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  1. V Twin Power

    V Twin Power23 hours ago


  2. Drew Pincock

    Drew Pincock6 days ago

    POS LS3 shoulda been haul’n but Drew backed a dud.

  3. Kenny C

    Kenny C6 days ago

    I get this shit non stop. Pull up, pace me then try to race me... on the street. With 453 at the rear it will just bust loose and make a smoke show. No spank you.

  4. YoYoMa

    YoYoMa7 days ago

    This shi made me laugh so hard 😭

  5. Brendan Lowe

    Brendan Lowe11 days ago

    I came here just for the holden com... oops I meant chevy ss

  6. Porsche918

    Porsche91812 days ago

    Do the McLaren v Jeep race from a dig lol

  7. Epok97

    Epok9712 days ago

    I usually pick the car with the most numbers in the description, and that rarely fails. For example that 235i on e85 v the r35 GTR. That’s 5 digits vs 2.

  8. Spin-C Throws Hands

    Spin-C Throws Hands12 days ago

    After I did FBO & E85 TUNE in my 2017 2 liter 4 cly turbo Cadillac ATS, taking brand new GTs after I let them take off first, ill never talk down about a the turbo 4s again... I was making around 500whp. My 63 year old Dad was even highly impressed by my old ATS lol, and he HATED 4 cylinder cars.

  9. Jakub_FK8

    Jakub_FK814 days ago

    everyone sleeps on mazdaspeeds

  10. Ronit Gurjar cs1 MITM

    Ronit Gurjar cs1 MITM17 days ago

    No one: Literally everyone: I NEEED THEE BOOSTTT!! ( SIDEGLASS RISING NOISES)


    STOCKENSTEIN FTW18 days ago

    0:47 ah yes "sleeper sedan" if you didn't know that's actually a holden commodore made in australia (before gm cucked us) if you see one without a V8 in australia you're probably old also 0:59 technically not a domestic. both are imported to america.

  12. Bombadore Garage

    Bombadore Garage19 days ago

    Meanwhile Chevy ss is an import

  13. Rockony

    Rockony20 days ago

    I love Mexico 🇲🇽

  14. Luljwitta40

    Luljwitta4023 days ago

    Should post more of these bro

  15. Chi town Hustler

    Chi town Hustler23 days ago

    As a man who grew up in the 60's I have to say that your definition of a muscle car leaves a lot to be desired . Love your content though. Peace

  16. Gerald Torres

    Gerald Torres24 days ago

    I think I could have called that Evo would have lost It's e85 ... And stock turbo the size of that Evo vs the gti alone is puts the gti at an advantage already

  17. Shane House

    Shane House24 days ago

    That evo didnt win against that trackhawk imo

  18. new

    new25 days ago

    6:24 ayyyyyy they got a clip of you

  19. Southern Streets

    Southern Streets25 days ago

    30 horsepower isn’t going to make or break a race? 🤦‍♂️

  20. Alec Shepherd

    Alec Shepherd26 days ago

    Thats like a 450hp speed 3🤣this guy has no idea what hes talking about, speed 3 weighs about 3400 so idk this kid is stupid af

  21. Freddoo

    Freddoo26 days ago

    Give the Evo’s a break we’re know to be well hidden and to gap anything. Around here North Carolina all the way to Texas, nobody races them especially if you can here the turbo blocks away.. A proper rebuilt motor is dangerous in racing.

  22. MarneyMediazHD

    MarneyMediazHD26 days ago

    Dracula in the AMG 13:05

  23. Randy

    Randy26 days ago

    Lol now putting e-85 in my wrx(fa) and there are huge power gains. Not that my car is super fast but the power gains are significant

  24. Wolfgang Cryso

    Wolfgang Cryso27 days ago

    As a VW/Audi Stan these made my heart ❤️ happy😊

  25. skyguy1230

    skyguy123028 days ago

    “850 hp is pretty quick” You think? 😂😂

  26. thomas west

    thomas west28 days ago

    Your domestic was imported from Australia 🤔

  27. willy

    willy28 days ago

    is it drew peacock or droopy cock? 😂😂😂😂

  28. oirasan

    oirasan28 days ago

    Lol you got poor gambling skills bro bro. 😎

  29. Code_FK8

    Code_FK828 days ago

    The Honda started out in too low of a gear. Went like 2 feet and needed to shift lol.

  30. Code_FK8

    Code_FK828 days ago

    Fc3pumbs is a follower of my IG lol @0:56

  31. Kaif Shaikh

    Kaif Shaikh29 days ago

    What is all wheel drive?

  32. Kaif Shaikh

    Kaif Shaikh29 days ago

    What is E85?

  33. rían

    rían29 days ago

    Aint no chevy thats a holden

  34. Jezarel Zavala

    Jezarel Zavala29 days ago

    Lmao “fuck Honda!!”😂 I’m dead

  35. Kyle Wendling

    Kyle Wendling29 days ago


  36. Riley Jones

    Riley JonesMonth ago

    When he doesn't acknowledge the Chevy SS is actually a Holden commodore that's been rebadged and is an Australian domestic not American :(



    That VF commodore at the start makes me moist, I want but to bad in Australia I’m looking at 60k plus 😞 Does the usa have the VF gts or vf gtsr w1 models?

  38. Kuliten

    KulitenMonth ago

    Euro isnt JDM Trash content

  39. SSBucci

    SSBucciMonth ago

    What a way to start the video.

  40. Htx Prime

    Htx PrimeMonth ago

    once the egg won i just know his feelings was hurt lol



    i fucking fw the guys content flow. hes fasho from around my area lmaoooooo "fuck that ima go with my win streak. which is zeeerrooo"

  42. Jeff Russell

    Jeff RussellMonth ago

    @8:04 the mustang sneezed

  43. Jade Amber

    Jade AmberMonth ago

    It’s a Holden commodore ss

  44. Chupopy

    ChupopyMonth ago

    I got an E85 Chevy SS and I just do it cause gas us hella cheap. Rather pay $2 a gallon than +$4

  45. Mauro Beltran

    Mauro BeltranMonth ago

    This is hilarious bro i know exactly where this is and i seen the dude in that SS

  46. moong lee

    moong leeMonth ago

    When jdm don't mean japanese domestic market

  47. Bacon Son

    Bacon SonMonth ago

    Japanese domestic market. Cars made for the Japanese market.

  48. Will Pretty

    Will PrettyMonth ago

    Hondas shit alignment and tires

  49. SomeAustralianDude• 200 years ago

    SomeAustralianDude• 200 years agoMonth ago

    i KNEW that car in the thumbnail was a holden VF commodore

  50. Curtis Fleabag

    Curtis FleabagMonth ago

    Nothing new in the late 80's early 90's I beat 5.0 Mustangs,5.0,5.7 Camaro's,Trans Ams with my Dodge Daytona Shelby Z ..dont let the magazine tests fool you,they burnt rubber like crazy like old 60's cars you had to control tire spin/throttle..Tires and tracks were not sticky like today..Modern tires have more grip than old slicks back then!!! My Challenger Hellcat hooks better than my 69 Plymouth 440 GTX(ran mid 12's stock but 185/70/14 bias ply factory tires 13.60's spinning past 250 feet) I ran low -mid 14's in the 1/4 mile,but 0-80 was quick as hell,car was stock,you had to get the boost up on launch but control tire spin/you had to do a good burn out and take off spinning to make good times(still not pure traction 20 feet of spinning)!! My buddy had a Dodge Omni GLH Turbo same thing ate all those then modern V8's and imports too!! The Omni had the Direct Connection/Mopar computer he later ran mid 12's in the 1/4 mile with no internal changes,just turbo mods..

  51. Blake Scott

    Blake ScottMonth ago

    Can we talk about the silver evo and the mustang at the end of the video. When the mustang pulls around you see a bright flash. Bois hitting the speed trap like good old Most Wanted

  52. adrian guixiang

    adrian guixiangMonth ago

    its not about how many cylinder. its about how efficient.

  53. 9ine6ixs

    9ine6ixsMonth ago

    Man, you can’t hate in the Holdens man, R.I.P. Holden

  54. David Kirkum

    David KirkumMonth ago

    Plot twist: the Honda and the "egg" are only doing just over 60 mph 🤔

  55. WhiteSpeed13

    WhiteSpeed13Month ago

    Speeds deserve more recognition- Sincerely, my very bias opinion.

  56. Dion Erueti

    Dion EruetiMonth ago

    Weight plays a huge part in racing/cars



    V8 can do that all day long, those 500hp 2.0 junkies can't

  58. - Xcess

    - XcessMonth ago

    Jdm overnight is Honda overnight if anything

  59. jdmovernight

    jdmovernightMonth ago

    *Honda loses in this video*

  60. Sean Sharp

    Sean SharpMonth ago

    What state is this is? I swear ive seen that mazda a few times

  61. bdegree88

    bdegree88Month ago

    Yup STs are quick especially with a good setup.

  62. Raymond Galan

    Raymond GalanMonth ago

    Yeah but when you get a v8 turboed against a 4 banger with a turbo and the 4 banger wins, your displacement still sucks

  63. timothy w

    timothy wMonth ago

    A4 competition car spec'd aiming at 30valve inline5😏😏😏😸😸👀😎

  64. timothy w

    timothy wMonth ago

    Yeah heard gasoline eater. No compromise 4wd

  65. timothy w

    timothy wMonth ago

    Neeed quatro RS3 trying see sumthing

  66. timothy w

    timothy wMonth ago

    Rs3 wasn't quatro it's hawltex👀😐😕😏😏🤔😲😯

  67. timothy w

    timothy wMonth ago

    Are powerade or Gatorade / regular water or PH water / filter water. Or minerals water /electrons or protons depends on filter with that water

  68. timothy w

    timothy wMonth ago

    Lemonade or sweet ice tea🤔🤤🤤😏😏😏😎🤣🤣🤣

  69. timothy w

    timothy wMonth ago

    Not a lost !! Lesson. Well learned

  70. timothy w

    timothy wMonth ago

    Short gears high rev power builds!! Evo aint about the win about different angle positions about build solid foundations

  71. timothy w

    timothy wMonth ago

    Sum evo drivers are incomplete seen on this vid

  72. ST BuRk

    ST BuRkMonth ago

    Drew needs to prove himself and stop sitting at his gamer chair ranting in his little kid voice

  73. Jacob C

    Jacob CMonth ago

    Evos are sour not drew BuT dReW

  74. KillerIndustry :

    KillerIndustry :Month ago

    It's a vf Holden Commodore

  75. Johnny Tsunami

    Johnny TsunamiMonth ago

    Any else thought he said droopy cock 😂

  76. PocketPreach316

    PocketPreach316Month ago

    Drew: buys super car-races suv

  77. ThE PrEdAtOr

    ThE PrEdAtOrMonth ago

    This is an epic video idea! Love it . Hope you do a lot more like this man!!

  78. Andy Ferriol

    Andy FerriolMonth ago

    Is38 always spanks I def need to swap out of the is20

  79. Reno Sexton

    Reno SextonMonth ago

    Maybe if you understood power to weight ratios you would be right. Your commentary ruins your videos. Try not talking.

  80. Zeckor

    ZeckorMonth ago

    3:41 when the vtec kicks in

  81. Decay5280mv

    Decay5280mvMonth ago

    That green is dope

  82. Blue Rosen

    Blue RosenMonth ago


  83. trongamer56

    trongamer56Month ago

    love how drew is just a toxic piece of shit i'd want to slap. but i enjoy it. he LOSES. AND CHANGES MIND. BRUH CMON. if i lost after betting for a V8 boi i'll say GG *AND JUST LEAVE*

  84. John Porter

    John PorterMonth ago

    2:12 I always thought adding E85 into my naturally aspirated V8 M3 would add a “WHORE!” Drew was right...it didn’t 😔

  85. Kai rs

    Kai rsMonth ago

    that mf fiesta sounds like a graphics card

  86. Luke Jiles

    Luke JilesMonth ago

    Sorry had to dislike.. you pronounced Holden wrong in the very first race mate👍

  87. Mikey Dudek

    Mikey DudekMonth ago

    Shift game is weak

  88. CoreyP

    CoreyPMonth ago

    chill with saying g0d d@m please.

  89. Asz

    AszMonth ago

    i found out about jdmovernight rather early and im always amazed when watching the races and i always learn something so im really happy that kid is running that account

  90. jdmovernight

    jdmovernightMonth ago

    Thanks bro

  91. Demo Plays

    Demo PlaysMonth ago

    Drew really got mad at himself

  92. Nut Twg

    Nut TwgMonth ago

    Hay look at the new ford Taurus sho edition

  93. Mark Simrow

    Mark SimrowMonth ago

    There is absolutely no skill in roll racing.

  94. Jon Boino

    Jon BoinoMonth ago

    The civic needed driver mod, guy can't drive for shit. Had potential to win

  95. Randomness

    RandomnessMonth ago

    drew evos dont have top speed unless build trans

  96. ItsMeAsher

    ItsMeAsherMonth ago


  97. Stockton Slap

    Stockton SlapMonth ago

    Evos are good at blazing through mountains though. Like REALLY good.

  98. White Thunder

    White ThunderMonth ago

    Import beats muscle every time baby, every time 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  99. Sleeping Snorlax

    Sleeping SnorlaxMonth ago

    Damn you don't factor in the most important part about racing which the weight of car

  100. the boiz

    the boizMonth ago

    The chev ss is not chev its a holden

  101. derek derekison

    derek derekisonMonth ago

    Probably running E85 so he doesn't get pre detonation or ignition. Derp XD

  102. DeAndre Clarke

    DeAndre ClarkeMonth ago

    Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tubeman?🤔 11:45

  103. Shannon Surrena

    Shannon SurrenaMonth ago

    I always enjoy your videos but the quality of these blow bro