Mk4 Supra vs BMW Competition!!! #shorts

Testing out #shorts lemme know if you wanna see more shorts of more car related stuff


  1. Cam Alkire

    Cam Alkire4 days ago

    Shows 2 seconds of you pulling away hahahahha. Good try bud

  2. T&GEpic

    T&GEpic7 days ago

    I mean a modification doesn't have to make your car faster to be cool / worth it

  3. Refillz *

    Refillz *13 days ago

    They do that stock. Congrats you beat a stock 8 series 😂

  4. Raptor 21

    Raptor 2116 days ago

    I would still take that M8 over that shit box Supra any day

  5. Marko Grizelj

    Marko Grizelj17 days ago

    The funny thing is that there is no M8 or M7 or M6, there are only M2, M3, M4, M5

  6. Astrid Reschling-Eichberger

    Astrid Reschling-Eichberger18 days ago

    Last month two kids died, while doing exactly the same, in my hometown. Please drive safe, guys! Okay? Stay healthy from Austria 🇦🇹

  7. Trevino Shop

    Trevino Shop18 days ago

    Not a burble tune , it’s a rolling antilag...instead of break boosting..

  8. IceHax

    IceHax19 days ago

    It’s 12pm here in italy

  9. Logan

    Logan21 day ago

    Bmw still better 😅

  10. idkwuisp 76

    idkwuisp 7623 days ago

    How to make your car sound dumb as fuck without any benefits whatsoever

  11. Erik Vences

    Erik Vences23 days ago

    He looks so dumb 😂😂

  12. Street Style Initiative

    Street Style InitiativeMonth ago

    That didn’t sound like a burble tune that sounded/looked like rolling anti lag

  13. Cosmo

    CosmoMonth ago

    I would take the M8 over the Supra without looking at it


    GREATEST EVERMonth ago

    Sounds like the car is shitting itself😂

  15. meemi doggo

    meemi doggoMonth ago

    Why are they made to sound like a farting ass?

  16. Josh Tommo

    Josh TommoMonth ago

    Saying buster doesn’t make you cool

  17. Frosty Phox

    Frosty PhoxMonth ago

    Is drew one of the stereotypical supra users that wanna race everyone? Bc if so he’s quite the hypocrite

  18. GX57

    GX5712 days ago

    This shits so dumb like I’ll race people but 320hp not even that much. My shits fast enough for me j a stock ass 440i. That m8 driver prolly j having fun and this mans out here clowning on bmws


    THE MIGHTY KINGMonth ago

    He posts supras that are modded to the brim racing with other cars that are "cool"

  20. Herpil

    HerpilMonth ago

    Tell that to all the fiesta kids

  21. mi lk

    mi lkMonth ago

    Okay now try that same thing with a turbo charged bmw

  22. Drew Peacock

    Drew PeacockMonth ago

    Check my Instagram, I’ve raced many bmw

  23. MoneyMusso

    MoneyMussoMonth ago

    that m8 is soooo much heavier

  24. SuperJonnySwagga

    SuperJonnySwaggaMonth ago

    Still a buster ( Vin Diesel voice) Dang why’d you have to do that to him Drew 🤣

  25. sybren van de moortel

    sybren van de moortelMonth ago

    A built m8 would destroy any supra tho

  26. Rylan Wagner

    Rylan WagnerMonth ago

    I think we all learned a valuable lesson... DONT TRY THE SUPRA IN A BMW

  27. MaskedUpp

    MaskedUppMonth ago

    That sounds yuck

  28. Altaf Ally

    Altaf AllyMonth ago

    Modified vs stock? C'mon, you're just stupid my guy.

  29. camren_playz ________

    camren_playz ________Month ago

    that bmw m8 sounds good

  30. Tricky

    TrickyMonth ago

    Imagine getting upset over how another car sounds when you yourself have an aftermarket exhaust😂🤡

  31. Dred Ops

    Dred OpsMonth ago

    Would rather have the m8

  32. Abdullah Z

    Abdullah ZMonth ago

    Gonna get the Bmw kids all triggered 🤣🤣

  33. Sky High

    Sky HighMonth ago

    Still may be the only car to keep up with a supra, just saying

  34. narwhal

    narwhalMonth ago

    Annoying af too

  35. MrGold

    MrGoldMonth ago

    Never heard of BMW competition and thats not M version so thats why it loses even tho its the M version its gonna lose cause your car is "tuned" so its tuned vs stock. Logic

  36. Takuo Taumataga

    Takuo TaumatagaMonth ago

    Hey look its your big step brother

  37. blankspace

    blankspaceMonth ago

    he is chillin in his comfy seats its a gt lol.

  38. Connor LuVisi

    Connor LuVisiMonth ago

    Lol when they be talking shit so you post the facts up on youtube👀💪🍻

  39. Primulas

    PrimulasMonth ago

    All BMW M cars have crackles and burbles from factory

  40. peter otvos

    peter otvosMonth ago


  41. N P

    N PMonth ago

    I agree burble tunes are wack.. But this m8 or an m5 stock would destroy most things on the road Hellcats boats, rustang gt500s, and shitty zl1s. Maybe not your 700+ hp supra that you've probably put 10k+ into, but stock vs stock would beat 90% of the cars on the road. Just facts. Stop talking shit about TT v8 bmws. They're fast af

  42. Water bottle Purified water

    Water bottle Purified waterMonth ago

    You blew him out the water


    YUNEEKEMonth ago

    People who get burble tunes usually know it’s just for the sound

  44. rado fjc

    rado fjcMonth ago

    I always love to see bmw driver getting owned

  45. saffant

    saffantMonth ago

    Most will still take the M8 ANY DAY over the supra mk4.

  46. Armin4Real

    Armin4RealMonth ago

    Nah, Supra mk4 over that BMW. I'd like an old bmw tho. Sharknose for example. Love them.

  47. S Allah

    S AllahMonth ago


  48. Lucas M

    Lucas MMonth ago

    @Drew Peacock is a burble tune worth it if your car Has a turbo or supercharger or is it still rice

  49. Jeremy Gong

    Jeremy GongMonth ago

    yah had to admit that supra technically beats the shit outa every other thing on the planet.

  50. ChlorGeist The Great

    ChlorGeist The GreatMonth ago

    When youtube was in its prime the best videos were less then 1 minute and the title was just a few words on what happens in the video.

  51. Max Kasberger

    Max KasbergerMonth ago

    Thoughts on a 370z with a nismo spoiler?

  52. Zane Mahaydik

    Zane MahaydikMonth ago

    well yea sounds nice and the car is already fast enough for the average person. you have a pretty fast supra also😂😂

  53. Abdullah Z

    Abdullah ZMonth ago

    @Albertosaurus Rex Yeah modern Bmw V8's sounds like rat in a blender type of V6's

  54. Abdullah Z

    Abdullah ZMonth ago

    Bmw cost like 3 times more than the supra its so embarrassing if u try to flex that boat 😂

  55. Albertosaurus Rex

    Albertosaurus RexMonth ago

    It don't sound nice

  56. Zane Mahaydik

    Zane MahaydikMonth ago

    @James Moore was just giving reasoning for getting the burble tune. and i own one so yea😂

  57. James Moore

    James MooreMonth ago

    Sounds like another slow BMW fanboy


    GC BONFIGMonth ago


  59. Rhett Lemmerhirt

    Rhett LemmerhirtMonth ago

    I remember this from yesterday's vid

  60. Gekyume Foreskin

    Gekyume ForeskinMonth ago

    Drew photoshopped, HE LOST😡

  61. Lawrence Reyos

    Lawrence ReyosMonth ago

    That's what up 😎👊👍💯

  62. Your Mother

    Your MotherMonth ago

    It’s pretty nice though

  63. Saad Nabil

    Saad NabilMonth ago

    Never distract the driver who drove BMW while filming!

  64. Blyatimir

    BlyatimirMonth ago

    No races? Not a good video

  65. Vera_Merceneres

    Vera_MerceneresMonth ago

    bmw's always have asshole owners from my experience :/

  66. KaiserVonKrieg

    KaiserVonKriegMonth ago

    Just post without the cringe description.

  67. GabyTheGoat

    GabyTheGoatMonth ago

    Now race a Chiron

  68. Scirollo

    ScirolloMonth ago

    "B-B-B-But my crackle tuuune " - Shitbox BMW owner

  69. M200 Dreamer

    M200 DreamerMonth ago

    Wtf are yall taking about its 9am

  70. Snudge

    SnudgeMonth ago

    These shorts are pretty good for races

  71. ApatheticZodiac

    ApatheticZodiacMonth ago

    😂😂😂 another one bite the dust


    JUSTIN GREYMonth ago


  73. 335 Bye

    335 ByeMonth ago

    Burble tunes are for kids that know nothing about motors.

  74. 「N!nj4boy -

    「N!nj4boy -Month ago

    Pls put a ridox bodykit on ur supra

  75. Daniel Johnstone

    Daniel JohnstoneMonth ago

    No one said "burble tune" means the car is faster? Some people just like the sound.. Speed isn't everything to everyone buddy. Just because you drive a powerful car doesn't make you any more of a car guy than the next guy. Feel like this USlikes thing has gone to your head a little bit. Maybe your sense of humor is just extremely dry but it seems like you've developed a bit of an ego and you're becoming more and more insufferable over time. If it pays the bills do what ever it takes, this is just my two cents.

  76. Abdullah Z

    Abdullah ZMonth ago

    Didn't ask snowflake

  77. Glass Hafful

    Glass HaffulMonth ago


  78. BroncoSaurus

    BroncoSaurusMonth ago

    Gapped the hell out of him

  79. Rinto Proboresky

    Rinto ProboreskyMonth ago

    love your content, from Indonesia

  80. Tobias Naylor

    Tobias NaylorMonth ago

    AAHHHHH the landscape->portrait->landscape video

  81. Eke DaDood

    Eke DaDoodMonth ago

    BMW M8 🤡🤡🤡

  82. Abdullah Z

    Abdullah ZMonth ago

    @Ahsha Asd No wonder why you mad bmw fanboy. Bmw such a trash and basic brand.

  83. Abdullah Z

    Abdullah ZMonth ago

    @Ahsha Asd F30 is driven by young fuckboys who think they can drive lmao my partscar would gap that shit

  84. Abdullah Z

    Abdullah ZMonth ago

    @Ahsha Asd im not the one mad kid lol M8 is a overpriced piece of shit anyway, it costs tons more than a modded supra 😂

  85. Ahsha Asd

    Ahsha AsdMonth ago

    Im not a cringe Im only saying the truth no a stock jdm car or fucking shit box toyota can beat an M8 that's it why u so mad

  86. Ahsha Asd

    Ahsha AsdMonth ago

    @Abdullah Z yo calm down grandpa car lol by the away I do have an f30

  87. Just Lamin

    Just LaminMonth ago

    How much is the M8 over there??

  88. Kaidou

    KaidouMonth ago

    Papi did u see my story on Instagram

  89. DDRTuners

    DDRTunersMonth ago

    Bruh its stock to 600+ supra like tf do you expect?

  90. Abdullah Z

    Abdullah ZMonth ago

    Still got embarrassed

  91. James Moore

    James MooreMonth ago

    It’s crazy you know that BMW is stock definitely not tuned

  92. Jonen Pelit

    Jonen PelitMonth ago

    New bmw drivers are the biggest idiots

  93. JP Scombordi

    JP ScombordiMonth ago

    If you tune your car just to make noise, you ate paste as a kid. Big truth.

  94. James Moore

    James MooreMonth ago

    @Daniel Johnstone stop crying

  95. Daniel Johnstone

    Daniel JohnstoneMonth ago

    @James Moore Sounds like you have a hard time grasping the English language

  96. James Moore

    James MooreMonth ago

    @Daniel Johnstone sounds like your crying

  97. Daniel Johnstone

    Daniel JohnstoneMonth ago

    "tuning" isn't the only way to get the exhaust to pop and bang. In fact i would argue that tuning is the least common way of going about it. Most people have "crackles" due to a deleted cat and or factory anti lag systems. I drove an 08 STI that had anti lag and would bang every time you decel above 5k rpm. No tune

  98. Himanshu Rawat

    Himanshu RawatMonth ago

    its day here so perfect timing for me

  99. Diego Ramirez

    Diego RamirezMonth ago

    I love that you drop vids daily but get some sleep dude

  100. Z33 Matt

    Z33 MattMonth ago

    Bro did y’all hear what happened to rush shift? Drew you should lowkey start blurring shit in videos

  101. James Moore

    James MooreMonth ago

    What’s he gonna do? Blue the cars? You can’t see the license plates in this video dur da dur

  102. LE papa

    LE papaMonth ago

    3:30 for me

  103. Remastlers

    RemastlersMonth ago


  104. Save The DSM's

    Save The DSM'sMonth ago

    Bro its 3 am and I got to be up in 4 hours but drew posted so gotta watch

  105. Sake

    SakeMonth ago

    East Coasts mfs watching this saying go to sleep💀😂

  106. UpperRobin29

    UpperRobin29Month ago

    earth is flat

  107. Logan Zarate

    Logan ZarateMonth ago

    i got school in the morning why am i still up

  108. Sean Binar

    Sean BinarMonth ago

    All Americans are complaining that they're trying to sleep. Meanwhile here at 9.18 am:

  109. Gooby 124

    Gooby 124Month ago

    Enjoy the rest of your day From America


    SLO ORIGINALMonth ago

    same but 9.23 am

  111. hero striker

    hero strikerMonth ago

    Was this spose to be on shorts

  112. Lens Splerg

    Lens SplergMonth ago

    Did you mean to post this here 😂

  113. Marin

    MarinMonth ago

    wdym 2 in the morning u american plebs im in future its 9:06

  114. parkerbethke

    parkerbethkeMonth ago

    you recorded vertically. *your breathing privileges are revoked*

  115. Drew Peacock

    Drew PeacockMonth ago

    That’s the point of a “short”

  116. Jr Ismaelツ

    Jr IsmaelツMonth ago

    1:03 Am GG

  117. Efrain Briones

    Efrain BrionesMonth ago

    I saw that the BMW driver didn't use their turn signal

  118. peendaccarry

    peendaccarryMonth ago

    Crackle tunes, the true mark of more money than sense. Why would you want your car to sound like an out of tune 2-vavle???

  119. Daniel Johnstone

    Daniel JohnstoneMonth ago

    Go to a rally event and listen to them take off, you might understand the appeal after that.

  120. Arthur Vid

    Arthur VidMonth ago

    in the first 10 min ha

  121. Devyn Garcia

    Devyn GarciaMonth ago

    2 videos in a day thank u drew 🙏🏽

  122. I like Skylines

    I like SkylinesMonth ago

    I bet u won’t reply

  123. G Roche

    G RocheMonth ago

    Burble tunes only belong on Sti's and Evos

  124. Michael Martinez

    Michael MartinezMonth ago

    But Drew, you have to RESPECT ALL BUILDS

  125. No 3

    No 3Month ago

    @JMAN_boss _mini_30_23 r/whoooosh

  126. JMAN_boss _mini_30_23

    JMAN_boss _mini_30_23Month ago

    a tune is a mod

  127. James Moore

    James MooreMonth ago

    @Killer 1 CAM r/woooooooooooooosh

  128. Killer 1 CAM

    Killer 1 CAMMonth ago

    @No 3 technically you can.

  129. No 3

    No 3Month ago

    @Killer 1 CAM I can build a tune tho. Or will you explain this joke too.

  130. Alex Sprigg

    Alex SpriggMonth ago

    Me: Its 1am there's nothing to do Drew: I give you something to do... but only for like 20 seconds.

  131. Preston Garvey

    Preston GarveyMonth ago

    I respect the amount of commitment you have in this USlikes channel but go to sleep man.

  132. Blak3yPlays

    Blak3yPlays21 day ago

    Another settlement needs our help, I’ll mark it on your map. We’ll take back the commonwealth one step at a time.

  133. Zaine White

    Zaine WhiteMonth ago

    Listen..... if you bother me about another GOD DAMN SETTLEMENT NEEDING MY HELP, EVEN THOGH I PLACED 87 MISSILE TURRETS AROUND IT.... I may get upset.



    Have you heard of video scheduling?

  135. Habibul Fahim

    Habibul FahimMonth ago


  136. lonedri

    lonedriMonth ago

    burble tune doesn't add performance doesn't sound good (it even sound really bad) will make every car guy with a bit of knowledge cringe because it's like lifting a truck, it just prove how small your penis is

  137. gen1eclipse

    gen1eclipseMonth ago

    It's 12 in the morning 🤣🤣🤣 but I'm not complaining

  138. Cheeseburger Potato

    Cheeseburger PotatoMonth ago

    Same for me lol

  139. Z Äli

    Z ÄliMonth ago

    We saw this one in the vlog

  140. Josh V.

    Josh V.Month ago