Ricer BLOWS Up Car TRYING To RACE Me!!! (Learned His Lesson)

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  1. Swishas NKush

    Swishas NKush16 hours ago

    Talks mad shit....and then proceeds to pretend to be friendly...also this is a set-up & it's not just a "V6". You're just as much of a clown as the people you make fun of in your videos.

  2. steven

    steven22 hours ago

    👀s set up !! 😂

  3. xxasifxx

    xxasifxx2 days ago

    Why you calling it a ricer? Might not be pretty but it's built to speed

  4. LentLies

    LentLies3 days ago

    I havent watch drew in a while what happened to the orange mustang?

  5. Someone Who cares

    Someone Who cares4 days ago

    haha when he said "right in his mouth" and the girl behind the camera laughed

  6. Rush1169

    Rush11694 days ago

    1:12 bruh let’s go, captions counts exhausts sounds as [Music]

  7. Nick W.

    Nick W.5 days ago

    "People are going to think its a v6 mustang" is it not?

  8. Nick W.

    Nick W.5 days ago

    @Drew Peacock ik🤣🤣 just kidding around cuz the 2j is a 6

  9. Drew Peacock

    Drew Peacock5 days ago

    It’s a 2jz

  10. Avera

    Avera5 days ago

    Wait im confused, this is ur homie?

  11. j

    j6 days ago

    rice? youre trippin

  12. Eric Gon46

    Eric Gon466 days ago

    Ejecto driveshaft cuz

  13. anima oblitus

    anima oblitus7 days ago

    Damn I was expecting a hub intro at some point

  14. anima oblitus

    anima oblitus7 days ago

    Holy shit that miata was going to gap drew

  15. Insane Volts

    Insane Volts7 days ago

    He was gone take u to gapplebees for sure

  16. random black guy

    random black guy10 days ago

    1:54 might as well get yourself some hood scoops

  17. Retro Xtero

    Retro Xtero10 days ago

    Poor guy. He tried so hard. Press f to pay respects for car

  18. Mohammad buksh Talpur

    Mohammad buksh Talpur12 days ago


  19. Bhatti hotel

    Bhatti hotel12 days ago

    I really really feel so bad for the miata guy.

  20. Reckless Media

    Reckless Media12 days ago

    Most people with Miatas just weld on bracing to the diff or just swap in an rx7 or rx8 diff one of the two don’t remember 😂

  21. Michael Fermin-Martinez

    Michael Fermin-Martinez14 days ago

    i mean it is technically a 6 cylinder mustang

  22. Jaime Santiago

    Jaime Santiago14 days ago

    The dude on the glasses and long hair looks like a 🤓 I bet that miata could have beat the mustang

  23. BitchesBeTrippin

    BitchesBeTrippin14 days ago

    Imagine talking shit about people cars when you drive a mustang.... 😬

  24. YNW Schmitty

    YNW Schmitty15 days ago

    mt plates on the stang?

  25. V Twin Power

    V Twin Power15 days ago


  26. LouseyBoyz

    LouseyBoyz15 days ago

    Seen this dude around!

  27. Just some random Dude

    Just some random Dude15 days ago

    Yo drew dont get too cocky he almost beat you😂

  28. Logan Wurtz

    Logan Wurtz16 days ago

    I loved my v6 new edge even tho i knew it was slow but man is the new edge such a fun and reliable platform and honestly i respect tf outta buddy wit a miata 😂😂 ballin on a budget

  29. doubble80

    doubble8017 days ago

    Yo it looks like he was about to pull on you though before the car went down

  30. just dan

    just dan17 days ago

    hahaha car go vroooooooooooooom boom

  31. Truckloadofrhymes canada

    Truckloadofrhymes canada17 days ago

    from the title I thought it was going to be a blown motor that was just a blown drive shaft and honestly the Mustang was about to get walked by the Miata

  32. Matt Ferrigno

    Matt Ferrigno20 days ago

    Dude didn't learn anything... in his mind he can still beat you lol. If only it wasn't for that dumb car haha

  33. Cristian

    Cristian20 days ago

    Bullshit on wheels

  34. NibberJibbs

    NibberJibbs20 days ago

    damn you're hella toxic

  35. Tom Baker

    Tom Baker21 day ago

    Looks set up. He thinks you have a V6 because you told him you did.

  36. Blake Scherping

    Blake Scherping21 day ago

    yo drew my dad had a mustang roush 700whp and rod went through the oil pan but it was loud af

  37. Mr. Boutte

    Mr. Boutte21 day ago

    He was about to take you to gapplebees 💀

  38. KBoring Tv

    KBoring Tv21 day ago

    The Miata might have came back if it was in good condition I heard the boos kicking in

  39. Tim

    Tim22 days ago

    REALEST DIALOGUE EVER!!! Who upvotes this shit?

  40. lavleen brar

    lavleen brar22 days ago

    I saw a AE

  41. Diogenes

    Diogenes22 days ago

    at least he's got a good attitude.

  42. meme dream

    meme dream22 days ago

    if you think this is staged, you're a clown, but you're also right.

  43. Tik tok memes

    Tik tok memes22 days ago

    Hey drew is it a v6

  44. Anubis God Of Death

    Anubis God Of Death22 days ago

    Miata was lowkey ab to eat the stangs ass

  45. Jerrod P

    Jerrod P22 days ago

    Your buddy needs to look up what the v8 miata boys do for diffs. I believe they use cts-v diffs using a kit that you can get online

  46. Kyle

    Kyle23 days ago

    Wait wait wait... Hi, I'm new here. Is that a Bara?

  47. Sheesh Shhh

    Sheesh Shhh23 days ago

    We live in a simulation. Watch his mirrors and how the trees lag😳

  48. Daniel Bush

    Daniel Bush23 days ago

    Why fake this drew 🤦‍♂️

  49. AutoMotivate

    AutoMotivate23 days ago

    Lmao, of course they will believe you when you tell them it is a V6! Easy to believe its a stock V6. Love the content man!

  50. Jason Jason

    Jason Jason24 days ago

    I don’t know if it was just me that in this particular video you seemed like a huge ahole in a mustang

  51. Drew Peacock

    Drew Peacock24 days ago

    Acting LOL that’s my buddy and his Miata. His video is “cocky mustang owner”

  52. Marcus peddle

    Marcus peddle25 days ago

    When are you gonna wrap ur car around a pole so I don’t need to see you pop up in my feed anymore?


    MAJOWY YT26 days ago

    I fell so sorry for him

  54. 100k Ghost

    100k Ghost26 days ago

    Drift Project WAP you poser.

  55. Ciganito

    Ciganito26 days ago

    I knew was a fake the moment a saw the thumbnail. Oh well.

  56. Michael Kelly

    Michael Kelly27 days ago

    Turbo miata :)

  57. Fallen. pengu

    Fallen. pengu27 days ago

    that poor Miata

  58. Jacob C

    Jacob C27 days ago

    That miata was moving for a few seconds looked like he would have been close for a bit And I’ve just seen what’s under the hood no way I thought that I actually thought he was making fun of him and he was a ricer

  59. jimandskittum

    jimandskittum27 days ago

    Sent her a lil too fn hard, I hope he didn't fuck up the radiator

  60. iDoAbridge

    iDoAbridge27 days ago

    Your acting is terrible 😂😂😂

  61. MaddenMobile415

    MaddenMobile41527 days ago


  62. VangBill

    VangBill27 days ago

    I feel like I’m watching a really bad acting pornhub video

  63. Kush Giovanni

    Kush Giovanni27 days ago

    5:18 thank me later

  64. Mx Idaho

    Mx Idaho27 days ago

    Lol I hit like when he Reved his mustang

  65. Connor T.

    Connor T.27 days ago


  66. Danny Shroyer

    Danny Shroyer27 days ago

    Drew is just looking at a destroyed u joint. Drew: "So what went wrong?" 😂😂

  67. Danny Shroyer

    Danny Shroyer27 days ago

    I don't know Drew, it seems pretty rice of you to set all this up. 😅

  68. jacob jreisat

    jacob jreisat27 days ago

    Omg I live down the street from there

  69. 6 Senseicion

    6 Senseicion27 days ago

    It is weird you just recording some strangers car.

  70. Samuel Kim

    Samuel Kim27 days ago

    drew: what happened to ur car? guy: the car decided to blow up man lol

  71. •Relics•

    •Relics•27 days ago

    people have different taste and the bumper is fine.

  72. Hseriesonly Monctonnb

    Hseriesonly Monctonnb27 days ago

    The best diff for those cars is the Pontiac solsitis like river miata has in his sr20 roadster he’s ran 10 in 1/4 and doing hard on the streets

  73. Hseriesonly Monctonnb

    Hseriesonly Monctonnb27 days ago

    I think that Mazda would of have you the sause to be honest

  74. Sikez

    Sikez28 days ago

    And thats how drew made a new friend

  75. A-10 Warthog

    A-10 Warthog28 days ago

    i like how hard his trying to fight his urge to absolutely roast the devil out of his miata.. btw why.. why did he ruin the miata

  76. ACE.CAL

    ACE.CAL28 days ago

    That is what happens when someone has the means to mod but doesn't know how to.

  77. Harry Carol

    Harry Carol28 days ago

    Just some questionable body mods

  78. Harry Carol

    Harry Carol28 days ago

    Ok ok that’s not rice he got the performance to back it up


    NINJEX WOLF28 days ago

    Drew what did u doooo


    NINJEX WOLF28 days ago

    The 2jz miata

  81. ModifiedOnBudget

    ModifiedOnBudget28 days ago

    Gotta give the miata guys props. Its defiently fast, it was about to pull you to hell


    CULTBMXXVANS0028 days ago

    not every car is a ricer.

  83. skoi.exe

    skoi.exe28 days ago

    Damn lmao it really would have gapped him too

  84. nathan dematteis

    nathan dematteis28 days ago

    Tells person it has a v6. "Everybody thinks it's just a v6."

  85. daniel garcia

    daniel garcia28 days ago

    Guy gets black rims on a black V6 Drew: ricer!

  86. Iamdemoris

    Iamdemoris28 days ago

    Why do you call every car a ricer 😂

  87. Jival Roopnarian

    Jival Roopnarian28 days ago

    That's not a ricer


    AIDAN GRAY28 days ago

    And the oscar goes to...

  89. Jovan Solomon

    Jovan Solomon28 days ago

    I hear a turbo FD diff holds up pretty well and requires little modification to fit. Never done it myself.

  90. djemischief1

    djemischief128 days ago

    How do I email you

  91. Mask0nX0 ΩҜ

    Mask0nX0 ΩҜ28 days ago

    It always is the dude with the 03 mustang smh

  92. carlos

    carlos28 days ago

    "Just convert it to front reel drive rq" lmaoo

  93. The Car Industry

    The Car Industry28 days ago

    I’m no expert but I think that you should reinforce your driveshaft before tossing such a powerful engine into a car that is not designed to go fast

  94. CCN PNDA

    CCN PNDA28 days ago

    I like that a Drew gained a friend

  95. zellow Potatah

    zellow Potatah28 days ago

    The cars outside the garage🥶🥶

  96. Phase

    Phase29 days ago

    *calls it a ricer* *almost gets gapped to kingdom come*

  97. Hugo Gallegos

    Hugo Gallegos29 days ago

    5:33 Drew says that was " my buddies car" . This was obviously acting.

  98. KAY D

    KAY D29 days ago

    You destroyed his hopes and dreams.

  99. LegionsGameHaven

    LegionsGameHaven29 days ago

    That cars far from rice lol

  100. aiden foster

    aiden foster29 days ago

    My man says people think it’s just a v6 mustang. It is now just a boosted v6 mustang

  101. I poor I

    I poor I29 days ago

    I like that guy he needs to be in the vids more

  102. Refillz *

    Refillz *29 days ago

    The amount of people that didn't get this was scripted 😂😂😂. Sucks his driveshaft broke, the miata was finna leave you 😂. Power to weight ratio!

  103. NSW cloudz

    NSW cloudz29 days ago

    Nobody: The dude in the back changing a tire

  104. Jovas 701

    Jovas 70129 days ago

    That’s what he gets for trying to fake it 😂

  105. 12 skits

    12 skits29 days ago

    Hi I’m new here. You have a bolt?