When RICERS Get Their STIMULUS CHECK!!! (Ricer Cars On Reddit)

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I tried out Reddit today for the first time looking at sh*tty car mods. these are ricer mods and just over all bad mods that you should not do to your car. Lemme know what you guys think in the comments if you like this series.
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  1. Luc Gerasimatos

    Luc Gerasimatos9 hours ago

    what model civic is the first one

  2. ILL Mac

    ILL Mac2 days ago

    The vios is in philippines not in America and that is not a stick on tips

  3. ILL Mac

    ILL Mac2 days ago

    The red truck is in asia theres alot of those

  4. RaoulMori7

    RaoulMori74 days ago

    Flames only look good on lowriders from the 70s

  5. Mike Upton

    Mike Upton6 days ago

    Ah, actually that lowered Benz was kinda sweet. Could you please educate me. Are those "angel eyes" head lights from the darkest level of ricer hell or not? Have a sibling that has installed those things on a BMW and (sit down) a Ford Ranger that is more rust than normal Ranger shit. I told him those head lights were ridiculous heavy on the dic. Kid Sib is a dork and riced his rides right?

  6. Kisame Hoshigaki

    Kisame Hoshigaki7 days ago

    They made Bugatti out of Alfa Romeo

  7. Phouq YuToo

    Phouq YuToo7 days ago

    LOL @ mexicans and black people who drive American Cars/lexus/g37

  8. Jose Calderon

    Jose Calderon7 days ago

    9:15 his fucking dumb ass shit, like bruh, that’s the fakes batmobile I ever seen in my life.

  9. Marusan24

    Marusan249 days ago

    i fucking know the car 8:00, my dad had one lmao. its a daewoo cielo not an evo :)))))

  10. keppihevonen

    keppihevonen9 days ago

    Bugatti is from french and owned by germans

  11. Nq Lynx

    Nq Lynx9 days ago

    Drew hating on a fwd for drifting even tho DK's collection is fwd 😂

  12. Philpot Symington

    Philpot Symington9 days ago

    9:35 is a honda accord..

  13. OberonCobra

    OberonCobra10 days ago

    1:53 - I might be wrong but wasn't this done in japan to show of how low the car is? if its scraping and half the tsurikawa is gone, that means that the car is pretty damn low...

  14. Lukas Mueller Trathen

    Lukas Mueller Trathen11 days ago

    I'm Austrian too and live in the Us I've been watching your videos keep the work my guy

  15. Skies V Skies

    Skies V Skies11 days ago

    Bugatti’s are French cars FYI

  16. K

    K12 days ago

    You can't see it he's bleeding obviously

  17. slick_4_life

    slick_4_life12 days ago

    Bugatti is from France

  18. Patrick hiphop

    Patrick hiphop12 days ago

    That cow hood looks like it was one of those turtle shell vacation luggage compartments you used to put on your roofs back in the 90s lol

  19. Myra Stone

    Myra Stone13 days ago

    That fake cop mustang was actually pretty dope

  20. knoktikz5150

    knoktikz515013 days ago

    Bugatti is French

  21. KC OCEAN

    KC OCEAN14 days ago

    7:03 gigantic all-season ballons boiii! T.T

  22. Elvira

    Elvira14 days ago

    idc what u say..i like the 1st civic. its a vibe

  23. Jumpman 0

    Jumpman 014 days ago

    The company that made the fake koeniggsegg’s used in the need for speed movie sell them for 100k &I think they’re on some lotus chassis Idk

  24. Watching Angel

    Watching Angel14 days ago

    No...a blind person could find out just from hearing the sound.

  25. Dotjens

    Dotjens15 days ago


  26. Moises Reyes

    Moises Reyes15 days ago

    that Booooo 👎 gatti shake my fkn head

  27. 408.london 693

    408.london 69315 days ago



    HONEY KUN15 days ago


  29. Melon G0D

    Melon G0D15 days ago

    Rice is nice

  30. Urix U

    Urix U15 days ago

    2:50 damn dude, that thing could climb a mountain and cross rivers, its so damn high even monster trucks get envious...

  31. mirthenary

    mirthenary15 days ago

    9:00 Seen something similar driving around White Oak, MD Only it was a gold 95 accord with random objects glued all over and it had, you'll like this Drew, newspaper glued into the shape of window vents🤮

  32. mirthenary

    mirthenary15 days ago

    Gimme a gallon of gas and lighter and I'll fix that "Bugatti"

  33. Jared T

    Jared T15 days ago

    You gotta appreciate that the thumbnail person actually tried buttt they should've made it shorter and that giardi is ok

  34. The Admiral

    The Admiral16 days ago

    Austrian accent sounds like the GOVERNATOR

  35. stevvie 999

    stevvie 99917 days ago

    5:49 my bad my car was not good in flames, and there were just sodas in my cooler.

  36. 1968 AMC Rambler American

    1968 AMC Rambler American17 days ago


  37. danger flare

    danger flare18 days ago

    Rice wdym looks real to me.

  38. polski

    polski18 days ago


  39. Johnlin Guadalupe

    Johnlin Guadalupe18 days ago

    bugatti should sue yo ass 🤣🤣🤣🤣 im cryin

  40. Maw Omgies

    Maw Omgies18 days ago

    who else saw him in recommended and kept watching him?

  41. Madara Uchiha

    Madara Uchiha18 days ago

    If I was to get a Honda Civic I’m actually gonna try to make is sound and look nice and I’ll slap a turbo into it with money I earn

  42. Funky Here

    Funky Here18 days ago

    Not for nothing but those buick roadmaster wagons packed the 5.7 LT1. Some even ran the Corvette spec LT1 like the 95-97 Impala SS. Granted the riveted cowl is meh especially if the hood isnt cut underneath for good reason.

  43. Matt Jones

    Matt Jones18 days ago

    Why do ricers drive the way the drive. They always gotta come out of nowhere and tail gate you, rev at you, spin their tires from a stop and accelerate hard next you when you have a v8. Its like they have to constantly prove that their car is faster when its not.

  44. Mason Herriott

    Mason Herriott18 days ago

    Bugatti is France but yes they are owned by Volkswagen lol half correct

  45. Michael Knerr

    Michael Knerr18 days ago

    No zebras were harmed in the making of this video🦓🦓🦓

  46. Silhouette

    Silhouette19 days ago

    10:15 why does the civic look like a drunk ass froky from Pokémon

  47. Ibrahim Omar

    Ibrahim Omar19 days ago

    The Bugatti is too ugly that it looks really cool


    TR3BORX III19 days ago

    The station wagon 12:10 is a Buick Roadmaster That comes standard with an LS6 6.0.! I have seen quite a few with blowers on them. I don't know if you would need a tub that big, but when in Rome "I guess"... A friend of ended up getting his grandmother's and put a 100 shot on it,lnao and if we would go do donuts and burnouts behind shopping complexes if we were leaving at a cop passed us they wouldn't even bat an eye, extremely sweet sleeper.

  49. Your name here

    Your name here20 days ago

    Omg these cars represent people who really should not reproduce.....EVER!!!

  50. The Kit Carson Vlog

    The Kit Carson Vlog20 days ago

    Tell me why that fake bugatti look like a prius😂

  51. s k y y

    s k y y20 days ago

    that Mercedes in the intro tho 👀

  52. Ryan Jarman

    Ryan Jarman20 days ago

    bugatti is frenc... nevermind

  53. christopher lee

    christopher lee21 day ago

    Wow those are some of the ugliest cars I've ever seen. Great video

  54. Paulwal

    Paulwal21 day ago

    @9:50 Wasn't aware Acura made the Nissan 240 in the 90s "🎶The More You Know🎶"

  55. Plane J

    Plane J21 day ago

    9:58 Doesn't look like a 240, that's definitely an early 90s Honda Accord CB7

  56. Paulwal

    Paulwal21 day ago

    @Plane J Its mostdeff a Legend but you were MUCH closer than my man Drew!

  57. Matt Hendley

    Matt Hendley21 day ago

    the diy "louvers" look like blinds

  58. Julian Mapes

    Julian Mapes21 day ago

    The first car besides the window and the lanyard I didn’t think looked that bad

  59. ManithePrince

    ManithePrince21 day ago

    So here I am looking for a decent 240sx and they butcher them for fun ..... cool

  60. Yaseen Qadir

    Yaseen Qadir21 day ago

    10:06 he's a small business owner, nice guy btw

  61. Yaseen Qadir

    Yaseen Qadir21 day ago

    10:06 I shared your video with the Civic mechanic

  62. Yaseen Qadir

    Yaseen Qadir21 day ago

    his no. is in picture

  63. Jack Finley

    Jack Finley21 day ago

    I now want Drew to find a fake Koenigsegg to see how he reacts to it. RISE THE DREW PEACOCK ARMY SEARCH FAR AND WIDE FOR ONEEEE😂

  64. Arrow Looper

    Arrow Looper21 day ago

    Some of these dont look bad

  65. UncookedRefridgerator37[GLOOP]

    UncookedRefridgerator37[GLOOP]22 days ago

    2:40 bluetooth exhaust tips

  66. Chris Garcia

    Chris Garcia22 days ago

    Fuck your ricer ass second channel that I’m GONNA subscribe too Bc I’m a fan. Love you brother.

  67. Hashh B

    Hashh B22 days ago

    Lmfao the Bugatti was the funniest one wtf was it before? A Toyota?

  68. socal frank

    socal frank22 days ago

    That car with flames was NOT a pt cruiser I know you said that you know and you're not that stupid but you shure sound stupid so you're welcome.

  69. Cornitescu Constantin

    Cornitescu Constantin22 days ago


  70. Rewerb

    Rewerb22 days ago

    honestly, if that civic didnt have those back window things and that drift lanyard, it would be pretty clean

  71. Daniel Ehoff

    Daniel Ehoff23 days ago

    I’m pretty sure I’ve been looking for this channel ever since I discovered USlikes.

  72. JR Fuller

    JR Fuller23 days ago

    So uh we just gonna ignore the fact that the car at 8:50 isn't a 240sx 🤔

  73. Jordan Thomson

    Jordan Thomson23 days ago

    now this is funny

  74. Jordan Thomson

    Jordan Thomson23 days ago

    WTHK???? whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!

  75. Vilando Pierre

    Vilando Pierre23 days ago

    Fake it till you make it 😂

  76. Chi town Hustler

    Chi town Hustler23 days ago

    Your thumbnail is hilarious

  77. Deborah chesser

    Deborah chesser23 days ago

    I’m embarrassed for the people that built these cars, that’s pretty bad.

  78. Weed Nose Gaming HD

    Weed Nose Gaming HD23 days ago

    Bruh I be squinting and I still cant see it

  79. Fireymations

    Fireymations23 days ago

    Drew’s German accent funniest shit I’ve ever seen today

  80. Frank Summer

    Frank Summer24 days ago

    Lmao bro took that 240 to the arena workshop in gta

  81. Nick Singh

    Nick Singh24 days ago

    The car at 9:00 looks like a 94 Acura Legend sedan to me 🤔

  82. Cobra427

    Cobra42724 days ago

    5:29 the only sensible people that put flames on their cars are the ones that put them on a banger racing/demo derby car

  83. venus as a boy

    venus as a boy24 days ago

    Dude, You don't get to criticize people while browsing reddit lmao

  84. White Star Broken

    White Star Broken24 days ago

    dude, forget the pranks, forget the mom videos, forget the vlogs and just keep doing this, please.

  85. EverythingGaming Style

    EverythingGaming Style24 days ago

    Bugattis are hyper cars

  86. Michael Glover

    Michael Glover24 days ago

    could you look up "geo metro pretending to be a sazuki swift" please my dad is a full ass ricer and i want you to state your opinion

  87. Uhmwhat

    Uhmwhat24 days ago

    That 240 can be saved, all that stuff is obviously glued on

  88. Fireburst

    Fireburst24 days ago

    I literally saw a pt cruiser with flames the other day

  89. T G

    T G24 days ago

    'I don't know why flames was such a hot paintjob' I've been giggling nonstop for like 5 minutes send help

  90. zZMrPickleZz Sava

    zZMrPickleZz Sava24 days ago

    That "fake" GTR actually looks like that. It is a real car with the headlights looking like that. The rest really is sad though. I agree

  91. Glass Hafful

    Glass Hafful24 days ago

    Was dying laughing

  92. Bugister332

    Bugister33225 days ago

    Its... French

  93. Scotty Walker

    Scotty Walker25 days ago

    Your arm back in the vehicle lol 😂

  94. the Atf

    the Atf25 days ago

    Bugatti is french 🇫🇷🥖

  95. ikumi

    ikumi25 days ago

    nah that definitely looked like a evo but i see some of the similarity in the r34

  96. V Z

    V Z25 days ago

    9:00 looks like a Acura legend

  97. Redstone King

    Redstone King25 days ago

    6:20 send it back and get your money back

  98. 화난 땅땅이 angry ddang ddang

    화난 땅땅이 angry ddang ddang25 days ago

    4:38 normal here at korea and they sounds like a honda civic but 50% louder and 30% ecoy

  99. WoNd3R T0A5T

    WoNd3R T0A5T25 days ago

    This one was extra funny 🤣🤣

  100. Charles K

    Charles K25 days ago

    Drew why do you hate station wagons? 😕

  101. Epidemix

    Epidemix25 days ago

    You made my day with that title ☺️🤣😅

  102. 007MP5

    007MP525 days ago

    Drew that’s a cholo accent not german 😂