Which SUBSCRIBER Has The WORST Sounding EXHAUST??? (Subscriber Contest)

New series where my subscribers will go head to head against each other in a different challenge.
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  1. Tony Armstrong

    Tony ArmstrongDay ago

    One of these days I’ll submit my car. I just started following the car scene but I’ll be on the lookout for the next request

  2. SpekyMan

    SpekyManDay ago

    i got a 328i and it doesn't sound like that with an exhaust mod

  3. graham gaston

    graham gaston2 days ago

    The 328 sorta sounds like a dog barking 😂

  4. Add some lotion Add some motion

    Add some lotion Add some motion3 days ago

    I don't know i like the vq. Haha 😄 🤣 but I got a 04 maxima with straight pipes people want to much for them g35 and 350z so I said fuck it straight pipe the maxima.

  5. Chris Hubbs

    Chris Hubbs3 days ago

    You are the closest Shrek look alike I’ve ever seen.

  6. Krussy

    Krussy4 days ago

    "0-60 time... Eventually" 😂

  7. Krussy

    Krussy4 days ago

    Its prolly just me but your voice doesn't match your face

  8. Your Mother

    Your Mother4 days ago

    I calls v6 muscle cars skinny cars

  9. Jakob Kuiken

    Jakob Kuiken4 days ago

    Idk what happened to that 328i but that sounds bad. I have a 328i e92 and it sounds way better and honestly they are not bad cars to modify. They may not be the fastest but you can easily get them to the 300 or higher hp range and a few bolts on and a tune.

  10. Nate Davis

    Nate Davis4 days ago

    Sid from toy story 😂😂

  11. Phouq YuToo

    Phouq YuToo5 days ago

    LOL!!!!! Any ghetto person build.

  12. AshtonKI

    AshtonKI7 days ago

    That TC straight up gives me anxiety

  13. Zealand Boutin

    Zealand Boutin7 days ago

    I've gotta enter Saturn Ion with the muffler knocked off

  14. Lookin Likegeo

    Lookin Likegeo9 days ago

    1St bmw sounds like the dog with no vocal cords from grown ups 😂

  15. JJ ANcESTrAL

    JJ ANcESTrAL10 days ago

    Is this Drew peacock or just a random guy with your voice on the background love u bro ❤

  16. Brax 1100

    Brax 110010 days ago

    Drew looks like the American bullies in high school movies just give him a letter jacket and a football and he already has the mustang Ps. Not hating just funny to me

  17. your se1f

    your se1f11 days ago


  18. Zyah Ruiz

    Zyah Ruiz12 days ago

    4:33 Sounds like a vacuum lol

  19. Shane SP25

    Shane SP2513 days ago

    Out of curiosity Drew, what mic clip on would you recommend for general phone recording's, just something we can stick in a 3.5mm jack and toss our phone in the boot recording but get a solid recording of exhaust sounds without the background or wind killing it?

  20. 69mins

    69mins13 days ago

    its because you got the most doodoo 250$ headset

  21. stevvie 999

    stevvie 99914 days ago

    You should keep face cam every vid boss

  22. J C

    J C14 days ago

    post puberty max keebler

  23. Slaughter

    Slaughter14 days ago

    I don’t get your problems with Zs or VQs in general,’they sound fine

  24. Matthew Moore

    Matthew Moore14 days ago

    Totally agree, which is why I stopped watching his videos for a while. I have glasspacks on my G37 and think it sounds perfect as is, but I do see where he's coming from with the rasp of that G35. I like some rasp, but too much is definitely overkill. I'm starting to think his main issue with VQs are the way they sound when people throw awful exhausts on

  25. T3AM SL

    T3AM SL15 days ago

    Make a part 2 so I can upload mine. Mines the worst sounding

  26. Alfa Wolfsniped

    Alfa Wolfsniped15 days ago

    Hey Drew Im getting my first v8 which is a surburban and once I get it I was wondering what mods look good on surburbans. Also anyone can give me ideas.

  27. Evan Stutzman

    Evan Stutzman16 days ago

    drew u ugly bro,but your gf cute

  28. Evan Stutzman

    Evan Stutzman13 days ago

    @guttis 123 bro is ugly but he pulled

  29. guttis 123

    guttis 12313 days ago

    Meanie bro

  30. LifeWitCo

    LifeWitCo16 days ago

    Vtec don't kick in in neutral

  31. Day

    Day16 days ago

    that bmw sounds like a dog trying to cough and bark at the same time

  32. Anona Moose

    Anona Moose17 days ago

    I didn’t know drew had his drivers permit😂

  33. MrRiggyRiggs

    MrRiggyRiggs17 days ago

    You can drive?

  34. Giant Boop

    Giant Boop17 days ago

    7:43 This is the crap we came for, folks

  35. Richard Cranium

    Richard Cranium18 days ago

    Where them weed wacker sounding Subarus at

  36. Underrated Retard

    Underrated Retard18 days ago

    how do u have a girlfriend

  37. invasive void

    invasive void20 days ago

    Why did I read Subaru not subscribers xD

  38. Artim Sahiti

    Artim Sahiti20 days ago

    Bro ur to dramatic for the white mustang it didn’t sound bad at all

  39. guttis 123

    guttis 12313 days ago

    Bro he didnt even roast it he just said it was stock so whats the point of ur comment lol

  40. kayden galvez

    kayden galvez21 day ago

    bro stop makeing fun of ppls cars they put expensive stuff in it so stop

  41. guttis 123

    guttis 12313 days ago

    But he gotta expose them if they are rice

  42. Ty bell

    Ty bell21 day ago

    Drew look like Sid from toy story


    THE NOOB IS YOU21 day ago

    1:57 sounds like the iPhone ringtone

  44. Pro Bro

    Pro Bro21 day ago

    BMW sounds like it got asthma.. xd

  45. King Jay

    King Jay22 days ago

    2:00 😂😂😂

  46. Arizona Ranger

    Arizona Ranger23 days ago

    The 328 I sounds kinda like rod knock but after the second time I think the air filter is blocked

  47. Wolverine

    Wolverine23 days ago

    What do u expect with a exhaust

  48. Conor Utterback

    Conor Utterback24 days ago

    Drew is the type of kid who had a gum collection under his desk in middle school. He added a new piece of gum every day.

  49. Fady Mosaad

    Fady Mosaad25 days ago

    i own a strait piped G35 lol

  50. Brendan Davis

    Brendan Davis25 days ago

    Ha I cant have the worst sounding car if i dont have a car :-(

  51. Reggie Sterling

    Reggie Sterling25 days ago

    I have to ask a few things you want your subs to send in their cars to dog ...they did it so it's not all on you and you complain about the video didn't you make the video ? And I guess im a weirdo because I like the sound of a Honda...done rite to me it is what it is its a 4 cylinder I like the high pitch sound if done right I have 93 civic si that qith header and full cat less my ex said sounds like I giant pissed off bumblebee but anyway had to post

  52. MR.Lucas

    MR.Lucas25 days ago

    kok kok kok kok

  53. Swole Scott

    Swole Scott25 days ago

    I thought u were nerdy and black

  54. Dj Hall

    Dj Hall26 days ago

    VQ representing 🔊📣

  55. Ako Cummins

    Ako Cummins27 days ago

    Drew might have good taste in cars but his hair. Ehhhh my guy looks like you just went to great clips and had the 20 year old women who just got out of college cut it.

  56. Ą†řąχΜФґğЄ

    Ą†řąχΜФґğЄ27 days ago

    The Scion TC wins.

  57. breezy.

    breezy.28 days ago

    Can you make a video about good exhaust

  58. Ralph Lazio

    Ralph LazioMonth ago

    I love that black-spray can paint job on that 2001 accord 😅🤣😂

  59. croon

    croonMonth ago

    What’s wrong with a 328i. I just got an e36 328i convertible for my first car and am loving working on it

  60. BoloradoAnthony

    BoloradoAnthonyMonth ago

    Omg yesterday I heard the worst car of my life, it was a dodge avenger and sounded almost like a civic😂

  61. bradley4145

    bradley4145Month ago

    @7:00 the sounds I make an hour after eating Del Taco

  62. JeffJordan

    JeffJordanMonth ago

    I wish I still had my 95 accord with it's cheap full exhaust I put on it to submit for this. It was so bad I ended up buying a full oem exhaust just to fix what I had done.

  63. Arial Clan Official

    Arial Clan OfficialMonth ago

    Drew is like the Gordon Ramsay of cars.

  64. Jesse Sturtevant

    Jesse SturtevantMonth ago

    Damnit i wish i knew about this I probably would’ve submitted. I cut the muffler of my ranger messing around.

  65. Bobby

    BobbyMonth ago

    3:57 when you play the flute in 3rd grade

  66. Alexander Wigh

    Alexander WighMonth ago

    Are you hating on my E36 328i :(

  67. Ty Smurr

    Ty SmurrMonth ago

    7:54 that’s the sound of the punk ass V6 Camaro owner next door that lives with his girlfriend that lives with her parents

  68. spence_s

    spence_sMonth ago

    Me not thinking any cars sound that bad:👍👁👄👁👍

  69. Ali - ROBLOX

    Ali - ROBLOXMonth ago

    That Scion tC almost sounds like a fucking pencil sharpener @drew peacock

  70. ZenoJohn. SABAHAN

    ZenoJohn. SABAHANMonth ago

    Your talking abaout my car. No no. I'm joking around. I dont have a car LOL

  71. Yoyo Yo

    Yoyo YoMonth ago

    He’s making fun of peoples cars but maybe he should look at his hair first

  72. Kevin Supple

    Kevin SuppleMonth ago

    Haha “same shit different box ,you know” I love that

  73. TheMiniNitroX

    TheMiniNitroXMonth ago

    3:30 I thought your exhaust supposed to push out not suck in

  74. SimSar999

    SimSar999Month ago

    aw damn if i had known about this i woulda sent mine in lol

  75. ItsJT

    ItsJTMonth ago

    His personality doesn’t fit his self

  76. ACH Captures

    ACH CapturesMonth ago

    ayo quick tip to make your video lighting a bit better, throw a shade over the window to act as a diffuser for the light and it won't be as harsh. Gives the final video an even tone

  77. Taggeroni

    TaggeroniMonth ago

    Wish I didn't fix my exhaust leak on my 05 wrx more

  78. Stanceman

    StancemanMonth ago

    I swear my 1.6 miata sounds better than the tc. Yikes.

  79. Daniel Hernandez ruiz

    Daniel Hernandez ruizMonth ago

    3rd clips sounds like my old 2001 eclipse “stock”💀

  80. Linus Berglund

    Linus BerglundMonth ago

    Peakcook probably has a minivan or like The new civic type r

  81. Nitro Heat

    Nitro HeatMonth ago

    will my dads van work

  82. Eugene Njugs

    Eugene NjugsMonth ago

    The scion tc was good idk what your talking about

  83. Aiden Studios

    Aiden StudiosMonth ago

    Fuck I have a g35 , how did I miss this contest

  84. Trill Tayy

    Trill TayyMonth ago

    It does sound like its gasping for air😂😂😂

  85. Evan Buchanan

    Evan BuchananMonth ago

    That 328 did not do 328s justice. Taking off the resonator and the muffler sounds better than that

  86. Skurk

    SkurkMonth ago

    i cant lie i thought this dude was black

  87. R C

    R CMonth ago

    I remember when drew had 20,000 subscribers :) OG but never reviewed my 8th gen accord when I sent it in. That would’ve won

  88. Hirvonen

    HirvonenMonth ago

    drew:dont buy 328i me having bmw e30 325i with m20b25 :D

  89. triton starts

    triton startsMonth ago

    “The vq swung and missed and let go of the bat and killed someone”

  90. WCLT Anthony

    WCLT AnthonyMonth ago

    Bro.. I thought he was black or lightskin😭😭

  91. Justice For All

    Justice For AllMonth ago

    my 4 cylinder PT Cruiser sounds better than that mustang Muahah

  92. A Eden

    A EdenMonth ago

    That 328i had asthma

  93. Smokey High

    Smokey HighMonth ago

    Your subscribers that were in this video probably unsubscribed lol

  94. Average forza player

    Average forza playerMonth ago

    Who came here after watching Bladed Angel's video about riced cars

  95. BKFS 0809

    BKFS 0809Month ago

    That 328i wins. It sounds like a fork on a plate

  96. Omg Sushy

    Omg SushyMonth ago

    3:51 sounds like when there's nothing left in the cup but you keep sucking the straw

  97. ROYAL. F4DED

    ROYAL. F4DEDMonth ago

    Drew how does the now taste

  98. Christopher David Counts

    Christopher David CountsMonth ago

    You want something that sounds shitty? I'll send you a vid of my 94 ranger without the entire muffler 🤣🤣

  99. Aiden Gonzales

    Aiden GonzalesMonth ago

    Drew looks like that one person named drew

  100. Hanna Drill

    Hanna DrillMonth ago

    XD man out here judging people’s shit

  101. TheRealSliX

    TheRealSliXMonth ago

    I got a 9-3 Saab w a full exhaust if you want me to send it in for your next one.

  102. JDC Deckard

    JDC DeckardMonth ago

    Finna email the Vic for this

  103. LilMidgey69

    LilMidgey69Month ago

    "Don't buy a 328i" Come to anywhere in europe and find a good cheap 328i or anything above even a 230.000km 325i is like 6k euros Americans are spoiled af lol

  104. GhostOfMars375

    GhostOfMars375Month ago

    Damn, the dude with the infiniti is a marine... damn bro. You can't be in the corps with me in that my g.

  105. Redxzander

    RedxzanderMonth ago

    Straight up A straight pipe v6 sounds horrible