Playing A Spooky Game (Dead By Daylight Livestream)

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  1. Spencer Crowe

    Spencer Crowe2 days ago

    I'm a ghostface main

  2. MartinSkateFilms

    MartinSkateFilmsMonth ago

    Stick to cars

  3. Ha funny _

    Ha funny _Month ago

    You make gameplay vids???? Definitely should do more definitely not saying more than the car vids but it’s a nice touch

  4. MashX

    MashXMonth ago

    Make second channel this is dope!

  5. Tyus Kane

    Tyus KaneMonth ago

    This is funny because I just played this game yesterday at the same time for the first time

  6. Cekzeti

    CekzetiMonth ago

    Lmao I have over 500 hours on this game and watching him play is funny as hell

  7. Cekzeti

    CekzetiMonth ago

    @Glam.- yeah same it hurts my brain so much

  8. Glam.-

    Glam.-Month ago

    Bro it pains me so much watching this

  9. Sn95_Adam

    Sn95_AdamMonth ago

    Damn I rember playing this like 2 yrs ago, cool to see it's a game people still play.

  10. Ethan Timm

    Ethan TimmMonth ago

    This stream was πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  11. Brandon K

    Brandon KMonth ago

    Not many people get on this game anymore.

  12. γ€ŒN!nj4boy -

    γ€ŒN!nj4boy -Month ago

    Pls put a ridox bodykit on ur supra

  13. zacrobyte

    zacrobyteMonth ago

    Very epic

  14. YaBoiBreadstix

    YaBoiBreadstixMonth ago

    I have no idea why but I love how he just makes random gameplay vids

  15. C4

    C4Month ago

    I think killers have special abilities to assist with finding survivors.

  16. lil pattee

    lil patteeMonth ago

    dead by daylight is pretty lit i just wish there was more to do it gets boring fixing generators all day lol

  17. offxcial.millie

    offxcial.millieMonth ago

    You right but that’s every game you do the same thing over and over just different outcomes and little different tiny things

  18. C4

    C4Month ago

    He may roast our cars, but now we can roast his gameplay lol πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒ