2 Fast 2 Furious Has The WORST Cars In The Franchise!!! - Car Tier List

New Series taking a look at some of the cars that made us into car people. enjoy!
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  1. Mikey Dudek

    Mikey Dudek7 hours ago

    It was the red RX7 that stopped before the bridge jump. The gross looking Supra slide into a sign and some bushes, if Iโ€™m remembering correctly.

  2. Kane Nyman

    Kane Nyman7 hours ago

    mans says a yenko camaro is basic

  3. Antonio Biancaniello

    Antonio Biancaniello9 hours ago

    Remember, we only saw Brian race a Civic and an El Camino in the Dodge Stealth, neither of which were impressive wins

  4. Cameron Browne

    Cameron Browne17 hours ago

    Fun fact: The E36 wasn't even a real E36 And also I'm not gonna say anything this video but what i will say is do your research drew

  5. Sothbeachboy 21

    Sothbeachboy 216 days ago

    When he puts your car in F tier ๐Ÿ˜

  6. kids marion

    kids marion6 days ago

    You should do cars1 and cars2 and Wingo and Francisco are my favorite because Francisco is a F1 car and we go itโ€™s a supra

  7. AtlasIsHere

    AtlasIsHere7 days ago

    Camaro is a 69 yenko Camaro my man , worth at least 200,000 today , making around 700 hp stock plus Nitro lmao , not just a Camaro

  8. Nick

    Nick7 days ago

    That eclipse actually had yellow interior before they started filming and tyrese said โ€œhell no Iโ€™m not driving a damn lakers carโ€ and they sealed it for gray

  9. Smitty Beats

    Smitty Beats10 days ago

    The Supra did do the jump, but it crashed out. The rx7 didnโ€™t jump.

  10. BluntTrauma

    BluntTrauma13 days ago

    U only onto f&f 4? 4 more to go spoiler alert Paul walker dies sad times then the rock n Jason statham try to steal the francise

  11. Hanan Aljaber

    Hanan Aljaber17 days ago

    where did the blue f tier car came from

  12. vikram jadhav,neo

    vikram jadhav,neo19 days ago

    When it comes to suki,s car she is a Japanese driver and if you know Japanese and Korean girls love pink asf so ya a Japanese lady driver with pink car would be commen and dope it should have been up at B or A with graphics and all

  13. Kaleb B

    Kaleb B21 day ago

    The brown and gold supra is a recycled supra from the first, they just painted it different

  14. josh griglac

    josh griglac24 days ago

    Hans Rx-7 is better

  15. sassypenguin

    sassypenguin25 days ago

    According to Craig Lieberman, they indeed did reuse the RX-7 from the first movie to use in 2F2F.

  16. Jimmy P

    Jimmy P25 days ago

    Tik tok dint exist when 2 fast was made

  17. Jimmy P

    Jimmy P25 days ago

    Not called fast and furious 4 itโ€™s fast and furious

  18. Jimmy P

    Jimmy P25 days ago

    Rick til dint exist when 2 fast 2 furious was made

  19. Melody Skies

    Melody Skies25 days ago

    You forgot sukis second car I think it was a 350z remember she was drawing the design and it was shown in the scramble lot scene

  20. Melody Skies

    Melody Skies25 days ago

    The skyline had a weird interior but still a very iconic car

  21. Tavion Drake

    Tavion Drake26 days ago

    t h e c o r v e t t e i s n t a d r o p t o p

  22. Chris Wootney

    Chris Wootney27 days ago

    That Supra is more pleasing to the eye than the blue one. Real talk.

  23. Josh Hunsberger

    Josh Hunsberger27 days ago

    Vinyl top Challenger

  24. Josh Hunsberger

    Josh Hunsberger27 days ago

    It's a Yenko Camaro, that's a rare Camaro if it's a true Yenko, I would put in the A

  25. Boosted Gameplays

    Boosted Gameplays28 days ago

    fun fact, I've seen the New Edge Saleen movie car in person, it's actually very nice and clean, they basically used a stunt double of the car to not destroy a true Saleen for anyone dumb enough to think they destroyed the real car

  26. Nicholas BAILEY

    Nicholas BAILEY28 days ago

    How is da evo A ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคฃ

  27. Estevan Caballero

    Estevan Caballero28 days ago

    Hahaha โ€œthe ugliest fucking carโ€ ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  28. Darian the Scorpion

    Darian the Scorpion28 days ago

    Ohh, yes I can TOTALLY agree there, Drew. Slapjackโ€™s Supra is fugly. For real.

  29. ussr 785

    ussr 78528 days ago


  30. Purple Purple

    Purple Purple28 days ago

    Drew needs to watch the movie again I see lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ the supra makes the jump but hit the breaks pedal mid air (probably cuz saw a gtr fly right over him but ) yea when he landed foot was on the breaks which then cracked the rotors and just messed up the pads ๐Ÿ˜… and I really liked the golden supra for that era but drew thinks itโ€™s a golden ๐Ÿ’ฉhaha ๐Ÿ‘

  31. ralfs

    ralfs29 days ago

    dude looking like buzz from home alone๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’€

  32. Aden Toledo

    Aden ToledoMonth ago

    2:05 no he is the one whoโ€™s transmission Breaks off when it hits the ground

  33. OG Schlongerson

    OG SchlongersonMonth ago

    Drew is so afraid to get wrecked in the comments you can tell by the way he be talking sometimes lol

  34. alextauro2000

    alextauro2000Month ago

    You should review the cars in the SuperFast movie.

  35. ChrisXLoves _

    ChrisXLoves _Month ago

    You telling me, just cause that Mustang crashed and it became a meme, its F tier? It's a Saleen, it's cool asf. Not top tier but not F tier either

  36. zFried

    zFriedMonth ago


  37. Juiced_mz3

    Juiced_mz3Month ago

    when it's 2021 but you've only seen 4 of the fast and furious movies, lol wtf?

  38. Juiced_mz3

    Juiced_mz314 days ago

    @vontavius01 I understand, but still man, how you watch only a few movies and not want to see where the franchise got to?...

  39. vontavius01

    vontavius0114 days ago

    I mean, the first 4 movies were the only ones that had a emphases on cars and car culture and as a car USlikesr, it kinda makes sense that those are the only ones he's seen. The cars got pushed aside after 4 in favor of guns, explosions and fighting.

  40. Juiced_mz3

    Juiced_mz329 days ago

    @Calvin Incorporated who went downhill?

  41. Calvin Incorporated

    Calvin IncorporatedMonth ago

    They did go downhill fast lol

  42. Dejan Sormaz

    Dejan SormazMonth ago

    on the E36,,, why is there a 42 foot gap between the wheel and the car lol

  43. typicalsailor 97

    typicalsailor 97Month ago

    Disapointed on the missing knowledge on cars sometimes on this channel; challenger were droptop, but selling with soft top, the dodge stealth is actually a mitsubishi gto

  44. Trainer2231

    Trainer2231Month ago

    i'd put the r34 on A tier, purely because its a JDM with American racing stripes.

  45. mitsubishi 3000GT

    mitsubishi 3000GTMonth ago

    Im mad at drew for putting the stealth at F tier because for me its an automatic S tier

  46. ImSoTwinkie

    ImSoTwinkieMonth ago

    Thatโ€™s a 3000 gt my guy

  47. 121 _Void

    121 _VoidMonth ago

    doesnโ€™t matter whatโ€™s your setup it matters what you say lol, keep it up good video

  48. johnathan white

    johnathan whiteMonth ago

    Paul definitely jumped over the Supra it was the red rx7 that pussied out๐Ÿคฃ good vid tho ๐Ÿ”ฅ

  49. Shane Rudberg

    Shane RudbergMonth ago

    Can you give me your guys opinion on a 3000gt I think there really good looking cars ?

  50. Yoyo Yo

    Yoyo YoMonth ago

    Talking about how the eclipse is hideous maybe first look at his hair

  51. Christian Garcia

    Christian GarciaMonth ago

    I agree ๐Ÿ‘

  52. Hunter Hyams

    Hunter HyamsMonth ago

    Dude just said a YENKO camaro is just another camaro

  53. Jiren The Grey

    Jiren The GreyMonth ago

    Did the 3000gt bogus

  54. jadyn Renicker

    jadyn RenickerMonth ago

    THE SORRIEST LINE UP OF CARS this is to far sir

  55. Mitch Williams

    Mitch WilliamsMonth ago

    You have to take into account that back when this movie came out, these modifications were dope

  56. Jan Philipp Schreiner

    Jan Philipp SchreinerMonth ago

    He not seen above Movie 4 ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ well get ready Drew

  57. Williamyuri Sy

    Williamyuri SyMonth ago

    Copying donut media

  58. Williamyuri Sy

    Williamyuri SyMonth ago

    Dude the cars like at the year 2000

  59. Nhim Saream

    Nhim SareamMonth ago

    Com on man that supra is sick why did you put it on a (D)a strait up f**king (D) and the challenger just put it on an (A)

  60. Matthew Gatewood

    Matthew GatewoodMonth ago

    Not an evo its a lancer oz rally edition

  61. Javari

    JavariMonth ago

    sad thing about the supra, is that thats the same one used in fnf 1

  62. SliccJay

    SliccJayMonth ago

    Make a video on the RPM ACT our voices need to be heard

  63. Dima Oli

    Dima OliMonth ago

    In my personal opinion I believe the first Fast & Furious and Tokyo Drift were the best movies they put out. After Tokyo Drift every movie is dogshit. Iโ€™m not even that hyped for the F9

  64. Dima Oli

    Dima OliMonth ago


  65. Trevor Pietruszka

    Trevor PietruszkaMonth ago

    they did make a drop top 70 challenger and the 70 challenger in the movie had a black vinyl top

  66. Jared Lang

    Jared LangMonth ago

    Tokyo drift is the only 1 i go back to rewatch. Beautiful rides in that fnf

  67. Weeb person

    Weeb personMonth ago

    if he does tokyo drift reaction he better make the rx7 and z33 on top tiers

  68. s h o o k

    s h o o kMonth ago

    I like drew but if he's tryna talk about the 2f supra then he can't say anything, his looks abit meh

  69. Little_ Dude175

    Little_ Dude175Month ago


  70. Kevin Plummer

    Kevin PlummerMonth ago

    I think the need for speed movie tier list would make for a good one.

  71. Keane

    KeaneMonth ago

    My duse the supra made the jump but he crashed the supra into a pepsi sign then the Rx7 Didn't do the jump.

  72. Karyst

    KarystMonth ago

    What's Drew's gmail for Rice or Nice?

  73. JustJack

    JustJackMonth ago

    Oh Drew I have a video idea do, best subscriber exhausts

  74. JustJack

    JustJackMonth ago

    You know what I'm so done with this guy, do he says a Supra and SVT Terminator an s2000 AND MY FAVORITE CAR OF ALL TIME A F****** MAZDA RX7 THE BEST CAR OF ALL TIME!๐Ÿ˜ขare ugly, come on dude. Please learn how to use the term rice drew๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ even though I said all this I still like watching this guy and I still like his channel and his videos


    STECKEDDECKMonth ago

    Many of the Cars of the first Movie were used in the 2nd Movie again, like the S2000, the RX7, the Supra and few others as Background cars.

  76. Trashawn Kirby

    Trashawn KirbyMonth ago

    There is a gold Supra in NFSMW challenge mode (pursuit)

  77. ThugLifeBoi

    ThugLifeBoiMonth ago

    I totally hate how you harass me and my fam.

  78. BirdyIsPro73

    BirdyIsPro73Month ago

    Supra jumped, hit the nos, came down to hard and lost control and hit the sign xD the latino guy didnt jump, think it was the red rx7

  79. Elcompajavi YT

    Elcompajavi YTMonth ago

    U should do need for speed next

  80. Auto Young

    Auto YoungMonth ago

    3000GT dumbass. Same car but not. Holy shit...

  81. Auto Young

    Auto YoungMonth ago

    SlapJack in the Supra did the jump dumbass. Brian jumped over him. He then crashed into some bushes under a billboard. It was the RX-7 that didn't make the jump.

  82. Theo Smith

    Theo SmithMonth ago

    this setups fine standing or sitting i really don't care

  83. Josh Pickens

    Josh PickensMonth ago

    Do the movie born2race

  84. DubzyBC

    DubzyBCMonth ago

    Need for speed movie

  85. pighunter 623

    pighunter 623Month ago

    drew poopcock

  86. ThugLifeBoi

    ThugLifeBoiMonth ago

    Real XD

  87. Zander le grange

    Zander le grangeMonth ago

    sit bro its cool

  88. Nick Martin

    Nick MartinMonth ago

    Tokyo drift has nothing to do with the other movies

  89. Joey Dyson

    Joey DysonMonth ago

    Thatโ€™s a yenko camaro tho

  90. The DSM Broadway

    The DSM BroadwayMonth ago

    Hey drew! I got an idea for your banner when you get your coyote back Have the Mustang in the middle between the Supra and the McLaren same angle and everything just the Mustang in between that'd be a dope picture for your banner in my opinion Idk why i feel the need to suggest it ๐Ÿ˜† It'd be cool to see Oh yeah and the video was great!!! you sitting down is perfectly fine whatever makes your life easier bro

  91. Chicken Nugget

    Chicken NuggetMonth ago

    Drew should rank the cars in cars

  92. ThugLifeBoi

    ThugLifeBoiMonth ago


  93. IIGame VictoriousII

    IIGame VictoriousIIMonth ago

    the rx7 hit the brakes and didn't do the jump

  94. IIGame VictoriousII

    IIGame VictoriousIIMonth ago

    The mustang crash was real, it was a real accident that happened. That's why it looked so realistic.

  95. Kyle Ramsumair

    Kyle RamsumairMonth ago

    Did you all know Craig Lieberman disapproved of the nsx design and the eclipse

  96. Kyle Ramsumair

    Kyle RamsumairMonth ago

    Ngl the supra could've been full gold but ngl the sound of the of the skyline is Good

  97. Blaze Chaisson

    Blaze ChaissonMonth ago

    Bro..I thought you were saying this car is F'd here...Not F Tier...lol

  98. Moe

    MoeMonth ago

    You should rank some of the cars from initial D. Like if you agree !

  99. Chris Lee

    Chris LeeMonth ago

    Damn drew you got me there on the P.O.S. stealth i thought it was 3G VR-4 and i spooled out but damn bro..........๐Ÿค”๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ถ

  100. Dark Fox

    Dark FoxMonth ago

    1:57 the one who didnt jump was the mazda rx7 driver, the golden supra jumped and the front bumper detached and something in his axle got locked up and he couldnt steer also his brake discs gave up and the calipers just sent sparks off of his discs

  101. Hunter Layton

    Hunter LaytonMonth ago

    You should do a tier list for all the movies, I really enjoyed watching this. Keep it up

  102. Demise, Devised

    Demise, DevisedMonth ago

    The best looking fast and furious car is obviously that C2 Barchetta in F5 that was driven into the water. If not that, then definitely the Pantera

  103. Multi Millionaire

    Multi MillionaireMonth ago

    The Saleen Mustang is nice car

  104. David Saenz

    David SaenzMonth ago

    Check out craig Liebermanโ€™s channel, he casted the f&f cars and tells all the back stories

  105. Chris Freimiller

    Chris FreimillerMonth ago

    Dam drew ur lack of knowledge in this videos making u sound like u did in ur earlier yrs when u didn't know as much as now

  106. BHCamaro

    BHCamaroMonth ago

    Yup he will likely make more mistakes when he does Tokyo Drift

  107. ThugLifeBoi

    ThugLifeBoiMonth ago

    He must really see the movie carefully again before rating.

  108. BHCamaro

    BHCamaroMonth ago

    Yeah seriously, you would think he would do some research or at least watch the movie again before recording this video.

  109. King Yeet

    King YeetMonth ago

    Can we get the next one in less than a month?