RICER Tries To Sell FAKE R34 GTR?!? - (Rice Or Nice Offerup)

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Today i look at the cars you guys sent me and say some thought on whether the car is rice or nice. the final decision is up to you guys tho so go to the comments and let me know asap. I did not tag owner In case they did not want to be tagged. these cars can be ugly or clean builds. it all depends what you guys, my subscribers, send me!
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  1. Drew Peacock

    Drew Peacock15 days ago

    Thank you to omaze for sponsoring this video! For your chance to win a Ford Mustang RTR and support a great cause, go to www.omaze.com/peacock

  2. FatboiGamingOP

    FatboiGamingOP8 days ago

    *WHY YOU SHOULD BUY A SUPRA?* *BECAUSE SUPRA IS ALL IN ONE CAR!!!!* Seriously im not bullshiting. *1. Family car* Supra can be family car? Yes she can because she's practical two doors sports car. There's two seater in the back. If you have so many children and not enough space, just put them in the trunk then. *2. Off-road* Bullshit? No you can off-road using supra, just higher it's suspension and it goes off-road brrr. So you no need to waste money to buy off-road vehicle. *3. Supercar* Supra is supercar killer. The budget supercar came with 3000hp stock . Seriously im not lying its fu*king *STOCK*. No need to waste money to buy a trash supercars, it's just overpriced endless money pits *4. Gangster's cars* The mighty Supra looks like gangster. If you want good-looking, just go to toyota dealership and steal one. Like people says _"Everybody's gangsta untill Supra's coming"._ ~Sun Tzu *5. Flying cars* You want to travel but you don't have money to buy tickets. Don't worry Supra's can fly. Just install wing, just steal Boeing 747 wings and put them at the door. If your car as fast as fu*k, she's automaticly flying like a jet and she'll become rocket killer. *5. Electric cars* So you want a Tesla? No please no don't make a wrong decision. Just put your iPhone's or Samsung's phone battery and put it inside the engine. If you want to charge it, just using a phone cable or if you're long distance, bring a powerbank. So sorry Elon. *6. Boat cars* Imagine there's river or sea, install a snorkel at the hood and put a turbin at the exhaust. And you will hear the best hearing 2jz sounds in water. Brrrrrrr stutututu!! *7. Reliable cars* You want sports and reliable? Ofc supra is the most reliable car on earth. Unlike the German and European cars, they're pile of junk endless money pit machine just like piece of sheit. Look at BMW, "The ultimate bullcrap machine" such a piece of sheet. Mercedes-benz is the most gay car brands and Audi Volkswagen just burn that sheet. *8. Drift cars* Drift is the healthiest hobby you can make everyday. Drift using JDM is good idea because JDM the mighty Supra the best car for drifting. Unlike the Ford Mustang and all muscle car, they're just crap can't corner crowd killing machine. Ford Mustang, the crowd killing machine, stupid car stupid company. Ford love's make crap trash vehicle. The dumbest company in the world. *What are you waiting for, just bring your money and buy a Toyota Supra MK4. It's the best car ever in planet. Don't buy a new Toyota Supra MK5, that's sheet pile of junk trash BMW not Toyota Supra* _Good luck._

  3. Delvyn Martinez

    Delvyn Martinez15 days ago

    2020 accord 2.0t will dust ur junk yard

  4. Neo Blackjack thee enraged

    Neo Blackjack thee enraged15 days ago

    Love your videos ,please keep up the great work, you make me miss street racing ,if anyone in Florida needs a driver iam in.

  5. Jose Medina

    Jose Medina15 days ago

    It was called language arts In my time

  6. Aiden Israel

    Aiden Israel15 days ago

    Amazing idea

  7. Matt Ryan

    Matt Ryan4 hours ago

    Bro that Honda Accord r34 kit pisses me off I’m trying so hard to find a clean body kit for my 92 accord and all you can find it’s r34 kits

  8. AngryMater13 LA

    AngryMater13 LA17 hours ago

    Corvette FRC means Fixed Roof Coupe. The roof is different than the hatchback that's it.

  9. Aaron Brockington

    Aaron Brockington18 hours ago

    Yeeeah...you missed that Silver Rex has a salvage title...says so in the description...pause it @10:00😉

  10. SuNa SuXz

    SuNa SuXzDay ago

    I live in the town of that corvette, never seen it a day in my life

  11. Darth Vaden

    Darth Vaden3 days ago

    Drew ain't lying about dem headgaskets... I was a Subaru fanboy, then after my headgasket(s) took a dive, no one wanted to fix it, not even for the $3500 parts/labor job they quoted me because you have to remove the engine, the headgasket seating area is thin, etc. Yeah, bye Subaru... :(

  12. Tristan Nijhof

    Tristan Nijhof3 days ago


  13. Abaddon

    Abaddon4 days ago

    That corvette was honestly mint as fuck, minus the lame flame decals that car is definitely no pushover. Cool to see done to a C5 no less

  14. Tall_Head_inc.

    Tall_Head_inc.5 days ago

    Ricer content is getting boring

  15. Whiteboyangel

    Whiteboyangel5 days ago

    13:50 hes a crip lol

  16. frosZty

    frosZty7 days ago

    These headgasket jokes weighing down on me since I just bought a 2012 sti

  17. nistq2x

    nistq2x7 days ago

    Red ruined the first car

  18. Andrew Mapes

    Andrew Mapes7 days ago

    lol new balance and jean shorts hahahaha

  19. Shelly Velasquez

    Shelly Velasquez7 days ago

    The cars Is fast my family like the fast car

  20. Just stuff

    Just stuff8 days ago

    199k miles on a subie is like 2 head gaskets and a half

  21. zayloe999

    zayloe9998 days ago

    0:33 I can't see very well but does that say V6 or v10? Imagine a V6 lambo lol.

  22. Bryan Veras

    Bryan Veras8 days ago

    anyone else see the Sc300/Toyota Soarer next to the “r34”

  23. Romeo A

    Romeo A8 days ago

    2:10 does it just not have door handles?

  24. Dark Boi

    Dark Boi8 days ago


  25. Fake Name

    Fake Name8 days ago

    I'm pretty sure the R34 accords are using 1st gen elantra headlights.

  26. gli turbo gang

    gli turbo gang9 days ago

    4 door r34s are cool but really? Why replicate one with something it's not

  27. ADubTheGrizzy

    ADubTheGrizzy9 days ago

    "it was popular to do that in the 90s" - kid born in 2003

  28. JoeyGuitar 205

    JoeyGuitar 20510 days ago

    Not all Subies blow headgaskets. my 96 Impreza had 275000 miles and never needed it.

  29. Greg Robinson

    Greg Robinson10 days ago

    You sound so much like donut operator

  30. Rob Thompson

    Rob Thompson10 days ago

    Lmao it was a girl that lived in my hometown had a Honda Accord and she turned it into a R34...this is just funny

  31. nephits234 hiy

    nephits234 hiy10 days ago

    That c8 with the rocket bunny kit 😍

  32. chase X money

    chase X money11 days ago

    id def scoop the sc behind the gtr tho lol

  33. Peyton Renshaw

    Peyton Renshaw11 days ago

    16:24 that sticker tho

  34. Korbin Velarde

    Korbin Velarde11 days ago

    non sti transmissions are made out of paper

  35. That1 RandomGuy

    That1 RandomGuy11 days ago

    The only sick car is the Subaru

  36. Alpha Marketing Group

    Alpha Marketing Group11 days ago

    I liked that corvette. Could do away with that hood but everything else about it was nice

  37. Leighton Davis

    Leighton Davis11 days ago

    i love your videos Drew, but why you gotta just simultaneously shit on all accords in the first two minutes of the video... smh bro

  38. Jo Go

    Jo Go11 days ago

    6 liters of grocery getting

  39. jamie cumbee

    jamie cumbee11 days ago

    Just got me a 2014 5.7 liter hemi. All black. That thing rocks

  40. Petrut 73

    Petrut 7311 days ago

    10:04 i got a 2008 land rover with 250.000 miles on it and the only thing i've had on it yet was a check engine light that went away after an oil change

  41. Cruz Bazan

    Cruz Bazan11 days ago

    That accord is puke worthy

  42. B. Son - RS Motorsports

    B. Son - RS Motorsports11 days ago

    The accord type R is a thing..

  43. Rommel James Tanglao

    Rommel James Tanglao11 days ago

    Philippines can build Lamborghini too

  44. Johann Boi

    Johann Boi12 days ago

    Soggy ass p- anyway

  45. Mateusz Kozik

    Mateusz Kozik12 days ago

    Man, pilot sports are one of the most expensive and best road tire you can actually get on earth, for this car they costed probably same as brand new honda jazz

  46. Dark Alley Cowboys

    Dark Alley Cowboys12 days ago

    I understand what a Pontiac GTO is..... I just think think they are butt ugly

  47. macho valentin

    macho valentin12 days ago

    I can’t believe drew is already at 400 k so close to half mill

  48. Pablo Cruz

    Pablo Cruz12 days ago

    (THIS ISNT A HATE COMMENT) your mic is making some weird high pitch sound. . .

  49. Fraser

    Fraser12 days ago

    if you wanna get a newer gto, try and find a commodore instead. They look much cleaner and more are unique over in the us and they pull like a beast.

  50. iGuessImCool

    iGuessImCool12 days ago

    What’s wrong with New Balance?


    JBRUNETJ12 days ago

    H22 swap brooooooo

  52. Kris lol

    Kris lol12 days ago

    Soggy p* lmao

  53. 履いてなまょjack

    履いてなまょjack12 days ago

    Did anyone else peep the sc300/400 next to the “r34”

  54. Egert Abilon

    Egert Abilon12 days ago

    30K for riced C5. and you call it nice? Yeah. You failed with that one.

  55. Anthony Sinclair

    Anthony Sinclair12 days ago

    That WRX with “$20K” put into it is straight 🧢

  56. JackTheBeast-_-

    JackTheBeast-_-12 days ago

    love the car but I don't wanna be roadkill

  57. Andrew Perez

    Andrew Perez12 days ago

    Called my Pontiac Grand Prix a grocery getter

  58. 1966 Mustang GT

    1966 Mustang GT12 days ago

    What the fuck was the background noise through the video Drew?

  59. gungyeon

    gungyeon12 days ago

    Only the Mexicans and other Latino's in CA still rice these days. But most of the time it's them....

  60. flareon sx

    flareon sx12 days ago

    15:33 Where the slicks?!?!?

  61. flareon sx

    flareon sx12 days ago

    12:55 ...

  62. flareon sx

    flareon sx12 days ago


  63. flareon sx

    flareon sx12 days ago

    10:09 my mom's 2001 rav4 has about 240,000 miles runs good!

  64. flareon sx

    flareon sx12 days ago

    8:02 wow

  65. flareon sx

    flareon sx12 days ago

    4:30 I like it

  66. flareon sx

    flareon sx12 days ago

    2:12 that Lexus is better

  67. IntelliPocalypse

    IntelliPocalypse12 days ago

    The Accord is actually above the Civic. Before 2017 you could spec out the accord with the V6 with 300HP. couldn’t get that in the Civic. Plus, the coupe looks nice


    GAMING WARRIOR12 days ago

    Peaple love making other cars using a honda

  69. Philpot Symington

    Philpot Symington13 days ago

    Pilot sports are the best unless u can aford 888s

  70. A_max

    A_max13 days ago

    I’m high right now😂😂

  71. Joonas Kaal

    Joonas Kaal13 days ago

    We had type r accords over here. They can be rather fast


    SHADOWMARE17413 days ago

    tbh, i would rather the old mustangs then the new ones

  73. clayton welch

    clayton welch13 days ago

    I have a blaze yellow 02 wrx with 240k

  74. game kid

    game kid13 days ago

    Drew your mustang is race so plz stop talking about peoples cara

  75. zombine555

    zombine55513 days ago

    "honda accord isn't a sports car" this thing comes with an AWD version and a vtec V6. You know, the same base engine the NSX had.

  76. Jeremy Ocampo

    Jeremy Ocampo13 days ago

    10:33 this ain't the wap this is the soggy as p

  77. Marco Ruiz

    Marco Ruiz13 days ago

    that fake R34 is from rosemead. if y’all knew the place, the car would makes more sense as to why they did that 😂😂

  78. Noah Meredith

    Noah Meredith13 days ago

    There are zero door handles on that "r34" anyone notice that?

  79. Sad Boi Antonio

    Sad Boi Antonio13 days ago

    Idk the new 2.0t accord has a 6 speed manual and the same clutch as the type R. The videos of them on USlikes go crazy drew

  80. PLB Automotive

    PLB Automotive13 days ago

    Accords are cooler than civics.... :(

  81. Pichardo Gabriel

    Pichardo Gabriel13 days ago

    Hey Drew you should buy one of these ricers just for kicks . Then once you get it add more rice to it hahahaaa

  82. Vantomz

    Vantomz13 days ago

    dont disrespect an aussie made car, funny that the exact same car (gto) in aus goes for 80k+ dollars

  83. Get out of my Vents

    Get out of my Vents14 days ago

    0:20 nice glass or plastic wing in the side

  84. Colton B

    Colton B14 days ago

    I had a 2009 Subaru Impreza with 230,000 miles on it, and that ran like a champ still. Granted, it didn't have a turbo in it.

  85. Sinfully Quick Motors

    Sinfully Quick Motors14 days ago

    Nokturnal is a Car Club, with a Couple Branches spread around. They used to have some sick rides in the Early 2000's. Haven't seen much from them in a While

  86. John Pete

    John Pete14 days ago

    Drew says 200,000 on a Subaru is a lot when i got 830,000 on my Ford 😥

  87. phill 1967

    phill 196714 days ago

    That NOKTURNAL car was strictly a show car that’s why no mods under the hood, I got a buddy in that club they’re a worldwide DUB club

  88. Mario Cruz

    Mario Cruz14 days ago

    If you ever owned an s10 pickup you would know the head gasket isn't a joke. Piece o junk!

  89. Trev0or

    Trev0or14 days ago

    that r34 not bad tbh. Very Creative.

  90. Bumbum

    Bumbum14 days ago


  91. Ensn29 _

    Ensn29 _14 days ago

    I thought I had a tinnitus

  92. Grey Wolf Racing

    Grey Wolf Racing14 days ago

    Did Drew forget that the Honda Accord Type R exists? Cuz it does, and it looks great

  93. isaac ocejo14

    isaac ocejo1414 days ago

    Theirs nothing wrong with civics

  94. Enzo Mendoza

    Enzo Mendoza14 days ago


  95. Your Fan

    Your Fan14 days ago

    Soo much money wasted.

  96. Ddeditz Yt

    Ddeditz Yt14 days ago

    I live in Italy and unfortunately I can't participate the mustung contest, I really hate my country... I know I wasn't going to win that car anyway but just for saying...

  97. Trace F.

    Trace F.14 days ago

    The self destruct button 😂 that’s the best mod for any ricer

  98. Joe schmoe

    Joe schmoe14 days ago

    10k and salvaged. Yikes!

  99. Stefan

    Stefan14 days ago

    is that a toyota soarer behind the acord or am i tripping

  100. Valo Denkov

    Valo Denkov14 days ago

    where should i send picks TO SEE THEM

  101. Lockon stratos

    Lockon stratos14 days ago

    Turning a honda accord into a skyline with a rb motor would be cool I guess if done right since we dont have 34s in the states,and they will be price when we do get them

  102. Kalil _Price

    Kalil _Price14 days ago

    That Honda Accord that was sik when it's spelt sick🤦‍♂️ are we gonna ignore him saying his engine is bullet proof like wth😂

  103. Eric S.

    Eric S.14 days ago

    Favorite part: "Plenty of 'grammical' errors" The levels...

  104. Hayden

    Hayden14 days ago

    Ejecto seato cuz on the R3accord

  105. BIG OUNCE

    BIG OUNCE14 days ago

    Everytime this dude makes a video he mentions his buddy