Are These RICER BUILDS Worth The MONEY?!? - Rice or Nice Offerup

Today i look at the cars you guys sent me and say some thought on whether the car is rice or nice. the final decision is up to you guys tho so go to the comments and let me know asap. I did not tag owner In case they did not want to be tagged. these cars can be ugly or clean builds. it all depends what you guys, my subscribers, send me!
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Rice or nice part 19:
insta: @___drewpeacock
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  1. chris savva

    chris savva17 hours ago

    Didnt know 323i was a bmw i thought it was 320 or 328?

  2. BrAnDoN MeJiA099

    BrAnDoN MeJiA099Day ago

    That eclipse has the same rims as my car lol

  3. nicholas berari

    nicholas berariDay ago

    the only ones hating are the people with ricers like the blue one. i bet that car goes 0-60 in what, 5 years. i wouldn't be surprised if the wheels fell off by the time you hit 40 mph

  4. sheldon white

    sheldon white2 days ago

    That blue Honda is ready for garbage what's the wheels flattened out I hate that

  5. Xaveredz Ez

    Xaveredz Ez3 days ago

    The accord is hard u jus have no taste

  6. Jeff Cirelli

    Jeff Cirelli3 days ago

    OMFG that blue hunk of shit was ridiculous. Straight up, Im a performance guy. If the car should go fast, make it go fast. I fully hate stanced out cars when its like, a sweet and now hard to find 240sx that should have been built. Or an STI that should be 500ALLWHEEL HP. But if you just wanna build a stanced out showcar, AND DO IT RIGHT, and not go cheap as fuck with 400 dollar coilovers spun down with no bump stops.. then I support you. There is great examples of really sharp looking stanced out builds, that absolutely took time and money to do right. I fuck with that. Id still rather just build the car to drive faster, corner better and stop quicker, but, thats me.

  7. luis lopez

    luis lopez3 days ago

    I want a 180sx type x but i got a 240sx with a type x kit...same thing?

  8. David Tran Media

    David Tran Media3 days ago

    I had the 335is and M3 with the v8. I never made the 335 to look like the m3. But boy was it so much faster lol. After tune and pure turbo upgrade over 800whp

  9. Lul Vamp

    Lul Vamp3 days ago

    It’s not the worst thing we’ve ever seen “”looking at you””

  10. Richard Duncan

    Richard Duncan3 days ago

    "Back in the day, everyone [at the car meet] would have been busting out their Nokia's, taking very low quality, very low resolution images of this car." I'm fkin Dead omg bro😂🤣

  11. Shxde-emo Kid24

    Shxde-emo Kid246 days ago

    The car in the thumbnail is not rice its absolute fucking shit

  12. MyParentsBasement

    MyParentsBasement7 days ago

    I debadged and added M wheels to my 323i back in the day 😔

  13. JT G

    JT G7 days ago

    Saw a 2018 petty garage king addition going for $74,000. It was a hard top though.

  14. Miracle Alien Cookies

    Miracle Alien Cookies8 days ago

    You got the red eclipse all wrong, in 2000 they stopped putting the 4g63 motor in the eclipse and turned the awd to fwd so it’s actually straight rice

  15. Joe

    Joe8 days ago

    No way your name is Drew Peacock

  16. Xaeoxic

    Xaeoxic8 days ago

    8:50 I fucked with it till I saw the back.

  17. Cin Lee

    Cin Lee9 days ago

    "But having it function as a fucking car" Me: GEE WHAT A CONCEPT. Props to you man

  18. OscarFrm615

    OscarFrm6159 days ago

    he’s static awww yea he hard and went crazy on the camber like it

  19. Ok Xay

    Ok Xay9 days ago

    i walk in teh spot thrity on me

  20. Jxylenn

    Jxylenn9 days ago

    ay bro woth the honda accord is actually a really cool dude. you may not like camber and all that otha stuff but cmon bro let niggas build what they want

  21. kazuyoshi Suzuki

    kazuyoshi Suzuki10 days ago

    Only 14 people know about them 😂😂😂

  22. Lol apsole

    Lol apsole10 days ago

    Ngl g35s with gtr fronts are imposters

  23. DynamicLegacy94

    DynamicLegacy9410 days ago

    9:30 they fr put the M4 GTS wheels on 🤢

  24. dissolve skateboards

    dissolve skateboards11 days ago

    I thought he was pretty mad about that Honda, but then he started going off on that eclipse rear😂

  25. Richard Millie

    Richard Millie11 days ago

    At least the BMW guy admitted it rather than trying to pass it off as an actual M series

  26. luke owen

    luke owen11 days ago

    Isnt petty garage, nascar's Richard petty ?

  27. javian ford

    javian ford11 days ago

    I have a 325i I don’t care that it’s a 325i I luv my car

  28. DBeav97

    DBeav9712 days ago

    Not sure how I found this channel but I thought this video was pretty funny and entertaining. Everything is very relatable. I got a kick out of the Impreza with the fake hood scoop since I have a WRX 😂. I thought the marketplace ad was accurate too. The only reason I look at cars on marketplace is purely for entertainment. It’s always some shitbox with a wing and 20” rims and it’s like “$5,000 no trades runs good r title” 😂

  29. Anthony Hernandez

    Anthony Hernandez12 days ago

    Is drew peacock a play on the phrase "droopy cock" 😂😂😂😂

  30. dreamingsapient

    dreamingsapient12 days ago

    Mustang still looks like doodoo no matter what garage it came from.

  31. IfYouDontTakeYourVaccine YouCantHaveAnyPudding

    IfYouDontTakeYourVaccine YouCantHaveAnyPudding12 days ago

    What Nokia phone in 2001 had a camera?

  32. prod. silencer

    prod. silencer12 days ago

    his name is actually spelled droopy cock

  33. JSSRocket

    JSSRocket12 days ago

    I bet a manhole cover would pop the bumper off of most of these cars like a bottlecap

  34. Donte W

    Donte W12 days ago

    You got a sub from me. 🤣🤣Finally!! Someone who also shits on shitty builds. Especially the stupid looking wheels.

  35. ZombieMike1001

    ZombieMike100112 days ago

    i feel like he went to hard on the eclipse 6:57 i thought it looked pretty dope tbh

  36. Myra Stone

    Myra Stone12 days ago

    79,000 for a GT? Lmao you can go buy a GT 500 Shelby mustang with that money with 760 hp stock lmao

  37. Patrick Peh

    Patrick Peh13 days ago

    The first one is cool, but the rest looks like shit 😂

  38. Bryan Huamani

    Bryan Huamani13 days ago

    😂😂😂the reviews on point 👌🏼

  39. JacksonGuitarPlayer 97

    JacksonGuitarPlayer 9713 days ago

    Useless ugly vehicles

  40. William Lim

    William Lim13 days ago

    I really hated it when they stance their own car way too much, it just doesn't work normally.

  41. novaboyyeye bro

    novaboyyeye bro14 days ago

    Camber is good

  42. novaboyyeye bro

    novaboyyeye bro14 days ago

    Never mind but a little

  43. novaboyyeye bro

    novaboyyeye bro14 days ago

    Umm the second car I like.. CRAP😐😶

  44. theblowofvalve

    theblowofvalve14 days ago

    arcade, chucky cheese happy meal hotwheels1$ thriftstore rc car

  45. Agrimanmark 2005

    Agrimanmark 200514 days ago

    I thought the Honda Accord in the thumbnail was photoshopped but some fucking moron actually owns it and is trying to sell it lmao 😂

  46. da1datgotaway

    da1datgotaway15 days ago

    You are funny, bro! 😂😂

  47. Bumm1n

    Bumm1n15 days ago

    NGL the intro kinda got me i thought you said "hey guyss. droopy cock here" just idk im not sure why i heard that

  48. Ryan Miller

    Ryan Miller15 days ago

    Do a truck edition plzz

  49. adam boylan

    adam boylan15 days ago

    That 2016 mustang is painted petty blue. Must be a special make or something. Still costs a little much.

  50. Christian Bernard

    Christian Bernard15 days ago

    Stance cars are a lot of fun but idk 🤷‍♂️

  51. spectrthechamp

    spectrthechamp15 days ago

    There’s some integras that go for 60000 this isn’t one of them

  52. apathy11303

    apathy1130315 days ago

    You lost me with the mustang. I have a 400hp S197 Mustang GT Vert (performance intake mani, 62mm throttle body, detroit rocker cams, shorty headers, ford performance exhaust, cai, roush shocks, eibach springs, stage 3 clutch + lightweight flywheel, and custom tune) and I love it. There's nothing like cruising in a convertible, esp one that is faster and nicer than most other cars on the road. Although I don't care for the color scheme of the car in this video, that S550 was built by Petty's garage and is boosted--you don't seem to know what you're talking about... Paint is easy to flip, so if you don't like the paint, just flip it.

  53. keith 860

    keith 86015 days ago

    Lmao yo u be having me weak, u funny but accurate on them whips

  54. Scott Mattern

    Scott Mattern15 days ago

    I dont know where this guy is at, but where I come from, "ricer" is incredibly racist.

  55. Ningen Supreme

    Ningen Supreme15 days ago

    At least the BMW guy was honest about it 🤷‍♂️

  56. TheReal COZY

    TheReal COZY15 days ago

    Thank god someone has the same opinion on cambered wheels

  57. Chris Spada

    Chris Spada15 days ago

    Gotta love the “BUILT TO PARK “ stickers 😂😂😂Stance drivers are cringing 😬 Rn

  58. Chris Spada

    Chris Spada15 days ago

    The rear end looks like it was dropped on its head as a kid 😂😂😂

  59. KpYd KP

    KpYd KP15 days ago

    Anyone else know the pile of shit next to integra in parking space? 😂😂😂

  60. Farrell Rariewa

    Farrell Rariewa16 days ago

    It’s like turning a Mercedes Benz too an amg


    TURBOCHARGER16 days ago

    Good idea.

  62. Zorous

    Zorous16 days ago

    the 323i isnt that bad id just def take out the badges

  63. The Gabe

    The Gabe16 days ago

    The accord has to much camber IMO but it’s still baller af

  64. Jesse Martikainen

    Jesse Martikainen16 days ago

    I saw that bmw shit yesterday i was so confused cuz it had 2 exhaust tips like bruh whyyyy

  65. Mosey

    Mosey16 days ago


  66. Carlos Wheeldon

    Carlos Wheeldon16 days ago

    Looks like really bad photoshop! Fuck almighty! Horrible plastic shiiiite!!

  67. daniel h

    daniel h16 days ago

    This guy it’s stupid who cares what he thinks

  68. Vicente Designs and Trades

    Vicente Designs and Trades16 days ago

    The exhaust pipes on the 2003 Honda Accord are like overgrown fingernails. That stuff looks nasty! Not in a good way. Disgusting!

  69. Shen Hokin

    Shen Hokin16 days ago

    You've never heard of richard petty??

  70. Yung Ryuk

    Yung Ryuk16 days ago

    not gonna speak about the integra not having door handles??

  71. Quinlin Adair

    Quinlin Adair16 days ago

    Can you say Edelbrock one more time?


    ARKIUS YT16 days ago

    3:10 ayooooo that is my boys carrr @mkvtay on ig 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  73. Spxdez

    Spxdez16 days ago

    I like tilted wheels but not too tilted I like them a little tilted for drifting

  74. Mr. Pavalava

    Mr. Pavalava16 days ago

    Hey mr critique post your car lol 😂

  75. M. Low

    M. Low16 days ago

    I bet you anyting all those cars are owned by Latinos, the only people that can fix up a car to depreciate the volume faster than normal

  76. Yung Prodigy

    Yung Prodigy16 days ago

    Bro I was dead, I heard you pronounce your name on the intro and thought you said "droopy cock"😂💀

  77. Titanium Tronic

    Titanium Tronic15 days ago


  78. bimmermac

    bimmermac16 days ago

    He does mostly hate and criticize.

  79. gonzalo salinas

    gonzalo salinas17 days ago

    Thanks for not being a total hater man. Its refreshing

  80. Oblivious 2 Reality

    Oblivious 2 Reality17 days ago

    That orange Z is a beautiful car.

  81. stevvie 999

    stevvie 99917 days ago


  82. Dennis Madrigal

    Dennis Madrigal17 days ago

    Omfg I just saw the Blue Accord on IG. Hahaha

  83. Victor Lewis

    Victor Lewis17 days ago

    The rear end of that eclipse was inspired by Midnight Club 3 😭

  84. Born Trill

    Born Trill17 days ago

    That looks like the eclipse I made when I played Midnight club Dub edition, same body kit and wing 🤣

  85. Dylan B

    Dylan B17 days ago

    Lol “clout chasing” owns a Supra

  86. Julian Corsino

    Julian Corsino17 days ago

    3:28 who hear him say the nword

  87. OrangeGaming721 -

    OrangeGaming721 -17 days ago

    Everyone be bustin out their Nokia’s 😂😂😂

  88. Nathan Hensch

    Nathan Hensch17 days ago

    Anyone else notice how the Subaru with the fake hood scoop only had rain guards on the back windows just looks goofy without all 4😂

  89. AngryHamK7

    AngryHamK717 days ago

    *Drew ranting on how stupid it is to try make a base model bmw look like a M car* E39 bois: *sweat intensifies*

  90. mel pal

    mel pal17 days ago

    I heard that stickers you place on your car make it go faster

  91. yucky_666

    yucky_66617 days ago

    is there a wide body kit for 06 outbacks i cant fucking find any

  92. Your Toyota Guy

    Your Toyota Guy17 days ago

    That red eclipses hood is super pimp

  93. superskrull62

    superskrull6217 days ago

    So we're just going to overlook this man almost said nigga at 3:26 lol!! ok lol..... and no I don't have a problem with I just find it funny that's all.

  94. Daniel Johnstone

    Daniel Johnstone17 days ago

    5:53 barely functional. The top of engine is where most of the heat gathers (heat rises) and in same cases the scoop literally does nothing for the inter cooler. To argue about the function of putting hood scoops on an impreza, when the top mount intercooler layout, subaru has always used is flawed and influenced somewhat by style, over pure performance makes your argument kinda weak. I won't deny that the autozone scoop looks horrible, dude could've easily just went to a junk yard and found a WRX bonnet and it would mount straight on to his car with no issues

  95. LazyGamer21

    LazyGamer2117 days ago

    Drew be like the girl who say's if your homeless....just buy a house! it dosen't work like that bud! love your content by the way!

  96. daddy daddy

    daddy daddy18 days ago

    Remember it’s not a ricer if it’s A V6

  97. Ricky Torres

    Ricky Torres16 days ago

    Unless its American

  98. hamslice

    hamslice18 days ago

    Canber is trash you might as well just turn it sideways and make it a fucking hover

  99. THC_EvilMelon

    THC_EvilMelon18 days ago

    That orange Z in the beginning! Nice!

  100. Mikey Dudek

    Mikey Dudek18 days ago

    I think lug nut spikes look like something a 10 year old kid would think is cool and i cant wait for that fad to die out.

  101. Anthony Gibbs

    Anthony Gibbs18 days ago

    that acrua got me dead

  102. Young Chapoo

    Young Chapoo18 days ago

    11:20 could’nt say it better😂

  103. Young Chapoo

    Young Chapoo18 days ago

    Now i regret my comment... lol