Insta-Clowns Are NOT Real Car People!!! (Instagram Car Fails)

today i look on Instagram at a few car videos where the owners fail miserably. theses car can be rice buckets or even performance not do any of these things shown below and i do not own any of these clips in my video. ricer car fails make me laugh all the time lol.
Rice or nice part 15:
insta: @___drewpeacock
Music: @Hallabanz on instagram
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  1. C_Wonder

    C_Wonder13 hours ago

    my mom loves her Ruby Red V6 Mustang. i don’t think she breaks 80

  2. G O D

    G O D13 hours ago

    The only thing I liked about the first clip was 0:50 😐

  3. Eamonn Hayes

    Eamonn HayesDay ago

    Bruh I drive my moms old Acura MDX that makes 300 hp stock and I make more then the V6 mustang 😂

  4. Anthony Gentili

    Anthony GentiliDay ago

    No way man sorry to say this Drew hairy peacock you're a little spoiled with your money okay lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣 IIIIILOL

  5. Aaron Brockington

    Aaron BrockingtonDay ago

    🤣🤣 bruh...that Mustang driver ran into curb before they even that point dude in the Civic shoulda been like 'naaaaah go on home back to XBox'...that sh't was prophetic

  6. The Mechanic

    The Mechanic4 days ago

    I would enjoy your videos better if i could watch them with my kids around. But when my kids walk in the room i have to pause or turn your video off due to all the not child appropriate language you use.

  7. terry taylor

    terry taylor4 days ago

    I definitely drive like a total bitch in the rain I tried to drift my dad's 5 speed mazda b2200 onto the interstate in the rain when I was 16 and went off the side of the embankment and in the ditch... Crazy part is nothing happened to it or me until I went to go back up and lost traction and slid into a tree head on at about 8mph... It left a nice I shaped dent in the bumper and I mini u sent on the hood inline with the bumper of course... He was pissed for sure

  8. Futo Karin

    Futo Karin5 days ago

    “Small egos”🤦‍♂️ What am I watch?

  9. Futo Karin

    Futo Karin5 days ago

    It’s funny People that go around “Turns” (A rare mystical obstacle) You probably haven’t heard of, tend to do the same stuff feel the same way about highway warriors and drag queens

  10. Mr. V

    Mr. V5 days ago

    So wait, does drew have a car? I haven’t had valuable time to research

  11. Kaptin Zero

    Kaptin Zero5 days ago

    I’m a V6 muscle guy and I do none of these. I just want the style and good gas millage 🥺

  12. Big Body Bell

    Big Body Bell5 days ago

    Probably shouldn’t refer to women as bimbos dawg.

  13. StinkyColas

    StinkyColas6 days ago

    That scat pack is the ugliest thing ever

  14. Jordan Baker

    Jordan Baker7 days ago

    Sand still gets on your ass... I dont it just happens 😂😂😂

  15. Juan Celis

    Juan Celis8 days ago

    This guy really said 5000 dollar suv , look up grand Cherokee srt8

  16. Vincent Diiorio

    Vincent Diiorio8 days ago

    Does the Camaro owner realize you need to turn off traction control to do donuts? Making us look bad. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  17. Hardy Gaming

    Hardy Gaming9 days ago

    Drew:v6 muscle car bad Everyone who owns a gnx or grand national:🤪

  18. Dustin Elrod

    Dustin Elrod9 days ago

    Had front row seats to That Camaro and challenger crash

  19. Piranha SM

    Piranha SM9 days ago

    As an evolved person who appreciates all cars and try to find the good in things, the people on tik tok who ruin their cars for clout, I hate them with every cell in my body, and I hope both sides of their pillows are warm at night.

  20. Mr Pandasian

    Mr Pandasian11 days ago

    "V6 muscle car owners need to be sent to the gulag" *almost spits out tea*

  21. ColtsFanatic79

    ColtsFanatic7911 days ago

    Lol, knew a guy in high school who drilled holes in the mufflers of his foxbody 5.0 hatchback. Have not seen it since then🤣🤣

  22. D’Blessed

    D’Blessed11 days ago

    lol, why is it always american cars?

  23. Mr.VoiceGuy

    Mr.VoiceGuy12 days ago

    a v6 mustang can be good (if heavily modified) lmao

  24. ash martinez

    ash martinez13 days ago

    is stock 70hp good

  25. Mitter

    Mitter13 days ago

    mi awe eks sewen tu kuiet uwu senpai i need dwill in muffwer papa

  26. Mitter

    Mitter13 days ago

    7:02 iphone 420 be like

  27. XD XD XD XD

    XD XD XD XD13 days ago

    Giveaway the cars ya insta clown 🤡

  28. Jakk

    Jakk14 days ago

    We all know why that first TikTok is popular

  29. drew

    drew14 days ago

    wtf was that mustang doing?

  30. tsc 701

    tsc 70115 days ago

    You own a mustang and a supra? Hahahaha, that's gayer than 8 guys blowing 9 guys

  31. Boosted ND Miata

    Boosted ND Miata15 days ago

    Drilling the muffler of a Miata is retarded but if you had some more video of her doing it, I’d probably watch it.

  32. No Username

    No Username15 days ago

    Put the jack on bricks for the donk. Cmon drew u knew dis

  33. Kevyn York

    Kevyn York16 days ago

    Buy a highjack for jeeps to lift your donk

  34. Patrick Kennedy

    Patrick Kennedy16 days ago

    Everyone laughs at the donks... until the flooding happens

  35. Jack Daniels

    Jack Daniels16 days ago

    What's your people watch that video not for the drill. I'm sure that asked has a lot to do with it

  36. Legend_ Gaming

    Legend_ Gaming16 days ago

    first clip her acc is a joke meant to piss people off AYE LOOK IT WROKED

  37. just dan

    just dan17 days ago

    :O big crash

  38. Zaphire Borghi

    Zaphire Borghi17 days ago

    In the middle of *gets close to mic* WHAT I PRESUME IS A CLOSED CORSE 😂😂😂

  39. George Meraz

    George Meraz17 days ago

    Yo 915 is El Paso I live there lol

  40. King Clicks

    King Clicks17 days ago

    Holes in the muffler df?? At the LEAST just remove shit from after the catty at THE LEAST

  41. Lucas Anderson

    Lucas Anderson17 days ago

    People view most of this as not stuff to do drifting but let's think most experience is through your accidents

  42. michael Thomas

    michael Thomas18 days ago

    I make a lot of adapters for Jack's like told transmissions and other stupid s*** I'm pretty sure they make an adapter that is lifted so that you could lift up 4x4 pickups That's probably what they used to lift that car into change the tire

  43. PandaRuler

    PandaRuler18 days ago

    6:37 put wood blocks on top of the jack which is sometimes sketchy as fuck because if it slips, game over. But that’s basically how you’d do it with a jack

  44. Jack Barclay

    Jack Barclay18 days ago

    put blocks under the jack.


    REEMAGE19 days ago

    I was at the meet when the wreck happened I was next to the camera man and I can confirm that the dude in the camaro is a complete dumbass

  46. Josh Allen

    Josh Allen19 days ago


  47. Name Withheld

    Name Withheld19 days ago

    Also I unsubscribed because of Drew's constant burping

  48. Name Withheld

    Name Withheld19 days ago

    Guys.. she gone from carbon monoxide poisoning pumping up into her car

  49. Anthony Young

    Anthony Young20 days ago

    I thought he said his name was Droopy Cock in his intro... O_o i had to look at his USlikes Channel name bcz if that was the case, I dont care about the content... i wasnt gonna watch it!!! LMBO

  50. Jon

    Jon20 days ago

    That’s ass though

  51. Paulwal

    Paulwal21 day ago

    @8:26 ..... Wet "Floor"?....🕵

  52. NilaGaming

    NilaGaming21 day ago

    Im happy to see my city’s car page made it lol shoutout 915cars

  53. Firebellytoad

    Firebellytoad21 day ago


  54. anthony cassani

    anthony cassani21 day ago

    I'm disappointed the thumbnail wasn't her ass

  55. Carl O

    Carl O21 day ago

    funny enough on my way back from picking up my brother, we saw a mustang on a tow truck with a damaged rear fender and the wheel just completely ruined

  56. EverythingFletcher

    EverythingFletcher22 days ago

    foot wide nutsack

  57. Gregg Fridline

    Gregg Fridline22 days ago

    that brings back memories. When i was 18 i owned a 1979 chevy chevette, i had spoked rims (hub caps actually) and drilled holes in the muffler to sound better. it did a 40 second quarter mile but i sounded bad ass. LOL

  58. gamingwithalex

    gamingwithalex22 days ago

    on the seccond vid I literally leave near this place like 5 block to right

  59. The Bass Boosted Channel

    The Bass Boosted Channel22 days ago

    Exhaust mods aren’t even legal where I live, and I don’t have a problem with that. Cars don’t need to be loud. I own a 300zx twin turbo, and it just purrs.

  60. Mike Hickman

    Mike Hickman22 days ago

    Same way you Jack up a 4x4 with an offroad Jack my guy.

  61. plaugedoctor

    plaugedoctor22 days ago

    915cars is from el paso, which is where I am from and I can confirm that there is indeed a bunch of stupid car owners.

  62. Alexander Day

    Alexander Day22 days ago

    I'm disappointed that kid in the camaro is not six feet shorter for that. I resent being from the South every time I see a car on donks.

  63. Phil Pollard

    Phil Pollard22 days ago

    I wish this guy would shut the fuck up and just let the videos play!


    IMATACOLAMB22 days ago

    I got the v6 mustang convertible, great for daily driving and just riding lol. Its decent but not powerful but guess what? Im not complaining because i love the body and not trying to race in a stock ass v6 lmao

  65. RC hobby

    RC hobby22 days ago

    Scat packs, base chargers and base challengers are pretty bad at car meets in texas shits annoying when all you wanna do is park and chill out

  66. Mykhaylo

    Mykhaylo23 days ago

    i think you got the 5:00 clip wrong, the camera was tryna drift out but saw the challenger comming so tried swerving to avoid it getting hit in the back and the challenger did the same thing which caused them to collide

  67. tim epperson

    tim epperson23 days ago

    i myself own a 94 with the og 5.0 and that v6 has nothing to do with the real stangs

  68. Tacticaltaco88 88

    Tacticaltaco88 8823 days ago

    She's fine...

  69. bert

    bert23 days ago


  70. Its Legit Ryan

    Its Legit Ryan23 days ago

    At 8:10 💀

  71. Tyler Coleman

    Tyler Coleman23 days ago

    Where did drew get his nos water bottle from

  72. ShookShane629

    ShookShane62923 days ago

    For the last one the guy doesn’t even know how to drive straight smh

  73. tito

    tito23 days ago

    3:00 when soccer mom has had enough

  74. TexasPoonTappa SS

    TexasPoonTappa SS24 days ago

    No way I would swing a Chally on 32s let alone drive one. Shit looks like its gonna roll over. 😂😂

  75. Grooove e

    Grooove e24 days ago

    I work at Autozone and let me tell you, any car can have a straight pipe for about 25-40 dollars lol

  76. teh brockly

    teh brockly24 days ago

    Hope the first chick got a CDL for that absolute Dumper

  77. TSGH Blinkz

    TSGH Blinkz24 days ago

    You should do a squatted truck fail comp

  78. Gabriel Martinez

    Gabriel Martinez24 days ago

    2:50 shitting bricks "come on man" in best Biden voice lol. That happens daily here in California LA traffic.

  79. Kill Swich

    Kill Swich24 days ago

    I got a v6 charger2011 but it’s my 1st car I’ll get sum better when I need to tho😂😂

  80. LiquidFire ZoZ

    LiquidFire ZoZ24 days ago

    Tbh...the civic deserved itXD

  81. LiquidFire ZoZ

    LiquidFire ZoZ24 days ago

    Absolutely kidding btw lol. What do you even do when this happens? Tell insurance a guy was tryna race and hit u or sum?

  82. Reginald Remington lll

    Reginald Remington lll25 days ago

    He said fuck it lemme put 32”s on my supra😂 I dare you drew please as a joke sell the rims after

  83. devlin Rawlings

    devlin Rawlings25 days ago

    I swear in the civic mustang clip when the mustang driver got out he called the civic an asshole as if the civic was in anyway to blame

  84. Christian Rivas

    Christian Rivas25 days ago

    You put wooden blocks on the jack to give it more height

  85. Matt isenberger

    Matt isenberger25 days ago

    I agree. Put all 4 and 6 cylinder cars in a box.

  86. Ryze Powered Gaming

    Ryze Powered Gaming25 days ago

    Fuck tiktok

  87. Chris Robles

    Chris Robles26 days ago

    4:10 my home town this was posted like 3 week ago it was a car meet and the Camaro was trying to show off doing donuts and got smacked by that challenger

  88. Batrent Gaming

    Batrent Gaming26 days ago

    ay bro im not like those guys pls don't send me to the gulag

  89. rogersaddress

    rogersaddress26 days ago

    Thanks, Droopy. - Moe Pydik

  90. Robert Gabe Lucio

    Robert Gabe Lucio26 days ago

    7:30 im pretty sure ive seen a concept of those tires from an actual tire brand. I need to look it up though

  91. Charles Dupuis

    Charles Dupuis26 days ago

    What muffler was she drilling? I didn't see a car or exhaust or a drill?!?!?!

  92. JonRules 12

    JonRules 1227 days ago

    benadryl challenge, enough said about tiktok.

  93. sk8punk318

    sk8punk31827 days ago

    Rasp for days 🤮

  94. Memetrain2509

    Memetrain250928 days ago

    They make Highlift jacks for jeeps and trucks so the donk can use a Highlift jack to jack it up.

  95. Jonathan Cheek

    Jonathan Cheek28 days ago

    That poor miata 😭😭

  96. Derrick Reynolds

    Derrick Reynolds28 days ago

    They just sell the donkey after the tires need changing

  97. Deathy McKill

    Deathy McKill28 days ago

    It rained in LA in the last few days, so it must of been recently??? Whaaat?

  98. Luke Yarasheski

    Luke Yarasheski28 days ago

    You have to lift a donk on a lift. And tires are impossible on 32s


    HOMES COOL28 days ago

    1:22 shut up she was proly fukn around and being funny!!

  100. mr dashin

    mr dashin29 days ago

    Have people not figured how to counter steer?

  101. Anon Canon

    Anon Canon29 days ago

    ... idk how the mustang thing happen... idk if they drunk or stupid