Ricers Love To Ruin Perfectly Good Cars... (Ricer Cars On Reddit)

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I tried out Reddit today for the first time looking at sh*tty car mods. these are ricer mods and just over all bad mods that you should not do to your car. Lemme know what you guys think in the comments if you like this series.
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  1. ً

    ً14 days ago

    Anyone is watching drew for a long time but never subscribed or liked any of his videos?

  2. Samira Gaming

    Samira Gaming3 days ago

    @Drew Peacock or else...

  3. Roger Churata

    Roger Churata10 days ago

    I subed after after his videos made me laugh and smile (over a year ago)

  4. Tofu

    Tofu11 days ago

    @gotHotFire sorry for having good taste

  5. Alaa Mohammad

    Alaa Mohammad11 days ago

    I subbed to him after 2 hours of watching him that was like 6 months ago

  6. Sean Price

    Sean Price11 days ago

    i was subbed but for some reason youtube unsubbed me.

  7. Video Gamer800

    Video Gamer800Day ago

    But Drewww

  8. Kevin Doud

    Kevin DoudDay ago

    Hahaha i finally make it on a Drew Peacock vid and its a tiny spoiler on my e92.

  9. shane rhodes

    shane rhodes2 days ago

    8:23 strap it to a pidgeon had me diyng

  10. shane rhodes

    shane rhodes2 days ago

    8:13 thats what she said

  11. 魔王Kumo

    魔王Kumo4 days ago

    (In case anyone was wondering) First car with anime wrap The title of the anime is as translated: “My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute”

  12. Aaron Menchinger

    Aaron Menchinger5 days ago

    Oh shit the "R34" I am pretty sure thats local to me. From Michigan and I've only seen the one, pretty sure that was it. If not they got the "kit" from the same ebay dude

  13. Frank Woods

    Frank Woods5 days ago

    9:56 that boi pulled up in the hulk machine

  14. Electro740

    Electro7406 days ago

    the anime has only taken over cause pap franku is no longer around to bully weebs out of existence

  15. Quinn Roach

    Quinn Roach7 days ago

    Put back on civic bumper on the “civic x lambo” and I’m sold on it

  16. Joe Odgers

    Joe Odgers7 days ago

    Cars with anime characters on the side is a popular trend in Japan called Itasha. It’s been around for a long time over there but I’ve just recently started seeing it here in LA and other parts of the US. Itasha means “painful car” btw.

  17. Querion Harrington

    Querion Harrington8 days ago

    you just got to watch anime to get it

  18. Jayden Williams

    Jayden Williams8 days ago

    Yo where I live there are 100s of people riding around on 24s in a Vic

  19. Induction Racing

    Induction Racing8 days ago

    Hellaflush is a youtuber he tagged

  20. Extra Magnus

    Extra Magnus8 days ago

    I fw the weeb cars🙏🏾

  21. MineraptinGT

    MineraptinGT8 days ago

    how do i submit my car?

  22. Stolen Media

    Stolen Media9 days ago

    No offence Drew but the 240sx turned into a R34 is not tht bad to me

  23. Juan Luna

    Juan Luna9 days ago

    "Paisa shit" as a Mexican I can say he ain't lying and drew you're invited to the next carne asada!

  24. Shadow X

    Shadow X9 days ago

    At 2:05 is the Mazda Protege 5

  25. Bananaa

    Bananaa9 days ago

    Is it rice if i wanna put a quick release steering wheel in a stock v6 fiero

  26. Saul Barragan

    Saul Barragan9 days ago

    The part when he said " got some paisa shit" got me good XD

  27. Rateltong

    Rateltong9 days ago

    When will people stop hating on rice? Just mod your car the way you want. Then there is actual diversity

  28. _boxer_wrx_sti_

    _boxer_wrx_sti_9 days ago

    “He go dumb wit yo ass. Dat boi had pulled up in a huuuulk machine” meme 9:50

  29. Gaming_Legend_TX

    Gaming_Legend_TX9 days ago

    the fake r34 looks like a Nascar

  30. S1am R07

    S1am R0710 days ago

    bro the first car i the car that 5yr old me would buy

  31. some random 300zx

    some random 300zx10 days ago

    I would love to see BladedAngel and Drew Peacock duke it out for who is correct.

  32. Austin Savage

    Austin Savage10 days ago

    That "Only in Knoxville" is too relatable... Only because i live there

  33. Raging Bullet

    Raging Bullet10 days ago

    So anime wrapped cars in Japanese are called Itasha. Which translates to “painful car”. Basically it’s called Cringe car, and that’s the whole point, it’s supposed to be cringe.

  34. Original Recipe

    Original Recipe10 days ago

    3:02 Want to get a wrap like that so when i race people, it'll piss them off.

  35. KillerDJ357

    KillerDJ35710 days ago

    remind me not do rice out the 240 this summer

  36. Brandon Harris

    Brandon Harris10 days ago

    My friends are saying that VTEC is for rice.

  37. Declan Robinson

    Declan Robinson10 days ago

    I want the mini wing for my car

  38. Omar Collazo

    Omar Collazo10 days ago

    Some paisa shit I’m dead

  39. Cootie 24K

    Cootie 24K10 days ago

    Can’t go get no bitches 😂😂😂😂

  40. Nnaemeka Omeruo

    Nnaemeka Omeruo10 days ago

    I heavily agree with the anime part especially as most of these cgaracters are underaged and still sexualized

  41. Hason Hata

    Hason Hata10 days ago

    3:15 Bladed Angle: uhhh

  42. jlo gaming

    jlo gaming10 days ago


  43. JumpMark954

    JumpMark95410 days ago

    Infant r34 killed me 😂😂

  44. Blue Rosen

    Blue Rosen11 days ago

    People just like anime now a days lmao, i guess that goes for car people aswell

  45. oscar landaverde

    oscar landaverde11 days ago

    "Latino style" lmao bruh you making us look bad!

  46. jimmy campuzano

    jimmy campuzano11 days ago

    Can't go to the grocery store can't get no BITCHES!! 🤣🤣🤣

  47. Brian Jaimes Zavala

    Brian Jaimes Zavala11 days ago

    Yoooo the shade, why you got to call out the paisas man😂😂

  48. adam s

    adam s11 days ago

    What's wrong with the donk ? I guarantee some of them things will smoke what ever you got.. lol I got spanked by musta been 600+hp donk on like 26s , it WHOOPED my 300ish hp 04 mcs

  49. adam s

    adam s11 days ago

    Guess droopy says the vid isn't fir me, agh well

  50. Devon Smith

    Devon Smith11 days ago

    You are most definitely a weeb

  51. Ricardo cintron

    Ricardo cintron11 days ago

    11:55 That fake R34 is from Puerto Rico. Is a S13 chassis RHD and it has a RB20DET.

  52. Henry Vargas

    Henry Vargas11 days ago

    That fake R34 does have an RB26 I saw that car in person like 12 years ago

  53. anio

    anio11 days ago

    well, we like anime and cars. so we put the two together.

  54. ekleipsis musica

    ekleipsis musica11 days ago

    Quién mas es de pr jajaja

  55. sk8erdot101

    sk8erdot10111 days ago

    Ive seen that 240sx r34 yes its rb20det its weird but cool car

  56. S80 Motivation

    S80 Motivation11 days ago

    I actually know the guy with the fake R34 😂 its a stock ka24de with an open diff 😂🤦‍♂️

  57. Pro_noob 566

    Pro_noob 56611 days ago

    Itasha is a very big thing that been around for a while. It’s wrapping or painting your car with your favorite anime. It has a culture around it and everything. It’s not rice cuz it’s not trying to rip off the racing culture yk. It’s not trying to look like a fast car. It’s kinda like stance cars but not really yk. But some at performance cars.

  58. lil oc

    lil oc11 days ago

    y’all think the 3rd car is horrible? i live in south florida...

  59. MatteMTZ

    MatteMTZ11 days ago

    3:45 we need Drew to meet Bladed

  60. Lyrixc

    Lyrixc12 days ago

    He literally could have just sold the 240 and bought a 34 dumbass

  61. Roberto Casalegno

    Roberto Casalegno12 days ago

    3:01 bladed angel not happy

  62. Dark Alley Cowboys

    Dark Alley Cowboys12 days ago

    Drew u can’t say Paisa Yee been warned

  63. Dark Alley Cowboys

    Dark Alley Cowboys12 days ago

    Fake hood scoops rice, body kits and carbon parts not rice

  64. boratulYT

    boratulYT12 days ago

    Drew talking about the weeb. Me: Bladed angel corvette.

  65. Elvin Matos

    Elvin Matos12 days ago

    2:42 Bro wtf, I knew the other of that car or, someone with a car just like that lol

  66. You REEE

    You REEE12 days ago

    Theres an actual video made by a dude named Alexi who explained the anime and said something about one word in the name translating to pain and the funny part to is that he in a way explained why its sort of embarassing to do the anime wrap thing in japan as well

  67. Coyote Living

    Coyote Living12 days ago

    Fuckin civic looked like Squirtle lol

  68. Vendacator

    Vendacator12 days ago

    Holy shit I got in a video

  69. yazan shareef

    yazan shareef12 days ago

    nothing better to help a bad day than a rice or nice from drew, please never stop man 😂

  70. zayloe999

    zayloe99912 days ago

    Why would you turn an amazing 240sx into a "skyline"

  71. t3mk3r

    t3mk3r12 days ago


  72. Epok97

    Epok9712 days ago

    Race Inspired Crap Exhibited

  73. Gavin Remi

    Gavin Remi12 days ago

    Do you watch John Lovell or do you just use his likeness on your vids

  74. Cheyne Smock

    Cheyne Smock12 days ago

    the anime shit is so dumb like just make it subtle put a sharingan on your headlight or like luffys flag on the frony but dont wrap the whole car

  75. Laur LDV

    Laur LDV12 days ago

    3:49 The anime wraps cars they are called Itashas, which basically means "painful cars" so they wrap it in anime anime stuff for the purpose of being painful.

  76. Ultear Milkovich

    Ultear Milkovich12 days ago

    8:52 Drew-“Don’t be a hater.” But hates anime wrapped cars Lmao

  77. Kevin S.

    Kevin S.12 days ago

    baby r34 isn't real. it can't hurt you baby r34: 12:24

  78. Matthew Wharmby

    Matthew Wharmby12 days ago

    R32 I have won 26 consecutive races I am the best R24 I was a car in a really good series of movies and I have the same motor as the r32

  79. Paul Bertuleit

    Paul Bertuleit12 days ago

    The fast and the furious ruined car culture for a bit, but these "ricers" are still more reliable than any fiat chrysler product, even with the poorly installed mods.

  80. Tyra

    Tyra12 days ago

    I think Drew needs to meet Bladed Angel, I think they would be great friends😂😂😂

  81. Dolamite TheBoss

    Dolamite TheBoss12 days ago

    Love the channel but learn what a donk is a car with large diameter wheels is not a donk period

  82. Special Care

    Special Care12 days ago

    To be honest I feel an exhaust doesn’t mean you are fast Bc regardless it has a purpose unlike a fake vent sit and chill I feel ain’t rice because looking “fast” is perspective

  83. Sy Hawa

    Sy Hawa12 days ago

    Blame lil uzi for the anime wraps....

  84. Yuuta AJW

    Yuuta AJW13 days ago

    Im a weeb but I didn't like those anime wraps or 'itasha' whatever they call.

  85. Rowil

    Rowil13 days ago

    2:16 the front of this ”R34” looks like it got crashed to the wall

  86. Aaron

    Aaron13 days ago

    As someone heavily into the car and anime sticker scene, I think the recent rise in anime in the car community is simply because anime itself is on the rise, so naturally it'll show up within other communities. It's especially prominent in the car scene since cars are often modded to express the owner's interests.

  87. Lerbyz

    Lerbyz13 days ago

    The "weeb car wrap" is called itasha, (痛車) Literally meaning "痛- Painful, 車-vehicle" So itasha basically means "painful vehicle" or "eyesore" lmao

  88. PocketPreach316

    PocketPreach31613 days ago

    The dude complaining about “park and chill” guys who don’t mod their engines/performance then posts a pic of a 370z. IMO if a car is fast enough from factory, then who cars if you mod the engine? You know what I mean??? If it’s not a slow car then who cars where they mod? Slow cars with tons of mods-I get it. But come on!

  89. Jose Dominguez

    Jose Dominguez13 days ago

    “Some paisa shit” 💀💀💀🤣🤣🤣🤣

  90. ztrxel

    ztrxel13 days ago

    bro am i the only one that likes when he talks bout him self in the 3rd person

  91. george llamas

    george llamas13 days ago

    Anime looks good if the design is good, if it’s like that it’s fucking trash tbh

  92. Alex Cowboi

    Alex Cowboi13 days ago

    imo its not ricer if the owner doesnt think its fast, it seems like most ricers actually think their car is fast

  93. Samuel Melendez

    Samuel Melendez13 days ago

    Til this day i will never understand Ricers.

  94. Kaleb VVV

    Kaleb VVV13 days ago

    Drew can you build a sleeper next crown Vic with turbo? Like build wise obviously you do what you want with money but a sleeper sleeper would be so dope

  95. Yuki DSM

    Yuki DSM13 days ago

    Imma slide in here mainly cause of the anime comment n figured I'd clear it up some. So pretty much since anime has been becoming more and more popular in the western scene a car style called itasha from japan started to slowly sneak over from people here loving the anime they watched to the point they get a wrap inspired by it, they usually pick their favorite character n commission someone to setup the design. then it goes through a wrap shop willing to take the custom print I usually hear rocket wraps thrown around a lot. Some people really do it for clout on instagram, others do it cause they actually just really love the show n that. Think of em as stans but I dunno less toxic. More often than not itasha is less about speed n more out how the wrap and any additional cosmetics modifications. Really no further from vip builds only a lil more..shouty I'd say

  96. Yuki DSM

    Yuki DSM13 days ago

    Hope my rats nest of a explanation cleared things up if at all. It's one of those you either love it or hate it style kinda builds

  97. Eric Naraine Jr

    Eric Naraine Jr13 days ago

    I live in camppenilton

  98. Spectre

    Spectre13 days ago

    For me, the difference between a RICER and someone who likes to park and chill are how tasteful the exterior mods look on your car. Like if you put Lambo doors, and Lambo bumpers with side vents that lead to nowhere (or fake vents on the hood), add on a GIANT fucking wing on your Honda Civic, then yes-that is RICED. But if you just put a good paint job, an aesthetically sized wing that compliments your car, a real vented hood to keep your 24 year old car’s engine from overheating and bumpers and side skirts that compliment the car, then it’s not RICED.

  99. Lukewarm Water

    Lukewarm Water13 days ago

    Rice is nice

  100. Paul Ramsey

    Paul Ramsey13 days ago

    I live in Knoxville and ive seen that donk a looot

  101. BatCat2S

    BatCat2S13 days ago

    10:18 means "evil" in spanish

  102. Sleezy2X

    Sleezy2X13 days ago

    The blue car is an escort lol

  103. vance holaday

    vance holaday13 days ago

    did drew get a new mic he kinda sounds dif

  104. zachqb7

    zachqb713 days ago

    “This is just a treat for you guys” best birthday gift I’ve gotten. Thanks Drew!

  105. Akiller Crawford

    Akiller Crawford13 days ago

    Pigeon wouldn't be able to deliver the spoiler to your house because it can't fly with all that down force 🤣

  106. ——-_____

    ——-_____13 days ago

    8:24 I saw one on a Prius when I was walking home. I couldn’t stop laughing the whole way home.