PLAYING With SUPERCARS Down In MEXICO!!! - ROLL RACING (Mk4 Supra, McLaren, Lamborghini, Gt500)

Fun cruise in the supra with the sideways gang. Got to see how it holds up against some higher end cars and i am pleased with the results.
Robs video on the cruise:
Rice or nice part 15:
insta: @___drewpeacock
Music: chris_hallinan__
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  1. sosa

    sosa19 days ago

    12:20 bro the camaro just got around him and the screaming just kicked in

  2. Veno Max

    Veno Max26 days ago

    ok question why cant the police just look at this and charge him is it because he is in mexico doing it?

  3. PizerProductions

    PizerProductions6 days ago

    Out of their jurisdiction

  4. Oscar Hernandez

    Oscar Hernandez29 days ago

    That evo took you to gapplebees

  5. Jesse Sturtevant

    Jesse SturtevantMonth ago

    gallardo sounds damn good

  6. Visionary Foreign & Exotics

    Visionary Foreign & ExoticsMonth ago

    Thanks for showing off our Lambo & nice meeting you that night. Mexico was fun

  7. Samuel Kim

    Samuel KimMonth ago

    i think the mp4-12c is an understatement

  8. Anthony Lopez

    Anthony LopezMonth ago

    The mp4 12c is pretty damn amazing

  9. Julian Lechuga G

    Julian Lechuga GMonth ago

    I wonder how the cartels don't notice them

  10. Pearl Boi

    Pearl BoiMonth ago

    that evo race was so damn confusing

  11. Adin Anderson

    Adin AndersonMonth ago

    That orange Super-G is badass

  12. Jesy Contreras

    Jesy ContrerasMonth ago

    You lost ha ha ha


    DJ WRAITHMonth ago

    @10:03 you was not lined up side by side! With the Huracan Evo! His bumper was at your door it should be mirror to mirror! Sorry! @12:33 that Camaro ate you up and spit you out the tail pipe!@13:09 EVO SMOKED YOU BAD! But you did smoke the GT 500! Ate him up and spit him out the tail pipe!


    DJ WRAITHMonth ago

    Really love the Huracan EVO! Beautiful car!

  15. Tulkaz

    TulkazMonth ago

    That Columbian and Perubian did not mix well with that Italian, LEARN HOW TO COME OFF THE MOUNTAIN AND RACE. ffs. Lol

  16. Kraagnjil Wulf

    Kraagnjil WulfMonth ago

    Bro, do some drag! find a quiet back road and just ham it, we wanna see some standing start races!

  17. 252 Aidan

    252 AidanMonth ago

    The ZL1 will fuck the mclaren up... and the gt500 will beat it too

  18. Moore Damon

    Moore DamonMonth ago

    Ahh that 5.0 Gallardo tho

  19. Breck

    BreckMonth ago

    I wouldn’t trust that mustang racing right next to me 😂 it’s bound to crash into something one day

  20. Andrea Res

    Andrea ResMonth ago

    I wish I can own an amazing car like you when I grow up drew also amazing videos

  21. gaganpreet singh

    gaganpreet singhMonth ago

    It was like McLaren i am winning comaro oh really 2:38

  22. ً

    ًMonth ago


  23. Zavex Heart

    Zavex HeartMonth ago

    Now he's playing with the Big Boys

  24. Nick Teq

    Nick TeqMonth ago

    Poot little Supra

  25. Nick Teq

    Nick TeqMonth ago

    Drew doesn’t know how to race

  26. TFRESH

    TFRESHMonth ago

    you should put jdm wheels on the mclaren make purist mad

  27. miiles 3.7

    miiles 3.7Month ago

    Drew doesn’t lie when he says v6 mustangs are slow

  28. dr3nch_g0d

    dr3nch_g0dMonth ago

    How is trackhawks so fast

  29. Jude Skyler

    Jude SkylerMonth ago

    That trackhawk tho

  30. SVFIR

    SVFIRMonth ago


  31. A7XBEAST21

    A7XBEAST21Month ago

    Drew: should I take out the mclaren or the supra? Me: the honda civic or the honda civic?

  32. Josy krakowski

    Josy krakowskiMonth ago

    Almost the narcos cant get you, Its a really bad situacion have one of those cars here in México

  33. ZodiacKnight80

    ZodiacKnight80Month ago

    He smoked yo asssssss!

  34. GAP

    GAPMonth ago

    Drew plz watch out with these vids the cops can use this as evidence

  35. Patrick Star

    Patrick StarMonth ago

    That blue huracan is the rwd version

  36. Dev K

    Dev KMonth ago

    Be careful dude, guys have had police show up to their door and repo their cars for posting street racing vids

  37. Samuel Dubb

    Samuel DubbMonth ago

    Love the content but I forget how fucking hideous you really are tho lol

  38. SuperBad Videos

    SuperBad VideosMonth ago

    Very awesome video, but do you ever worry about posting videos of you obviously braking the law. Are you afraid your videos put you on the police radar so to speak. Not busting your balls I enjoy your videos I’m honestly carious about your thought process. @Drew Peacock

  39. NAndo

    NAndoMonth ago

    you should tune the mclaren a lil bit

  40. Adrian Lara

    Adrian LaraMonth ago

    These videos are so lit

  41. White Knuckle

    White KnuckleMonth ago

    That's awesome you bought a Mclaren trolling rice 😂

  42. Cringe

    CringeMonth ago

    How do you sound so black being white af? That's pure talent

  43. Daniel _Gd

    Daniel _GdMonth ago

    did you get your friends porsche for the vid

  44. N_S_X

    N_S_XMonth ago

    The evo sound pretty amazing

  45. Visionary Foreign & Exotics

    Visionary Foreign & ExoticsMonth ago

    Thank you

  46. Malachi Mayers

    Malachi MayersMonth ago

    Who else would like to see the sp Supra vs a Skyline 😎😎😎

  47. Hezz B!

    Hezz B!Month ago

    OKAY- I know when ppl say "GODZILA" they're referring to the R34..... but the way this Trackhawks supercharger sounded........ 2:34 🥶🥶

  48. Acid is pretty good

    Acid is pretty goodMonth ago

    Every car there was giving out tickets to gapplebees

  49. dorkface

    dorkfaceMonth ago

    “How is it going guys, droopy cock here”

  50. Sergio Rabelo

    Sergio RabeloMonth ago

    anybody gonna talk abt how the camaro was just killing shit

  51. bladethesweat

    bladethesweatMonth ago

    Love the vids

  52. Harun 55

    Harun 55Month ago

    When is the Mustang done!! I wanna see it race 😤🤘🏼🤘🏼

  53. James The Gamer HD

    James The Gamer HDMonth ago

    4:51 When that Superleggera started screaming😩

  54. Meet Ahuja

    Meet AhujaMonth ago

    the dual clutch dou

  55. Harun 55

    Harun 55Month ago

    That Porsche 911 991.2 GT3 RS in chalk 😍😍😍🤤

  56. Harun 55

    Harun 55Month ago

    Yes racing content 🤘🏼🤘🏼🔥

  57. Brute boi

    Brute boiMonth ago

    The disrespect of telling someone “just go” then reeling them in😂

  58. Kevan Flores

    Kevan FloresMonth ago

    Evo definitely hasn’t raced his car before but he will for sure get the hang of it if he keeps going out with his car and gets more runs in

  59. Junior Hernandez

    Junior HernandezMonth ago

    Jesus that zl1 fucking moves 😳! Good shit 🤙

  60. harun Kuljuh

    harun KuljuhMonth ago

    Dude the McLaren fucking moves

  61. Roasted HD

    Roasted HDMonth ago

    12:22 1000hp supra time :D?

  62. lachlan churchill

    lachlan churchillMonth ago

    early chapter2

  63. Trill Collins

    Trill CollinsMonth ago

    MeXiCo :) :) :)

  64. Mar Lo

    Mar LoMonth ago

    Please get a wrap on your mclaren it’s save your paint and look nice

  65. Sever zx

    Sever zxMonth ago

    Dude in the evo must have never raced before so many false starts an so on those kind of drivers worry me to race , good video though

  66. Marco

    MarcoMonth ago

    You should put up your mclaren with Mr Mattman’s V8 big ass turbo miata

  67. Sebastian Torres

    Sebastian TorresMonth ago

    Just curious why does everyone go down to Mexico to street race

  68. Don Verga

    Don VergaMonth ago

    Fucking youtube must pay well i remember when i first watched your channel you had a shity car...

  69. Don Verga

    Don VergaMonth ago

    How the fyck did you even buy that McLaren

  70. Jean Werner

    Jean WernerMonth ago

    U would rather have an evo over an sto? U will probably never read this but it would mean a lot to respond.

  71. MobileMansion

    MobileMansionMonth ago

    Dude roommates with a dude with a superleggera...

  72. MobileMansion

    MobileMansionMonth ago

    I feel like the best street cars are track cars are track cars AKA all mclarens

  73. MobileMansion

    MobileMansionMonth ago

    People talk about autos being fast but that DCT tho no comparison

  74. Carson Kulo

    Carson KuloMonth ago

    C8s r so hot

  75. Ishan Deshpande

    Ishan DeshpandeMonth ago

    5:28 the huracan looks fucking shiny

  76. iiMaverick

    iiMaverickMonth ago

    Rush and Drew Colab let’s get it

  77. Sparkz HD

    Sparkz HDMonth ago

    the dude in the Lambo was chill and let you see in it and try to race, no need to hate

  78. Prodigious 909

    Prodigious 909Month ago

    The trackhawk sounds like Godzilla

  79. Shlim

    ShlimMonth ago

    That Camaro was moving!!!

  80. unstablebobgable

    unstablebobgableMonth ago

    If I could go racing in Mexico with Drew Peacocks I would puff on the Cannabis Cigars and get all schmoked up.

  81. Lucas Arantes Luciano

    Lucas Arantes LucianoMonth ago

    Damn that mclaren flyes

  82. TripleSeven

    TripleSevenMonth ago

    Funny. Gingium went to Mexico with his Volvo too.

  83. Clapped Notso

    Clapped NotsoMonth ago

    The lambo sounded like it was shifting a bit early

  84. Darkeclipselm

    DarkeclipselmMonth ago

    I feel like drew is like tha fast and furios franchise...started with affordable 🚗 s, now he jumped to the exotics and unreachable 🚗 s

  85. Gallardo281064

    Gallardo281064Month ago

    Gallardo sounded better than anything

  86. Jr Avila

    Jr AvilaMonth ago

    That dude kept jumping, he was scared asf to lose after paying all that money, MF was moving tho for sure

  87. Eric Tseng

    Eric TsengMonth ago

    too bad the gt500 driver doesn't know how to race

  88. Brianna L

    Brianna LMonth ago

    Evo dude had 600 horsepower but only 22 chromosomes

  89. DeNiesha Littles

    DeNiesha LittlesMonth ago

    hey drew update on project WAP. btw when you gonna start drifting


    JOSHUA MILLERMonth ago

    Finally I live version of my Lamborghini Gallaro 1:18 scale collectors item. IN ORANGE TOOO

  91. texasjoe_ streetracing_audios

    texasjoe_ streetracing_audiosMonth ago

    🤔 Is Drew racing with nitrous in a bag?(100 shot dry)

  92. grone coronado

    grone coronadoMonth ago

    I thought I was the only one to get gape by a camaro on my 169hp camry



    Is it legal to go balls out on the highway in Mexico?

  94. Jesus Natanael Oñate

    Jesus Natanael OñateMonth ago

    This is what i like to see

  95. JSracing559

    JSracing559Month ago

    Drew jumped every race lmao

  96. Alexander Serrao

    Alexander SerraoMonth ago

    The huracan evo driver had me confused I was like what are you doing

  97. Alexander Serrao

    Alexander SerraoMonth ago

    @Visionary Foreign & Exotics oh ok ur good then bout to say next time listen to the honks and don't short shift but don't redline unless your in a honda.

  98. Visionary Foreign & Exotics

    Visionary Foreign & ExoticsMonth ago

    First time roll racing guys chill. Was fun tho

  99. Fabian Vargas

    Fabian VargasMonth ago

    Yo, y’all see rush shift get hit with a 8 year sentence. Y’all keep having fun in Mexico man

  100. Amir Hamed

    Amir HamedMonth ago

    @Ravens Nation the cops used his own footage as a proof of street racing n arrested him n took his car but I heard he’s fighting it

  101. Ravens Nation

    Ravens NationMonth ago

    What did he do wrong?

  102. ZenoGy

    ZenoGyMonth ago

    Someone needs to invent a small LED 3-stage traffic light you can temp mount to your outside mirror...?

  103. I shave

    I shaveMonth ago

    the way the zl1 came out from the shadows of the trackhawk was sexc

  104. Eric the Red

    Eric the RedMonth ago

    I wanna know where these kids get this money...

  105. Eric S

    Eric SMonth ago

    Can't tell if the evo driver is nervous, or just watched way to much street outlaws and he's playin games 🧐.



    My dream car is a lamborghini veneno and the c8 any and any other cars