How To Change Your Brakes 1 minute Tutorial #shorts

Quick overview changeing my Supra’s rear brakes in one minute #shorts



    HUGHITT2 hours ago

    IS THAT A SUPRA!?!?!

  2. South Will Rise Again

    South Will Rise Again5 hours ago

    Depends on how long it’s been since the last one. Bolts over tighten rusted together pieces and just stupid shit in the way of a simple job. I gave up on working on my stang because people like to design cars so fucking difficult to fix yourself (they want money) they make it to where it forces you to take it to a shop. That shit got on my last nerve and stopped working on any car or truck. I’m done.

  3. christopher lee

    christopher lee6 hours ago

    Are centric rotors and pads good quality? I need a set for my acura tl

  4. coinsagE46m3

    coinsagE46m36 hours ago

    Maybe change your brake pads at the same time too. Kind of a big missed step.

  5. Austin Dennis

    Austin Dennis7 hours ago

    Glad you explained to me that breaks weren’t universal

  6. BlueKj

    BlueKj7 hours ago

    At first I thought he was gonna actually do it in under a minute, then I thought he was gonna say to just buy a new a car, then I was hit with disappointment

  7. Mark Barroso

    Mark Barroso10 hours ago

    me who already knows but still watches till the end cuz why not.

  8. MagFeed

    MagFeed11 hours ago

    Shouldn’t you have to bleed the brakes after installing new pads?

  9. Drew Peacock

    Drew Peacock11 hours ago

    You don’t have to, that’s if you break open the line to compress, you can remove the cap and compress without cracking open the line. Bleeding them is never a bad idea however

  10. Denny Fan

    Denny Fan12 hours ago


  11. Fuck You

    Fuck You17 hours ago

    I didn’t realize you had a mclaren. Been like six months since I watched you.

  12. Precision

    Precision20 hours ago

    Step 1: Spend 3 hours trying to break your rusted lug nuts lose jumping on your tire iron and spraying it with WD-40 .

  13. Kyle Harrison

    Kyle HarrisonDay ago

    One minute my left 6 balls

  14. Daniel Mewett

    Daniel Mewett2 days ago


  15. ฯ θ

    ฯ θ3 days ago

    Just subtly flexing on us

  16. Treyce Hone

    Treyce Hone3 days ago

    Casual zoom on the McLaren logo


    THRASH METAL & FUN RIFFS3 days ago

    Bro, you didn't even explain how you got the pistons back into the calipers so the pads would fit over the new rotor or how much brake fluid/paint stripper you got on ur paint?

  18. Matt D

    Matt D3 days ago

    I always go Akebono pads as well but I’m VERY disappointed in them this time around. Maybe they changed the formula? Still zero dust and zero noise, but horrendous stopping ability!! I’m using brembo rotors (not drilled or slotted). 09 Toyota Matrix XRS 2.4

  19. Matt D

    Matt D3 days ago

    I gotta do my back rotors, they look like yours. Don’t buy steel rotors people, they instantly rust when wet. Like he showed ez to do with basic tools. Bolts will be hard as F to get off if they haven’t been changed in awhile (caliper bolts). Longer the wrench the more leverage and easier it is

  20. Dattebayo521

    Dattebayo5213 days ago

    How to change your pads n rotors: just do it🤷‍♂️ .

  21. A Greased Monkey

    A Greased Monkey3 days ago

    Forgot to tell everyone to push in the pistons and then pump up the brakes at the end.

  22. Cam Alkire

    Cam Alkire4 days ago

    First buy breaks. Second install. Sweet thanks manual



    Dude your supra is a beautiful blue.

  24. Saturn Media

    Saturn Media4 days ago

    This video should have been called; “HOW TO GET SUED”, or “HOW TO BE A DUMBASS”. You should ALWAYS put Jack stands under the car in good, supported, structural locations. And you should ALWAYS clean the rotors with brake clean and good rags before installing! They come with anti-rust stuff on the metal that way it doesn’t rust during shipping or in the warehouse. Also; find out the break in procedure!! It is very important!

  25. Preston Perez

    Preston Perez4 days ago

    The enthusiasm in his voice when he said “and repeat the other side” lol I felt that pain in his voice 😂😂

  26. cbrunnem

    cbrunnem4 days ago

    Those brakes are smaller than anything I've ever seen

  27. Mohammed Alomrani

    Mohammed Alomrani4 days ago

    If it wasn’t a race car we wouldn’t be watching

  28. AnonymousMusic 2625

    AnonymousMusic 26254 days ago

    Step 1: Takes More Then One Minute Step 2:Takes More Then One Minute Step 3:Takes More Then One Minute Step 4:Takes More Then One Minute Step 5:Takes More Then One Minute Step 6:Takes More Then One Minute Step 7:Takes More Then One Minute Step 8:Takes More Then One Minute Mhm yeah, only 1 minute

  29. AnonymousMusic 2625

    AnonymousMusic 26254 days ago

    You guys know this IS a joke tho, right?

  30. gaby rodriguez

    gaby rodriguez4 days ago

    Love that harbor freight jack under that expensive ass car lol better hope it doesn’t fail

  31. AnonymousMusic 2625

    AnonymousMusic 26254 days ago

    The first step already takes more than 1 minute

  32. Enrique Juarez

    Enrique Juarez4 days ago

    I thought he was going to say "First, go buy yourself a new car"

  33. Joey Vaughn

    Joey Vaughn4 days ago

    One minute? Maybe the time it takes you with your lady.

  34. colt44

    colt444 days ago

    When he pulled the rotor off was that a drum brake assembly? I’ve never seen disc and drum at the same time


    THRASH METAL & FUN RIFFS3 days ago

    Ebrake uses a small inner drum pad

  36. QT Łìxxx

    QT Łìxxx4 days ago

    That more than 1 min

  37. Kyle DeBoeuf

    Kyle DeBoeuf4 days ago

    You literally have my dream garage. These two are some of my favorites of all time

  38. Michael

    Michael4 days ago

    I like how were telling people who don't know how to change there own brakes how to but didn't show them where to place the jack to jack up the car lmao! I can only imagine how many people will try to jack it up by the floor pan lol!!

  39. Smartyrdumb ?

    Smartyrdumb ?4 days ago

    IS ThAt A sUpRA?!!!!🗯🍆

  40. blackhawks81H

    blackhawks81H4 days ago

    Here's how it goes for most working class people who have to buy used cars that the previous owner probably didn't do perfect regular maintence on. 1. Go over to your buddy's house who's got all thebdsmn tools. 2. Locate a spot where the jack will actually lift the car and won't just punch a big ass hole through rust. 3. Use entire can of WD-40, PB Blaster or whatever your favorite is. (I'm not even gonna recommend a brand because dudes will straight up commit holy war over their favorite brand.. Looking at you Kroil guys) 4. Swear many times at that one bolt that's somehow bound on there so hard even the almighty couldn't remove it. 5. Get torch to heat bolt, it still doesn't come off. 6. Get breaker bar and put an 8 foot snipe on the end of it and have your fattest buddy stand on the end of the damn thing, which should generate enough torque to reach low earth orbit given the leverage advantage. 7. The fuckin thing, which at the very least should have just sheared off from that much torque, is still on. 8. More swearing, just cut the damn thing off with the rat-rail grinder (be sure to use safety squints) 9. Congratulations, it's now 2am, you're probably through your first case of beer, and you can begin actually changing the brakes on the first of 4 wheels.

  41. Red Gamer

    Red Gamer4 days ago

    1 minute ok😏

  42. CaseyPlaysMadout2

    CaseyPlaysMadout25 days ago

    That would take way longer than one minute..


    BEN MARQUES5 days ago

    5 hours later

  44. RemmyBukanas

    RemmyBukanas5 days ago

    This was longer than a minute

  45. Kawaii_Vibez

    Kawaii_Vibez5 days ago

    Damn that supra looking hot 🥵

  46. DestruxandExploze

    DestruxandExploze5 days ago

    Hey, just a tip, there is specific Jack points on your vehicle so you don’t damage anything.

  47. Denver Kenyon

    Denver Kenyon5 days ago

    You missed the “open the brake fluid reservoir cap to make the caliper pistons go in easier” part

  48. Matthew H

    Matthew H5 days ago

    100,000$ Supra with civic brakes

  49. Drew Latham

    Drew Latham5 days ago

    Now how do I put these back on?

  50. Nick Hill

    Nick Hill5 days ago

    Nice flex haha nice cars 💯

  51. Syco

    Syco5 days ago

    Not performance brakes😞

  52. ✔️Zippy

    ✔️Zippy5 days ago

    Droopy coxk

  53. RB WRX

    RB WRX5 days ago

    I think I'll stay home for a couple days, I bet brake failure accidents are gonna go up this weekend

  54. kinglangren

    kinglangren6 days ago

    “Buy brakes”,”there not universal “-really

  55. ChaotiX

    ChaotiX6 days ago

    Very misleading title, it obviously took him longer than 1 minute to change his brakes Edit: this is sarcasm, yall mfs better not come at me cross

  56. John Patrick

    John Patrick6 days ago

    Honestly if you don’t know how to change your brakes especially brake pads you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place

  57. Karl

    Karl6 days ago

    Have to say it but... bro is that a Supra?!

  58. Electro Evolution

    Electro Evolution6 days ago

    If youre replacing the rotor, you dont use a baby ass use a bfh.

  59. Matthew Kerrie

    Matthew Kerrie6 days ago

    Jack. Stands.

  60. Im Aidsy

    Im Aidsy6 days ago

    psh this took me an hour not 1 minute, liar

  61. Riley Mathews

    Riley Mathews6 days ago

    He focused on the supra when he’s pulling parts out of a mclaren I’m done lmao

  62. Desperate4Clout

    Desperate4Clout6 days ago

    Don't forget to use a jackstand so while your head is under the vehicle it doesn't get clapped when your cheap jack fails.

  63. Mrjpz

    Mrjpz6 days ago

    Get bigger brakes pls that's an accident waiting to happen

  64. Jose Chavarria

    Jose Chavarria6 days ago

    Nothing wrong with the old rotors, just a waste of money F.cking rich people

  65. justinharris99

    justinharris996 days ago

    Where the Jack stand

  66. timelordnoah

    timelordnoah6 days ago

    What about compressing the caliper to get the new pads on?

  67. timelordnoah

    timelordnoah3 days ago

    @THRASH METAL & FUN RIFFS yep! I’m just saying that’s not mentioned in the video at all.


    THRASH METAL & FUN RIFFS3 days ago

    some are screw in on the back requiring a special tool, most you can use a large c-clamp and remove the master cylinder cap and press the piston back in slowly

  69. tire child

    tire child6 days ago

    We talkin about Mars minutes here?

  70. Ciel Francis

    Ciel Francis6 days ago

    me thinking it takes 1 minute to do it

  71. Rusty Legs

    Rusty Legs6 days ago

    So, when can I book my car in for a quick brake change? 😉

  72. Xotic_Reaper

    Xotic_Reaper6 days ago

    Tell me your rich, without telling me your rich

  73. Bradley Snow21

    Bradley Snow216 days ago


  74. Curtis Shores

    Curtis Shores6 days ago

    It takes longer than a minute to buy them so busted lmao.

  75. Mitchell Nunn

    Mitchell Nunn6 days ago

    First step is to buy them? Never woulda thought

  76. Dave LaBute

    Dave LaBute6 days ago

    New rotors don't come coated in osmoline cleaning is optional!

  77. Zane

    Zane6 days ago

    I miss my HKS coilovers /:

  78. stunt509

    stunt5096 days ago

    Would of been a perfect time to replace those park brake shoes. Just saying 🗣

  79. Carter Rutherford

    Carter Rutherford6 days ago

    I can personally guarentee you that took you more than 1 minute mister

  80. flying munk89

    flying munk896 days ago

    I have done many brakes.. I have always removed the caliper. I will try it your way next time. Can't belive I have never thought of that. For doing only pads that is

  81. My own Idenity

    My own Idenity6 days ago

    Id almost bet that those yota breaks are om a few models. The pads anyway. Somewhat universal lol

  82. ItsTemporary

    ItsTemporary6 days ago

    When did he get a McLaren

  83. Robert Zeigler

    Robert Zeigler6 days ago

    12 hours later...

  84. Mac Mottola

    Mac Mottola6 days ago

    First off already been more than a minute you went and got the parts to change them that counts as part of the time

  85. Stat

    Stat6 days ago

    That Supra’s front bumper is hideous

  86. Ian Scarlett

    Ian Scarlett6 days ago

    Uh. One question... Can I please live your life for just one day?... those cars are amazing.


    RENXWAL6 days ago

    Had to show the mclaren symbol huh? I’m just kidding take a joke, nice car 👍

  88. your non-local car guy

    your non-local car guy6 days ago

    Nice mclaren

  89. Conor Burns

    Conor Burns7 days ago

    Do NOT apply antiseize to the whole surface - just to the inner part - same goes for wheels - only apply it on the inner ring The antiseize could squeeze out over time an make your rotors run untrue and the lugs could loosen up and you loose a wheel

  90. Miguel Lopez

    Miguel Lopez7 days ago

    Not gonna mention how you gotta bleed your brake lines where you replaced the pads since the piston had to be pushed in? Or am I wrong? Legit question.

  91. Smug Cpt. Price

    Smug Cpt. Price7 days ago

    1 minute he said...... 1 FUCKIN MINUTE

  92. Run Sgd

    Run Sgd7 days ago

    Is that a supra!

  93. Patrick Spapens

    Patrick Spapens7 days ago

    Now show me how to replace my blinker fluid!

  94. Dyelan Mink

    Dyelan Mink7 days ago

    You forgot to use a jack stand. Don't want to get squished.

  95. Riley Fisher

    Riley Fisher7 days ago

    Working on a Supra and picked up parts with a McLaren: still uses harbor freight floor jack. Respect.

  96. xOpTicFaZex

    xOpTicFaZex7 days ago

    forgot bout the brake lube for the slider pins


    GUNGUNM4N7 days ago

    Also, make sure to lubricate the break pads with grease before driving

  98. Paul Sture

    Paul Sture7 days ago

    Sure, a minute on film an hour in life.

  99. Liam Leech

    Liam Leech7 days ago

    Weird flex but ok


    STACKZ GAMING7 days ago

    Don’t forget to push the caliper in so your able to put the pads on

  101. andrew goods

    andrew goods7 days ago

    Took me 5 minutes to get the new brakes so yea not one minute

  102. Clap Lord

    Clap Lord7 days ago

    This took more than a minute to do so im contacting my lawyer for false advertisement.

  103. tawn248

    tawn2487 days ago

    You'll regret not having a jack stand.

  104. Mopar Man

    Mopar Man7 days ago

    It's a quick easy job but I wish it was that fast!

  105. inter- vals_

    inter- vals_7 days ago

    I took all this confidence of working on cars to a 2014 mercedes c350 coupe. Not fun. I did a caliper replacement with the rotors and brakes replaced as well. Calipers were the star of the show... Had to get a pump for the brake fluid because things aren't built the same anymore. Annoying lol