Joe schmoe

    Joe schmoeMonth ago

    The fake supra is a tiburon

  21. Joe schmoe

    Joe schmoeMonth ago

    The red mustang looks like a del sol? Like the bugatti that tavarish has

  22. ZombieWilfred

    ZombieWilfredMonth ago

    Eh, at least when they stance out a Prius there was no performance to ruin in the first place... 😆

  23. The Puerto Rican Conservative

    The Puerto Rican ConservativeMonth ago


  24. Elotherios

    ElotheriosMonth ago

    So called free thinkers car taste being influenced by drew peacock

  25. positivesecret

    positivesecretMonth ago

    All you do is hate ,,,to much hate in the car community.

  26. Bob Ernest

    Bob ErnestMonth ago

    The Honda was an accord hatch


    MANMADELEGEND33Month ago

    Military calls on that white Supra when ever they need mortar support!


    MANMADELEGEND33Month ago

    @ the 4:50 mark! Are we all just going to ignore the POSTER name? “PussyDeconstructor” 🤷🏽‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂 I’m guessing he’s a gynecologist! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. Hellgateisclosed dontgothere

    Hellgateisclosed dontgothereMonth ago

    You're so racist..

  30. Luna

    LunaMonth ago

    8:06 it’s a Honda Accord Hatchback


    DJ WRAITHMonth ago

    @4:14 No one liked it either the is fruit all over the car!@8:33 it is an Old Honda Accord with Flip up headlights! 81 would be the year of the car!@10:39 it is an older Hyundia Tiburon before 2005 I had one then got the 2005 Tiburon when you look at the front of the 2005 it looked like a kinda Ferrari with the headlights it had. I got A Bug eyed Celica 94 and 97 and love them! Got a 94 Honda Accord too! Got to say The Fox Body Mustang Sound the old 5.0 sound just gives you goose bumps all over. Its like the perfect sound!

  32. SM - 05GT 801638 Fairlawn PS

    SM - 05GT 801638 Fairlawn PSMonth ago

    The country that the terrible mustang was is India only millionairess can afford mustangs the economy is really high

  33. Yetticuda

    YetticudaMonth ago

    The honda is a late 80s accord hatch. CA5 I believe

  34. Outdoor Daily

    Outdoor DailyMonth ago

    Straight piped 4th gen eclipse gt. Idk why, but the car literally sounds so fucking bad its not even a joke.

  35. Euro Shane

    Euro ShaneMonth ago

    That honda is an 80s accord i think 2nd or maybe 3rd gen

  36. H. J. the Hedgehog

    H. J. the HedgehogMonth ago

    I'm gonna say that I'll say it rice on the lambo door on the Eclipse while others are perfect.

  37. Justin Best

    Justin BestMonth ago

    the car that had the supra decal on it was a older tiburon i have a one a 04 and i call it the dupra

  38. Jordan K

    Jordan KMonth ago

    The mustang is actually a beetle!

  39. Jerry Reed

    Jerry ReedMonth ago

    That beetle was pretty cool though

  40. ItsGameBoi10

    ItsGameBoi10Month ago

    2:01 why does that remind me of nfs underground

  41. Rich antho Lacombe

    Rich antho LacombeMonth ago

    The fake supra is actually a hyundai tiburon

  42. Guido Cavalli

    Guido CavalliMonth ago

    The soupra it's actually a hyundai Tiburon lol

  43. Matteo Amado

    Matteo AmadoMonth ago

    straight piped toyota carolla is gotta be the worst

  44. Joshua Parrack

    Joshua ParrackMonth ago

    The red thing is a rx 8 yo not a tiburon

  45. Kyriakos Travlos

    Kyriakos TravlosMonth ago

    The 350z wasn't straightpipedd it was bosozoku style/kaido racer style but it was missing the wheels bcuz noramaly kaido racers have SSR Longchamps, SSR Star Sharks and Advans a3a's

  46. Carlos Garcia

    Carlos GarciaMonth ago

    Ight Drew imma say this.... For your donk knowledge..... donks and verts are 1971-76 chevy impala's and caprices that are done up..... cars with big rims are just fucking retarded people

  47. Ducky Dammet

    Ducky DammetMonth ago

    Bro that shatokan exhaust on that 350 was done very well holy shit

  48. x CuteBoy

    x CuteBoyMonth ago

    VQs sound good if you have good systems in them if you do cheap piping on them they sound what ever but they sound good👌🏻

  49. Javin Vang

    Javin VangMonth ago

    The white Honda is an Accord coupe btw. The orange Soupra is Hyundai Tiburon.

  50. S I G N I A

    S I G N I AMonth ago

    V6 Camaros sounds like literal shit

  51. Jon Baker

    Jon BakerMonth ago

    I've got a build in mind for an old Cadillac hearse

  52. Des Thelegend

    Des ThelegendMonth ago

    2:06 that car wouldn’t look half bad in ff1

  53. Craig Martin

    Craig MartinMonth ago

    Ok its ugly but that 350z is a crazy old school Asian culture style of cars called "Bosozuku" (I prob misspelled that) & that orange monstrosity just b4 it looked like an old Hyundai Tibouron begging 2b put out of its misery!

  54. Ricky Bobby

    Ricky BobbyMonth ago

    Ftooooooooo baby fto...

  55. Chris Pettit

    Chris PettitMonth ago

    the Honda is a mid to late 80s Accord

  56. NEOX

    NEOXMonth ago

    The Fake Mustang looks like Mitsubishi evolution and Ford Mustang mix or something 😂

  57. UrBasicHusbando

    UrBasicHusbandoMonth ago

    Fun fact eclipse got its name from a race horse...... not a actual eclipse

  58. GrimmerThanMost

    GrimmerThanMostMonth ago

    “Rolls Ryce”

  59. Scdm Ghost

    Scdm GhostMonth ago

    The high Rev version of the 350z sounds pretty good straight piped


    MATTHEWMonth ago

    The Soupra kinda looks like a Pontiac Sunfire

  61. Brian Gahagan

    Brian GahaganMonth ago

    @MATTHEW what you pushin? 2006 chrysler 300 here.


    MATTHEWMonth ago

    @Brian Gahagan Oh yeah bud

  63. Brian Gahagan

    Brian GahaganMonth ago

    @MATTHEW either way.....gross.


    MATTHEWMonth ago

    @Brian Gahagan That was my first impression although the hyundai might be what it is

  65. Brian Gahagan

    Brian GahaganMonth ago

    Looking through comments thinking...."has anyone seen the 90s sunfire?" Lol

  66. R1nger

    R1ngerMonth ago

    That RR is it pisses people off it...

  67. TheSonofthefakegod

    TheSonofthefakegodMonth ago

    You put too much negativity in the car community.

  68. JohnStax

    JohnStaxMonth ago

    Worst sounding car Id have to say Is the new M3/M4s for sure. Love the cars but they just sound like dog shit.

  69. The Inner Circle

    The Inner CircleMonth ago

    That Rolls-Royce tho... 🤨

  70. Jose Insane

    Jose InsaneMonth ago

    Liking a ricer car is like liking girls with peepee

  71. Jose Insane

    Jose InsaneMonth ago

    That magic school bus was one of a kind

  72. peyton loewenstein

    peyton loewensteinMonth ago

    Quad turbo W16 is the worst sounding car ever it sounds like shit

  73. ej1 drew

    ej1 drewMonth ago

    it's an '81 accord

  74. Giorgi Mania

    Giorgi ManiaMonth ago

    even though his right most of the times this guy talks & sounds like a special asshole

  75. Elek Baker

    Elek BakerMonth ago

    Two shit tiberons damn

  76. Kalyan K

    Kalyan KMonth ago

    4:20 it's a baleno platform, (ignis for all u guys outside of India), that's one of bs cars of india,we have good mustangs drew but a lot of people are dumb,......

  77. Michael De Santa

    Michael De SantaMonth ago

    For the worst sounding car Idea, effspot Mercedes would be on my list

  78. Duy Anh Quách Đông

    Duy Anh Quách ĐôngMonth ago

    03:50 - that poor thing might be an evo X

  79. fire 420

    fire 420Month ago

    That orange car is an old tiburon as well as the mustang fake



    4:33 this is India! our govt charge really High taxes on cars above 1.2l engines ( so we drive 1.0 na).. and super bikes and supercars get sized due to their loud exhaust as the traffic police don't have proper training so yeah … Indian road is full of weirdos … the cops wont catch weirds who drive crazy but will stop those who have sports car and bikes

  81. 180Kek

    180KekMonth ago

    IDEC Bout the doors, get the real taillights back on and I will love that eclipse

  82. Sam

    SamMonth ago

    The old honda is a beat around rally car

  83. Patrick 47

    Patrick 47Month ago

    3:50 that’s an Indian (punjab) lol he converted i think a honda to a mustang with no engine upgrades and yes owning a mustang in India is a huge flex! (200% tax) 👾 reply for the source

  84. Jaylon Holder

    Jaylon HolderMonth ago

    nah drew stop the cap everyone calls a charger a challenger every now and then the both start with a ch makes me hella embarrassed no🧢

  85. jakethamistake

    jakethamistakeMonth ago

    Unpopular opinion: V12’s/V10’s sound like shit, they remind me of a cheap drill. Fight me.

  86. Damo damo

    Damo damoMonth ago

    Drew you might call this rice but some people like to put weird mods on but you should never call anything rice unless it’s faking jdm ok please dont make any more rice or nice vids plz

  87. Jelly Fish143

    Jelly Fish143Month ago

    3:32 I guess they’ve never heard of a rat rod 😂

  88. Datsun240 Z

    Datsun240 ZMonth ago

    9:10 looks like a damn boat

  89. Datsun240 Z

    Datsun240 ZMonth ago

    It’s when they think there cool but aren’t cool enough to change the wheels😂

  90. Todd S

    Todd SMonth ago

    Soupra = Sunfire

  91. Juan Palma

    Juan PalmaMonth ago

    Drew Peacock: the Gordon Ramsay of the car industry.

  92. Mārtiņš Brauns

    Mārtiņš BraunsMonth ago

    It was a evo

  93. Erick Corona

    Erick CoronaMonth ago

    If you look closely at the red wannabe mustang you could see someone threw oranges at it haha

  94. BigAssBass

    BigAssBassMonth ago

    1997 Miata eBay Exhaust $145

  95. Kevin McGillivray

    Kevin McGillivrayMonth ago

    First old Honda was an Accord I believe. The orange fast and furious wanna be was a second gen Hyundai Tiburon. 👍🏻

  96. baseman3

    baseman3Month ago

    Where is sounding cars infinities

  97. Ryan Griffin

    Ryan GriffinMonth ago

    lolol the altima picture was mine

  98. matty j riding

    matty j ridingMonth ago

    It a Ford falcon not a mustang

  99. KS V

    KS VMonth ago

    the red car is a hundai verna modified too look like the mustang and the country is india

  100. Shadow X

    Shadow XMonth ago

    8:39 is the Accord LX hatch...probably a 86, thx. Flip headlights...

  101. J. Geshua

    J. GeshuaMonth ago

    The soupra is a Hyundai tiburon...

  102. moonwalker

    moonwalkerMonth ago

    Hi, my name is || and my job is TO RICE ALL CIVICS IN NFS HAHA RIP NFS PLAYERS

  103. Hw Belgium

    Hw BelgiumMonth ago

    The rolls royce is a promo car from the lottery, saw it in a comercial

  104. Enderjeff 29

    Enderjeff 29Month ago

    One time i was at the post office and saw a old 1990s van, cant remember the model. The thing has black glossy paint with ugly glitter everywhere. Orange flames in the front and coming from the opposite direction, meaning it was pointing towards the front. The whole rear window was basically covered except for a small hole to see behind. It had a double deckered wing. A fake splitter. Window nets. Huge rims, like 28s or somewhere like that. Fake vents everywhere. And for the cherry on the cake, a fat exhaust with 3 turbo whistles. Yeah I felt like i was gonna be sick for eternity.

  105. Dent Head Gaming

    Dent Head GamingMonth ago

    Orange car near the end is a Hyundai Tiburon RD2. At least before all the fast and furious bs.